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Restless Souls: Black Widow

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Restless Souls: Black Widow Empty Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:03 am

Bianca Fleur †
Upon reaching Baska Town, the vampyress went straight to the inn that she stayed at the last time she was here. It was not the best inn in Baska, but she did not want to waste time and energy looking for a better inn when she was only going to be here for a day maximum. The innkeeper did not recognize her thanks to the makeover she had, which was good. So, skipping the small talk, Bianca was now in her inn room. The conversation with the innkeeper gave her an idea of what was going on in Baska Town. Nothing out of the ordinary it seemed. The real reason she asked this was because she did not want to see ghosts and have to help them cook their ultimate recipes and shit like that. That probably only happened in Worth Woodsea and she was thinking too much. Taking a quick shower, she clothed herself in a black sweater and jeans. Winter was almost here, so it was starting to get chilly. After she dried her hair, the vampyress headed outside. She checked the clock on the way out. Only twelve in the afternoon. Her usual hunting hours was way later than this. A visit to the library would help her kill time since she did not feel like taking a nap until then. The library in this town was pretty small, but as long as she could find some interesting books to read, it was fine.

Bianca screamed internally when she saw that a translucent lady was sitting on the steps that led to the library. She rubbed her eyes and looked carefully again, now to see that the lady was staring back at her. ‘Oh no, not again,’ she thought to herself with a frown. The lady got up immediately, looking straight at Bianca who stood frozen on the spot. She was going to come and talk to her, probably ask her why she could see her and so on. Sure enough, the ghost lady started walking towards her and Bianca did what her instincts told her to. She walked away from the library, and towards an alleyway nearby because she knew the ghost was not going to leave her alone and she did not want to look like she was talking to herself since it was a public library and there were lots of people around. Once she got in the alleyway, the turned to see that the ghost lady was right behind her, startling her a bit. “Woah, shit!” she screamed and jumped backwards. The ghost lady seemed as startled from her exclamation and stood still with wide eyes.

“How can you see me?” she asked shakily.

“I don’t know!” said Bianca. “And you’re not the first one.” The ghost lady then raised both her eyebrows, giving her a look of ‘oh I think I know what’s up’. Bianca sighed. She knew what was going to happen next. “So, uh, what’s your problem? Anything you need?”

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#2Bianca Fleur † 

Restless Souls: Black Widow Empty Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:16 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Surprised by the vampyress’s question, the ghost started by introducing herself. Bianca then realised the dead chef in Worth Woodsea never told her his name, not that it mattered. She decided not to share her name with ‘Elma’ because obviously she didn’t trust her. A random ghost in Baska Town didn’t need to know her name even if she was going to help her with whatever unfinished business she had with the living. If this was going to happen every time until Halloween was over...

Once introductions and stuff like that were out of the way, Elma started to tell Bianca her story. She was apparently a singer before she died and her career was supported by her husband, his sister and the sister’s husband or whatever. Bianca was not really paying attention to all these details. She wanted her to tell her what she wanted Bianca to do so that she could get rid of her. If she knew anything about ghosts from the books and movies she watched, they would bother you until you got them what they wanted and if Elma wanted anything that Bianca was capable of getting done, she was going to do it.

Apparently the job was simple. Elma had a hard time trying to tell Bianca what exactly she wanted, but the vampyress already figured it out the moment Elma opened her mouth. With a smirk she nodded, listened carefully. She needed addresses, names - because she was not paying attention - and descriptions of these people. “Tell me where they live, what they look like and give me their full names,” she said, her attention focused now. This is when her memory was useful. She remembered every detail. Elma started giving her the addresses. The couple lived together, and the ex husband lived alone in some apartment. She decided to go to the couple first. She told Elma to wait somewhere, because she didn’t want some ghost following and bothering her around while she did her thing. She also probably didn’t want to see these people who used to be close to her getting killed. Or maybe she did, because she hated them now.

After telling Elma to wait somewhere, Bianca headed back to her inn. She was not going to do it at this time, probably at nighttime which was her prime time. For the time being, she decided to just chill at her inn’s lobby and then pay a visit to the library again later in the evening before she started with the ghost’s request. She would make people stare at her though, since she was going to be wearing a completely black outfit. When she arrived at the inn, she actually fell asleep and took a nap for about four hours. Once she was awake, she took a shower immediately and clothed herself in said outfit. Her purple hair could not be helped, so she just tied it into a tight ponytail and tucked it in the back of her shirt.

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#3Bianca Fleur † 

Restless Souls: Black Widow Empty Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:01 pm

Bianca Fleur †
It was about six in the evening when she arrived at the library once again. She looked around to check if the ghost lady was lurking around here, but apparently she listened to Bianca, she assumed. The vampyress shoved her hands into her pockets. It was getting chilly outside and because of the season, it was also getting dark earlier. It was just six but it already damn dark. If it was not for the street lamps and the dim moonlight, it would have been pitch black. Still, Bianca would have been able to see through the darkness. She stood outside the library, took out a cigarette and lit it, standing at the first step where there was another man smoking too. There was actually even no reason for her to be here. She just wanted to check if Elma was still lurking here. After realising that Elma was not here, she decided she had no business here, and that made her want to finish her cig fast and leave this place. She had shit to do for a ghost that she actually felt like doing.

The first address she was going to was the couple’s which was apparently further from the library. That was better. She could go to them, finish her business with them, and then go to the ex husband’s and finish her business there, and then go right back to the library. That is if the library did not close before she got back. She walked to the house and checked if they had a backdoor, and they did. She checked first if both of them were home first, and they were. That made things a lot easier for her. For a moment she was worried that they were not going to be home and it was going to be hard for her then because she would have to go looking for them and ain’t nobody got time for that, to be honest.

For the couple, she did it quick and as clean as she could just sneaking in through the back door into their kitchen using one of their knives. The husband was the first one she dropped because he was in living room in front of the TV. He yelled a bit which made her think that would alert the wife but what she missed was the wife had gone into her room to do a face mask with earplugs listening to music probably. Today was her lucky day. She left immediately after, since she had one more kill to deliver and then she was done. The sooner she was done, the better because she was really wanting to explore the Baska library for some reason. It was probably because she had not properly read anything in a library for a long time. She liked that feeling. So she went to the ex husband’s home that was an apartment. Since she was also hungry, she took a bite out of him first. She didn’t even need to do anything more because she had taken enough blood from his system to kill him. So after that she went back to the library, saw Elma there, had a chat with her and spent the rest of her evening in the Baska library until it was closed.

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