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HARGEON - MERMAID PICTURE [Elena/Solo] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:56 pm

Elena sat on the docks, waiting for her dear client to finally arrive. She carefully pondered about what she remembered from her Elders regarding mermaids. There are many legends about mermaids from her tribe in the north as well, as they are constantly surrounded by large bodies of water - the sea. Her favorite legend was one told by an elder when she was only seven, and it stuck clearly in her mind with here to even this very day. The story was actually a very dark, tragic story, that was rather depressing and not exactly the ideal bedtime story you would till a toddler, as it was way too depressing.

The "tale" started with the settling in the mighty abyss of the ocean. There were was a mermaid princess who was born always with an adventurous heart, she was a thrill seeker and did not like to ever settle down, due to her elders dismay. Her mischevious attitude has caused her a lot of trouble and inconvenience for her tribe members, but they all still loved her very much. She never got in severe trouble, until this one very specific time, and it wasn't just any ordinary trouble, it even costed her own precious life due to her dumb carelessness.

The name of the foolish mermaid that had her life taken away tragically is Le Da Mi, she was the crown princess, and the only princess of the king of the tranquil mermaids of the northern tribe. The king of the mermaids of the northern tribe was known as Dues Exe, he was the mighty ruler, and very strict. He was known by the seven seas to be a tyrant, and he is never ever seen to be smiling. This is made an exception when he is around his mermaid daughter, the crown princess - Le Da Mi. The tyrant king has only shown his kind side to his daughter, even the servants and other mermaids have noticed this loving daughter father relationship between the two mermaids. However, as much as King Dues Exe cherished and truly loved his daughter, the princess, Le Da Mi, he was still strict to her, even she had limitations on what she could do. Her adventurous side caused her a lot of trouble, but the King, Dues Exe, would also blink an eye to what she did, and pretend that he didn't see. But he had his limits, and his limitations was that no mermaids were allowed to have any sort of interactions with the dreaded human beings, and there were no exceptions that will be allowed, and that extends to the beloved princess, Le Da Mi. His loving wife of decades was actually brutally murdered under the cold blooded hands of the so called, cruel humans. That is the actual reason of why King Dues Exe, is extremely sensitive and has grown to despise foul human beings as a whole. however this was not the last tragedy that the king would experience, by the hands of a evil human being. Like said earlier the adventurous princess is often adventurous and have a rebellious heart, so naturally she had always wanted to go and discover about the world of beings known as humans. She was curious about the land, the air and how the human body worked. It was all new discoveries for her really. One day she sneaked out of her underwater palace of mermaids, and swam up towards the light, and eventaully got to a beach and sat down on the warm sand, stretching her tail, it was a new feeling for her. She never experienced warm sand before, only cold, shivering sand on the bottom of the deep oceans, where the glorious rays of the sun light does not reach. She eventually met and fell in love with another human named Tom, she fell in love with him because of his interesting attitude, he was really bad at jokes, but because of it, it made his dad jokes extremely amusing in a weird way. They continued to talk and meet each other everyday, they were unseparable. Then one day the King found out about the man the princess was seeing behind his back. He was furious, and raged with frenzy furious, anger and caused several months of storms, until one day he finally found the man and killed him without telling his beloved daughter. The princess and the man had plans prior to his death, that they would meet the next day, however he never never came to their proposed meeting spot - as he was killed by the princess' father. The princess waited, and waited until she was dried out by the sun, and died on the beach. Elena sighed as she finished recalling the story, it was a really sad story, and she had a bitter sweet relationship with it.

Elena eventually found Jacob Fischer who she has helped as a client before, and he was sitting near the docks. Jacob told Elena the overall story, how he claimed to of spotted a mermaid, and how everyone thinks he's a liar. Elena told him that she was neutral about the idea, that she did not think that he was a liar and actually hoped like him that mermaids actually existed in Fiore. Elena and Jacob went sailing on his boat, and they went around in circles in the spot where Jacob has claimed to see the mermaids first. Jacob also handed Elena a magical polaraid camera, which helps take good quality photos.

The windy breeze blew Elena's hair into the sky, and the sunshine penetrated Elena's soft eyes, causing her to wince her eyes slightly. Even though her eyes were slightly irritated, the feeling was overall still tranquil, and she savoured the moment. She had grown a lot since when she first came to Fiore, she wondered if her fellow friends had grown to be more mature as well. After countless hours of tedious searching for the mermaid, Elena eventally got tired and lost any hope. However, Jacob still seemed to carry lots of hope. Elena eventually persuaded Jacob to sail back and Jacob agreed, still rewarding Elena. However, on the way back, Elena could of sworn she saw a sparkly mermaid tail, but when she rubbed her eyes it was gone.


End of Quest


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