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restless Souls: Titanic

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restless Souls: Titanic Empty Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:57 am

The night was chilly, but it also contained a gentle warmth to it that Dahlia lacked, Dahlia, the one word that had been cycling through Syliph's clogged mind for the past few days. The events that had occurred there there had thrown some serious questions into the mix. There was a gentle rain that night, none of the houses on the streets had light on them, except for one, where a young boy floated gently in front of it, he was a ghost, tears could be heard from inside the house, "Excuse me, uhh- ghost person, is there anything i can do to help?" Syliph asked. The ghost turned his head, "Now that you ask, yes there is, the woman inside crying was my lover from when I was alive, I died a few years ago during a ship wreck, my lover, Rose, believes there was room on the raft, but there wasn't and me getting on it would have caused us both to die, if you wouldn't mind could you talk to her, she has cried every night for the past three years and it makes me worried that she'll do something she'll regret." The ghost looked serious, "Syliph agreed to helped, he didn't know how long it would take, or what he would get out of it, but after what that cat said, he wanted to do something for the good of the people. Walking up to the door, he gently knocked.

Rose answered the door, "Y-yes?" She rubbed a finger under her eye, wiping away a tear, "Rose?" Syliph asked, trying not to seem weird. She shook her head, "My name is Syliph Kamae, I know your former lover." Rose's head snapped up at his response, "you knew jack?" she asked. "well i just met him, outside, here on the street, he saw you crying, he wanted me to tell you that you shouldn't cry, he wants you to live, the raft would not have been able to support both you and him, you both would have sunk to your death, just know that he loves you and wants you to move on." Syliph took a deep breath. Rose looked bewildered, "really?" she asked. Syliph shook his head yes, Rose smiled, "you have no idea how much that means to me, it means after he's died that he still cares for me, thank you Syliph Kamae!" Rose was filled with glee and gave Syliph a hug. Still smiling she closed the door. Looking back at the window he saw Jack watching, he was crying, "Thank you, it means a lot that she's better now." Jack handed him a pumpkin pop and floated away into the darkness, Syliph was glad he was able to help someone. Looking at Jack float away he realized he was done with helping the restless for awhile, he had a lot of his own stuff to figure out, his future was like a deck of cards, you didn't know what hand you'd be dealt next.


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