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Hargeon- Test the water |solo|

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After his quest with Bart, Syliph had become a calmer, more laid back, his acceptance of the future had grown tenfold, the stress that ran over him had lifted, he was very very calm now. Walking down the street he saw the woman he was to be helping, Raina Burke, a marine bilogist with a serious passion for Hargeon's beaches. Turneing around she was oddly striking, her blue hair was a great compliment to the rest of her features. Her face grew into a smile, "You must be Syliph Kamae, the wizard who's helping me today, you have no idea how nice it feels to know someone cares about nature!" Her smile was infectous, "Thanks, I grew up in the Oberon forest, resources were important, we had to be careful with what we used." Raina looked at him deeply, "WOW, you grew up there, that must have been tough." Syliph laughed nervously she had no Idea. "So what exactly are we doing today?" Syliph asked. Once again Raina's eyes became brighter again, "So, the peopl eof Hargeon don't understand that they have to protect their natural resources, at leas not all of them. So today we'll be taking some water samples and then afterwards, we're going back to my lab to test their salt concentration, pollutant levels and acidity. It'll be fun, I'm thrilled someone else cares about the environment other then me and my lab partner valdis, but valdis is sick today, but this is GREAT! Les Go!" She waved her hand for Syliph to follow. She chugged down the path towards the beach, even thoufh Syliph had relaized he needed to be more chill, he still hated the beach gym, it was a disturbing mess that was a mistake and whoever invented just had vanity issues and wanted to make themselves feel better. As they stepped off the side of the boardwalk, Syliph was hit with the wonderful beach breeze, it was a very calming noise, it was pleasing and left little to be desired. Opening his eyes again he saw raina as already waist deep in the water, she had produced a bunch of viles and was taking samples,
"SYLIPH!" She yelled,"take your viles and get some samples from the tidal pools, then get some from that estuary over there." She pointed to the far side of the beach. Taking off at a sprint he ran over to a small tidal pond not far off from Raina, squatting down he too produced a vile. Dipping it in the water he noticed a little magic number painted itself on the vile. Taking two more he sat back up and moved over towards the estuary, over there the wawter had a kind of muddy appearance from where the sea water and the river met, he took one at the outh, one a few feet back from the mouth, then one very far back, where there was less sea water being mixed in. Running back to Raina, who was soaking wet but seemed to be perfectly in her element, he handed her the six vials he collected, "Thanks, lets head back to my lab, we can test the water there and I can wear some dry clothes." She smiled and turned around and burst into a subtle trot, "y'know, not many people have an acceptance of pollution as others, I grew up here, its changed a lot, that awful beach gym wasn't there until i was kid, those people sweat everywhere, then they go swimming its bad for the salinity content right next to the gym. And some of the pollutants that get shoved into the ocean, atrocious. But enough about nature in Hargeon, you'll be hearing lots back at my lab, but what was lif elike back in Oberon Forest as a kid?" She seemed genuinely interested in Syliph's childhood, "Well, I grew up in a kind of commune you could say, it was a small town, 150 or less, probably 100 or less, it was really small. We had some farms, the cows were all grass fed, so their manure wasn't dangerous, there was also a stream we would draw water from, we always boiled it to make it safe, it was a fun life, but there was an incident and most of my village died, without most of us there, we splintered, its a shame though it was a wonderful place." Syliph got a starry look in his eyes. "Well...that sucks." Was all
that came out of Raina's mouth, "It's fine don't worry, lets just worry about hargeon's pollution problem right now." Syliph smiled, he tried to lift the mood. Raina nodded and set off again.

Her lab was a small three story house, it was tall and thin, like most city buildings. As soon as they had entered, Raina had gone upstairs and changed. Coming back down she pulled out three different tools. "Okay lets line the water viles up." She said. After lining them up, Raina ran a magical device over the viles, directly after passing over it, a small red number would appear, "Can you record those numbers on a piece of paper with their vial number. Thats how acidic they are, most should be about a 7, or 6, if its anything below that it's bad." She went back to grab another tool, luckily none of the vials had an acidity level below 6.4. After that she produced another one that measured salinity, then afterwards she produced one that measured the pollutant levles. "Okay, so the estuary water is fine, which is good, because that estuary is the biggest one that feedsd into the hargeon beach, the tidal pools are also fine, but the water in front of the boardwalk isn't, I'll have to harass the owners some more so they stop dumping trash, I swear they must hate me so much." She laughed a little bit. "I can't thank you enough Syliph, you were a huge help, here's your reward, hopefully we can work together some other time, it was lots of fun." She smiled at him and handed him the reward. Waving goodbye he left out the front door, he'd remember her, she should unremarkable kindness, that was something he valued.


Hargeon- Test the water |solo| ULuOEQW
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