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#1Vyrst Walken 

MAGNOLIA TO WORTH WOODSEA Empty Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:55 pm

Vyrst Walken
After having finished a decent number of requests from people in this town, he felt that he should take a small trip to check on some rumors he had been hearing. There had been whispers of a bunch of spooky skeletons showing up in the middle of  the forest somewhere and setting up a carnival. Vyrst felt that such a rumor was somewhat absurd, but given that he lived in a world where magic was commonplace, he would not assume that there was no chance of it being true. He had even heard that they were giving out lots of fancy treats. Such an experience was not something that Vyrst would pass up, so he decided to set out from Magnolia and make his way to the rumored location.

To get to the location he had to travel quite some distance. The first location that he had to pass through was the large Era Town, in which he purchased a nice snack as he made his way through. Even though it was a bit of a detour he decided to a little old lady with her grocery shopping before continuing on his journey. Traveling alone like this without any distractions was a nice experience for Vyrst as he could just think about life as he went about his travels. He thought about what sort of things could cause a large group of undead aberrants to rise from the dirt and start a carnival. Was there some sort of godlike being messing around with the people of this world, or was this just some weird natural phenomenon that occurs like clockwork? Vyrst didn’t really know and he didn’t care enough to look into the matter very much.

Having traveled for a bit after leaving Era Town, Vyrst passed through the gigantic city of Crocus, in which he didn’t spend much time as he wanted to reach the spooky skeletons as fast as he could, lest all the nice treats were gone. He hoped they were good tasting, as it would be a waste of a trip if he were to get there and find that the treats tasted like garbage. Ignoring many of the vendors and needy people in the city, Vyrst continued to traveled towards Worth Woodsea. He was getting pretty close to the location, but he had to pass through orchidia Town before doing so.

Just like with Crocus he passed through the town pretty fast, only stopping once to get some booze at one of the many inns in the city, and after shooting the shit with a bunch of mercenaries, he continued out of the town and toward the spooky carnival. After traveling for a few hours he came upon the rumored location and somewhat cringed at the site of a bunch of spooky scary skeletons walking around and doing things like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Some were dancing and others were playing weird skeleton games. There were a few living folk to, but it seemed like most people were avoiding the location out of fear of the skeletons.

515/500 Arrival in Worth Woodsea


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