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Restless Souls: Let's Play

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Restless Souls: Let's Play Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:14 am

Syliph strolled through the streets, his stay in Dahlia was almost over, even though he had left then come back, he was only hear for one more request from some ghosts, then he was out and leaving, Dahlia was disturbing on multiple levels. He could hear the moans and howls of the night, a sound he wouldn't miss when he returned to Hargeon. The cold seem to overtake him all at one moment, and the sounds of laughter echoed around the streets, "Hey there mister wizard." A voice called. Sylipih spun his head around looking for the noise, he really hoped it was a ghost, he hadn't been here long and the faster he got a request the faster he got to leave, "Hey mister, will you play hide n seek with us?" Syliph saw a small child floating down the street, "I'll do it, for three pumpkin pops." The child's dace turned to disgust at his remark, "Two is the most we'll give you." The child called. Syliph shrugged his shoulders and began to walk away, he wasn't doing a measly task for two pumpkin pops. The children began to follow him, making loud noises, one even through a rock at him, another let some barrels loose and tried to run him over, "FINE, I WILL play with you." Syliph yelled, he might as well do the only request that the restless souls had given him. The five children smiled and all poofed away, the last one satayed for just a moment, "you'll get your reward when you find the last of us. Oh by the way, we're the Brady children." The child waved and evaporated in a cloud of smoke, "Great, I have to find five children in a massive haunted city, just great." Syliph sighed. He began to search, when he heard the gentle floating of wind behind him, whirling around he saw one of the children, "you thought hiding behind me was a good idea?" Syliph asked, the child nodded. Syliph shrugged and began to continue looking. Some of the children were very well hidden. He took a right down one street and saw a pumpkin glowing oddly in the night, opening up the top, one of the children had made themselves smaller with their ghosty powers and had hid inside of a pumpkin, "Good job kid." Syliph held up his thumbs, the child smiled, "Thanks, I like playing hide n seek. " Syliph was now being followed by two ghost children who whispered and giggled behind him.

After a few hours of looking he realized the children must have gone to spots all over the city, sighing he began his search again, looking for any kind of place that seemed off or different. He managed to find another child when the wind blew, and a group of bushes hadn't been affected, stepping over he pushed them apart to see a child hunkering on the ground, "YOU FOUND ME!" the child yelped a twirled around, he looked like he was having the tie of his afterlife. Syliph began to search all over again, the last two children were better hiders than the other three, they must of had hid in places that were hard for normal humans to reach. Syliph thought he had found one of the last children when a dog barked at a trashcan, Syliph had run over and pulled the lid off the top of the trashcan, only to find some cheese in it, annoyed he tossed the cheese to the dog who readily accepted and began to chow down. Syliph turned the children behind him, "I assume you're not going to tell me?" He asked, the children laughed and shook their heads no. Sighing Syliph began to walk again, he realized he sighed too much.  After turning down a dark street a trashcan fell over and began to roll down the street, Syliph chased after it, It rolled down the hill with unbridled force, it didn't stop until it smashed against a tree, the hole thing began to shiver, suddenly a child fell from the top, "OW, that's not fair, the person in the alley way cheated." Syliph looked confused, he hadn't seen anyone in the alley way, he chose to ignore it. The child sulked back to his friends behind Syliph, "one more." Syliph looked happy, he wanted his pumpkin pops and then he'd leave Dahlia for good this time, at least he hoped. Looking for some kind of clue to where the last child was, from the darkness a cat meowed, Syliph looked over to it, it was pitch black, its eyes a vibrant green. The cat made direct eye contact with him, turning around it began to walk away. Syliph followed after it, he wanted to find the last kid, but something about this cat seemed magical, maybe it was a neko or something, but Syliph was pretty sure neko's looked like humans. Syliph followed the cat down a small alley way, through a a group of abandoned houses, and into a group of old abandoned gravestones. The cat leapt onto a tombstone, looking behind it a child sat, a ghost child, "I found you." The child looked up at syliph when he said that. Suddenly it looked like the world had been drained of color, all color except the cat. The cat stared him down, its green eyes felt like swords piercing into the  deepest part of his soul. "Syliph Kamae, soul survivor of the Oberon Massacre. The night welcomes you, child of the zodiac, slayer of illumin, wolf of destruction, demon of the stars, you're time in the darkness is far from over, I'll see you in Dahlia again." The cat faded from existent, all that remained for a few moments were its green eyes. Suddenly the world burst back into color, "here are your pumpkin pops mister." The ghost child held up two pumpkin pops. Syliph took them, he was in a daze, what just happened. A cat had stopped time or his concept of time and talked him. He was still in a daze when the children left.


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