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Temporary Aquarist [Quest: Fleur]

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New friends came along about as often as lottery wins for Fleur and she burnt through them just as fast. One moment they were joined at the hip and the next they vanished from her life taking every precaution to avoid accidental contact. She sat heavily at the bar hoping to get one in before Jerry arrived, just something to take the tension from his shoulders and loosen his tongue. After two sips she felt a heavy clap on his shoulder and smelled the aroma of hefty cigars. She turned with an overly hearty, "Jerry!" and stood for a hug right as her new pal turned away to order his beer. Then she pondered for a minute, soon after two. She could never bring herself to whisper someone else's name, much less screech it as she did. Poof. Another daydream.

In the realm of reality, Fleur was sitting at the Hargeon park, amidst the grassy arena that proved to be a great scene. A book in her hand, she seemed to have dazed off to a time where she could be confident in herself, one where she wasn't afraid of others and their precarious thoughts. 'I always thought that trust must come before love, yet it is not so, for love and trust can arrive at the same moment. When love is given in this way, immediate, no explanations, the trust arrives too. Perhaps that is why people advise caution or call it foolish, but to me it never is. Love is love, always a gift from the divine spirit. This love isn't physical, it isn't a "sin" to feel such strong affections; it isn't an excuse to leave a relationship that has become difficult. This love is a clue to a possible new branch in a life. This new person maybe someone you will one day protect, rescue or nurture. So even though trust is such a foundation to all human relationships, it doesn't always first, it can come as part of a sudden package deal.'

She didn't realize why this quote seemed to rub her deeply and on a crazily emotional level. Deep down, the reason was in plain sight; her brother. He didn't throw his side of the story, his pain towards her and because of that, she lost him. In Fleur's eyes, trusts are broken and in its stead, lies are told. For one to believe in what one sought, one must know what it meant to be what one doesn't want to be. Being sad makes someone realize how valuable being happy is. Being weak makes you know what it means to be strong. Being helpless makes you determined to be helpful. Mistakes happen, awful things might happen in one's life. But by looking at the bright sides of things, you might just be able to smile forever in life. She was a firm believer in this guideline she set for herself.

The twenty square acres of entrancing if formalized beauty of the park, crossed by pathways so convenient that they might have been purposefully designed to lead from one center of power to another, must he thought, have heard more secrets than any other part of Fiore. Entering the park, a slight breeze rustled the leaves making them fall to the solid ground one by one.The air was warm, the beams of sunlight glowing on my skin. Flowers are vast, and they conceal the freshly cut green grass. The pathway is nothing more than dirt littered with random rocks. the children are playing and the parents talking among each other. The sunbeams poured through narrow openings of the pale clouds as it outlined the fringes of the lazy drifting clouds.The calm relaxing shade of blue in the background supported the clouds and sun. The colorful swings grew wings as it merrily jumped up and down accompanied by little humans with smiles from ear to ear.

Raina needed help. The two females were close enough to exchange numbers and it just so happened that she had another job for Fleur. The first two times Fleur helped her out showed the level of competence being satisfactory and with that in mind, Raina asked Fleur to repeat the activities but on her own accord this time. Meanwhile, Raina was to go on an expedition. Of course, Fleur agreed. After slamming her book shut, she made it to the lab and conducted all the experiments herself. From walking to grab water samples to feeding the fish in correct amounts, she did it all, whilst recording it for the sake of science. The moment Raina walked through the door, Fleur gave her the book filled with notes and quietly whispered that all was accomplished. Raina, in return, gave Fleur some jewels and left. What a great day it was today.

Word Count: 801

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