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Restless Souls: Burned Remains

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Restless Souls: Burned Remains Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:34 pm

Syliph wanted to be out of Dahlia, he was done with it. The place was creepy and gave him all  kinds of awful chills that would run up his spine. Every once in awhile he'd slow down to make sure he wasn't being followed by a vampyre or lycan. He really hoped no one stopped on his way out of Dahlia, he really wanted to leave. Syliph glanced around Dahlia, the place looked like it WAS the plague, he didn't understand why anyone in their right mind who wasn't a vampyre, lycan or lich would want to live here. The place was always dark and moist, everything seemed to be watching you and the place was literally inhabited by creatures that like to drink blood, all of these things landed on his list of bad places to live. If he squinted he could see the edge of Dahlia, the beginning of freedom from this horrid, miserable, disturbing place. "YOU THERE!" A voice called from an alleyway. Syliph groaned and began to run harder, "Stop, I NEED YOUR HELP!!" The voice called from behind. Syliph turned to glance at who was behind him, turns out it wasn't a actual person, it was a ghost. Syliph began to slow down, there was very little a ghost could actually do to harm him. The ghost floated over to him ,"I'm not open for business ghosty." Syliph held up his hands in a stopping motion. "Not even for three pumpkin pops?" The ghost asked. Syliph was about to say no, but then decided it was worth some thought, his money was tight, and he could always use some more, his options for quests right now were bare minimum, so maybe it wouldn't hurt, "What the heck, why not, want odd demented thing do I have to do this time?" The ghost smiled at his response. "My name Myers, and yes as in the evil serial killer Myers, you probably think i'm a monster, but y'know, there's nothing like the thrill of a kill." Myers had a crazed look in his eyes, Syliph began to walk away, "I am NOT killing someone tonight!" The ghost seemed to snap back into focus at Syliph's remark. "You're not killing anyone, calm down, I just need you to take care of some bodies in my house, they weren't able to find all of the victim's apparently, and I don't want to get my mom in trouble for something I did, despite what other's might think, my upbringing had nothing to do with how i turned out. But back to the point, the bodies will be under the floorboards in my living room, whether they're in one piece or not is up for grabs. I need you to remove them, bring them behind my house, and BURN them, get rid of the evidence." The ghost stared blankly at Syliph, awaiting a response, "I'll...do it. Goodness, what won't i do for money?" Myers grinned, i'll see you when you've burned the last body.

Syliph turned around he really didn't want to stay in Dhalia forever so he might as well leave now and do the quest as soon as he could, he hated this place with a burning passion that not even a dragon's fire could match. He set off down the street, the only reason he knew where Myer's house was because it had been all over the news when he had been caught, it had been a stressful wait to find out if he had been caught. Looking around he recognized the creepy old house at the back of the street. it was two stories, and was oddly thin, like someone had cut it off at the sides. There were no rune knights standing guard so that was a plus, he didn't want to deal with them tonight, they were normally very difficult and later resulted in Syliph being forced to find some other, more creative, way in. First he tried the doorknob, which was locked, he tried the windows, also locked, and the back door, also locked. Finally SYliph looked up, there was always the chimney... He sighed and said a quick Zodiac prayer, "Scorpis hel mes jube." the translation would come out as, "Scorpio give me luck." Syliph climbed up the windows, he wasn't exactly looking forward to shoving himself down a chimney tonight, he also wasn't looking forward to finding some dead bodies under a persons floorboards. After he had reached the roof, he looked back up at the sky once more, "Scorpis hel mes jube." With that he jumped into the chimney, it was wider then most other ones, big enough for him to fit inside of, but he didn't know what kind of railing myers would have in his fireplace. After a second he stuck his hands and legs against the wall and he'd brace himself, after skidding for a few seconds he'd stop. Syliph glanced below, he was only a few feet away from the ash coverd bottom of the fireplace, there didn't seem to be any spikes in his way. Syliph slid out of the fireplace into the dark room, he was covered in ash and soot, his white undershirt was now utterly destroyed and covered in ash. Luckily for him, the room with the fireplace in it was also the living room. Syliph sunk down to his knees and looked for a way to remove the floorboards. Running his hand over the seams he noticed a small ridge on the edge of one. Gripping tightly he pulled up and the floorboard flew off and caused Syliph to fall over, and it impaled itself in the drywall, "So much for leaving a little as a mark as possible." Syliph looked down at the hole in the floor, there was a pale, colorless hand sticking out, leaning down once more, he began to remove the rest of the boards, after they were all removed, and the horrendous stench consumed the room, Syliph noticed that there were only three of the five bodies Myers had mentioned. "Myers, where are the other two?" Syliph called out into the air. "One's under the stairs and another is shoved in a hole under my fridge." His voice rose from the void, no body to see where it was coming from. Sighing, Syliph wondered over to the stairs, once again looking for a way to remove the stairs, "THIS IS GROSS!" He mumbled. Finding a small thing on the side of the stairs he pulled it off, he found two legs snugly situated inside, "REALLY MYERS? YOU HAD TO DISMEMBER THE GUY?!" Syliph yelled. Syliph went along until he removed the last body part, a severed head. His breathing quickened, his hand became shaky and his vision blurred, "I-I-I'm not sure I can do this Myers, severed heads aren't my forte." Syliph took deep breaths, he promised he'd do this, even though he wasn't really obliged to stay, he said he would. Grabbing the head he tossed it down the stairs and onto the other bodies sitting at the bottom. Moving over to the fridge he dragged it out and saw someone stuffed in the hole, they had been placed in the fetal position so it  would work. he dragged the body out with the others. After he had gathered them all by the door he started dragging them one by one  outside, and he had to carry the limbs out, he made sure to hide the severed head of the corpse underneath the other bodies so he wont see it. Grabbing an some cooking oil from myers kitchen he set the bodies on fire. Turing around more shivers ran up his spine, he was leaving Dahlia as soon as he could, being here was awful and disturbing, he hated every moment of it. Looking around he waited for Myers to appear and give him what he owed. A wind blew and Myers appeared, "thanks wizard, your help was appreciated, now my mother will be fine. Here have your Pumpkin Pops." Myers summoned three pumpkin pops and handed them to Syliph, who readily accepted them. " Libris jum Myers Hef."
"What did you just say kid?" Myers asked. Syliph looked up at him, "I prayed to my god Libra to make you pay, he reigns supreme over judgement. What you did was horrendous, I only did this for your mother." Syliph spat at Myers feet. Myers face became twisted and ugly, he leaped at Syliph, but just before he got close enough, he dissipated. A voice arose from the stars, "Do not worry, He will be taken care of." Syliph looked up at the stars, he was surprised they spoke, they rarely did. Turning around he ran for the hills, he wanted ot get out of here. He had just help some dead psychopathic serial killer get rid of evidence, something he didn't want to ever have to do again in his lifetime, if he ever returned to Dahlia, it would be too soon.


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