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Restless Souls: Karma's a Witch [Hallow Quest:Arisa]

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Restless Souls: Karma's a Witch [Hallow Quest:Arisa] Empty Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:56 pm

Am I getting out of this library yet?

Soon... soon...

She's been stuck in this library for ages -- or so it felt. She licked her full glossed lips slowly to moisturize them and flipped to the next page of this weird book. Out of no where - once again, she was transported to a room that was her hotel room. It was dark time and therefore, she had to get up and get something to eat, but she fell fast asleep to wake up later in the day.

That day was a silent day during noon, within Hargeon. She was laying in her bed doing nothing at all other than thinking. Her hands rested on her stomach of the unknown as she didn't know what was going on. Did she truly have something in her stomach? She did seem to get fatter in some aspects, but she thought it was because of all the food she was eating everyday. Even now she was snacking on some chicken that was fried. The owner of the bar that wasn't so far gave her some for the hell of it. She softly yawned and felt so tired, so frail as she laid on the bed in her normal day clothes.

She had a black corset with white wrap-like fashion for sleeves. It sure was somewhat hard to breathe, but she'll deal with it all. For bottoms, she wore what was latex pants and black boots. Arisa wasn't particularly looking to feel comfortable, although she should. On her head was a white cap that was given to her by some kid. She remembered that during her travels she met a kid that enjoyed playing with a baseball and obviously a bat. She told the kid about her days with a bat when she was on this one mission. She was sent to find some thief or con artist, but she was hungry. On her way she got a sandwich that she always got, which it made her happy. The sandwich looked amazing and delicious. As she exited out of that store though someone ran into her, causing the sandwich to fall before she even got to take a single bite. When she realized that the dude that ran into her was the con-artist, she chased him till in the end she beat the living hell out of him with the bat that he was going to attack her with. In the end of her story telling, she told him that one can use anything to defend/attack the person who was attacking the victim.

Of course while Arisa was thinking and day dreaming about the past events that has happened in her life, she encountered someone or thing. Slowly she got up as she heard the door slap and her sleeve was then tugged onto. ''Excuse me.'' spoke an unknown voice. She wasn't sure on who or what it was nor could Arisa see them. The only thing she could know from the voice was that it was a female. The age couldn't be identified, but the gender could. She was assuming their gender. Out of no where a spirit appeared and it was of course a young woman. Not a girl, not a teenager nor an old woman, but a young adult around her human age.

''O-oh... uuuh do you need something?'' Arisa questioned confusingly towards the spirit. Her eyes looked left and right and then back at Arisa, nodding. ''I do! Please hear my story and help me...'' she spoke once more. She started to tell her story about how she fell in love with a man who acted as if he was in love with her as well. It sounded sort of cliche since it sounded like her story. Next she explained that she died during some unknown tragic accident that was left messy and honestly, she didn't want to tell it in detail. It made Arisa curious, but in the end she let the question(s) go and let her go on with the story telling.

The dude that she was on her way to see, her lover, ended up cheating on her with some other bimbo and now she wanted revenge. The one thing she hated the most was disloyalty, cheating in this case. Arisa agreed to of course and let the spirit go in her body, but when she did, she was interrupted by some voice... 'It seems like you're letting any soul in you, mm?~' a dark woman's tone teased. 'Sounds so dirty....' spoke the other toned lady as she could imagine a blush upon her cheeks. ''Oh shut up... Let's just do this now, shall we?'' she questioned them out loud.

''Now all you have to do is ruin their relationship while they're in the restaurant together on their date. Bleh, their date.'' spoke the spirit woman in Arisa's mind. ''Seems easy I suppose...'' Arisa responded back in a whisper as she left the building. Her eyes wandered as she searched for the stupid building they were eating at. Was it fancy ooor what? She didn't really keep in touch with every eating place around here. Soon she saw the place and with a smile she saw how fancy it was. ''Damn... either he or she has some money...'' she spoke quietly and looked around once she was inside. She wondered on what to do, but then she thought of perhaps dressing up like a waitress and start from there. Slowly she sneaked into the dressing room, stole one of the outfits and straightened up. She grabbed some random name tag and grabbed a plate of free entrees. 'Where could they be?' she wondered. 'There!' spoke the spirit in her thoughts as she pointed with Arisa's eyes in a sense to where she controlled them.

She walked towards them, smiled sweetly and had her sunset eyes gazing towards the man and girlfriend. As moments went by within seconds she then tripped and the food fell on the boyfriend's lap. ''Oh-oh excuse m- Wait... Baby, it's been awhile.'' Arisa spoke to the boyfriend and leaned over, grabbed him by the collar and kissed him. ''It's so good to see you. I forgot to tell you I work here now.'' she acted as if they were dating. The woman looked as if she was going to cry with a disgust look on her face. ''Oh hai. I'm his girlfriend. Carrying his child and who are you?'' Arisa questioned, tilted her head and smiled. The woman looked at him, at her and then at him, smacking his face. ''I WAS his girlfriend.'' she cried. Arisa acted with a sorrowful face. ''Damn. Can't believe you're cheating on me you asshole.'' Arisa acted pissed off, slapping the dude as well. ''I'm off work just now, so how about me and you both leave?'' she questioned. The woman nodded who was his girlfriend and left with Arisa. 'Hahaha, deserves him right. He's so fucking confused.' spoke Melissa. With that she thanked her and spirited off.



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