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Isabella's Foot Travel from Magnolia to Hargoen

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#1Isabella King 

Isabella's Foot Travel from Magnolia to Hargoen Empty Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:42 am

Isabella King
Isabella was finally ready to leave Magnolia behind. It took her forever to move, and she wasn't even doing much there since her meeting anyway. Isabella walked through the streets sighing and thinking about her next journey. She was heading to Hargoen. Nothing major was happening there at all, but she felt like she had to go there. She was holding onto her Vulpix petting her nicely and walking. Isabella was wearing her hugged tight, cute, pretty, lacey dress; that flowed behind her like a sea.

Isabella walked and didn't pay much attention to her surroundings. People walked by and waved or smiled at her and she just walked. There was only one thing on her mind, and it was that boy she ran into. Her whole walked there nothing else played. his face, features, voice, she knew it from somewhere but not sure when. It was like she knew who he was but couldn't place it o matter how hard she tried. It frustrated Isabella has she passed the town that linked Magnolia and Hargoen. She wasn't paying attention before Vul jumped out her arms.

Isabella sighed again before she chased after her friend. She wasn't sure why Vul was running, but she was, and Isabella click her heels after him. This was so not how she was planning this trip, but hey her head wasn't paying attention anyway so this is her fault. Her hands raised her dress up and chased after him. People started to stare and point, and even some whistled at her. This was so embarrassing for her, and she wasn't sure how to fell about any of this anymore. All she knew was that she needs to catch her Vulpix and make it to Hargoen. Isabella kept running and was doing a well damn good job considering she was in heels. Vulpix stopped running and sat down staring at Isabella and Isabella looked confused. She walked closer to Vulpix and looked off at the distances to see that they made it to Hargoen. Well, that's one way to go to a town.

-Exit 357 Words-

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