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Restless Souls: The Church

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#1Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:42 am

Venus Rosé

It was the first time in a while that Snowflake had decided to go out to drink at a bar. Since it was a Halloween night, most of the pubs were filled with people, mostly dressed in costumes. However, she wasn’t alone this time. Snowflake had invited her lover to join her at the bar, just for the sake to have fun together and share drinks, though he wasn’t with her at the present. Among the crowd of people was a stranger with silver hair, neatly tied up into a high ponytail while the loose strands of her hair framed her gentle yet, expressionless visage. The female was seated by the counter of the bar, sipping onto a glass of whiskey. The cup danced between her fingers as she waved it side to side, while listening to the conversations that were held around her.

Snowflake was not one who would frequently visit a place like this, as she did not like being around too many people but here she was, for the sole reason of having fun for the night. It was Halloween, after all. Though what made her visit different from her previous ones is that, she was surrounded by people in costumes, some dressed as ghosts, bloody figures and what not. Cheers erupted in the building, people clinking their glasses of ale and booze amongst themselves before roaring in laughter. The female leaned onto her palm and wondered where the person she was supposed to meet was. It definitely wasn’t fun without him.


#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:44 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through the streets as small children were trying to walk in a wide bow around him. He wondered if he made his disguise to frightening. Snow had invited him to a bar and since it was Halloween he had dressed up as Dracula. He did his best to make his face very pale and was wearing fake vampire teeth, which were a bit hard to keep in while walking or talking. On his body he was wearing a nice suit but instead of a jacket he was wearing a long cape and his lips were as red as a red rose. He looked at the name of the inn before he opened the door so that he wouldn’t enter some random place.

Chelvaric or now count Dracula was standing in the draught of the open door. He looked over the many heads which were making a crowd and finally noticed the white hair of Snow, there were many more who were wearing white wigs but none were as silver white as his lovely second half’s hair. He threw his cape in front of him and sneaked closer with the pace of a mouse making him soundless in his approach. When he was standing behind her he started to speak, “Can I drink your blood mademoiselle”, he whispered in her ear and await her reaction ready to strike her neck with his pointy perfect white teeth.


#3Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:48 pm

Venus Rosé

Compared to the people around her, it seemed like Snowflake was the odd one out since she wasn’t in any kind of costume but her normal attire, which was a short glittering dress with a colour gradation of blue to pale blue at the hem, a sweetheart neckline, paired with some dark wedged heels. She took a final sip of her whiskey and suddenly, a voice was whispered into her ears, asking to consume the blood of hers. Startled, a shiver ran down her spine before the corner of her lips tugged into a smirk. She turned around, only to see her partner dressed as a Dracula with fangs protruding from his mouth.

”You can, if you want.”

The female replied, exposing the skin on her neck further before planting a quick kiss on his lips and ran her eyes over his appearance. He looks very different with all the makeup on, and sure enough, he fit in quite well with the rest of the crowd. Just then, a figure appeared behind Chelvaric and while at first, it appeared to look like those people dressed as ghosts, she began to realise that it was a spirit instead after she reached out and her hand would pass through the figure. Somehow, she was not surprised anymore at the sight, since she was already visited by three spirits recently, a few days prior. The youth figured that he probably wanted to request something from them as well.

What’s with Halloween this year?


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:46 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at her as she turned around and was greeted by one of the most beautiful smiles in the universe. Snow was showing her neck skin to suck and he wanted to give a light kiss on it but before he could move snow planted a small kiss on his lips which made him smile. He loved it when she kissed him it made him feel so happy and fulfilled. He wanted to kiss her again but he knew that she hated to show too much affection in public so he held himself in. Snow was wearing her usual attire, but she looked quite good in that glitter dress. He wanted to say something to her but she suddenly seemed to be so staring at something behind him.

What is happening behind my back that your so interested Snow?”, he said and he turned around to see what was up, he saw the ghostly appearance behind him. Oh great another ghost to help. He thought to himself as he remembered the three ghosts that had appeared to them the other day. Snow put her hand out and went through his figure it seemed she wanted to make sure it wasn’t a costume. She did catch the attention of the spirit and he floated closer.

Good day madam and sir, I didn’t want to spook you but I need your help. Can we talk in private I don’t want to scare the people here after all”, the ghost said to them and Chelvaric nodded to him. He beckoned to Snow to step outside of the inn so they could have a more private conversation.


#5Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:22 pm

Venus Rosé

’Good day madam and sir, I didn’t want to spook you but I need your help. Can we talk in private I don’t want to scare the people here after all.’

The spirit was much more formal and polite than the ones they encountered the day before, she thought, which would make it even easier for them to help them. As Chelvaric motioned her to follow him outside, the female nodded and weaved through swirls and eddies of people that were clustered inside one single building. Just when she suddenly remembered that she had yet to pay for her drinks, she quickly rolled a few jewels onto the counter towards the bartender before quickly leaving the bar.

“Thank you for going out of your way to listen to me. You two don’t seem much surprised to see me. Anyway, I’ll just get to the point.” The man cleared his throat. “I’m Johnson, a pastor at a local church. That night, I remember Mr. Clayton entering my room with an axe and mentioned something about insurance money before murdering me. It’s very mysterious that the two pastors before me had also disappeared and now I know why. I don’t exactly know where my body is hidden but I’m assuming it’s still in the church. Please, find my body and have him arrested.”

The man almost seemed horrified explaining about his death. She couldn’t blame him and she understood well that he must have felt frightened to his wits when he was murdered. After all, her family was in the same situation as well, protecting their only daughter who was too young to do anything. Snowflake wanted to comfort the man, but seeing he was a spirit she just let it be and decided that they should already start going to the church.


#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:35 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric went outside and waited for Snow to follow as she still had to pay the drinks that she had been drinking. He waited for a second and not much later she would reappear in the doorway heading where they were. Once she was standing still next to him, the ghost started to talk and explained what happened to him. It seemed someone had killed him and his murder was never solved. Not only that but the man had already killed three other priests before him.

He wondered why the police wouldn’t have noticed that all the priests were dying continually and that one man had been getting money from every dead. To him, that seemed too much of a coincidence. But you needed proof to arrest someone so they had to search for the bodies and then expose the man. It seemed they were still in the church and Snow was already walking towards the place.

Don’t worry priest, we will solve it as fast as we can”, he said to the priest bidding him farewell and sprinted after Snow to catch up to her. “Must be awful, knowing who killed you but not be able to get revenge”, he said to Snow and he slid his hand in hers to walk hand in hand to the church. After a while, they would arrive. The church was quite small but the tower was likely to be ten meter high. It seemed like the usual small churches you would find in villages. With a big tower in the start and then a long lower building behind it. He knocked on the gates and then slowly pressed them open, ready to search every nook and corner to find the bodies.


#7Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:12 am

Venus Rosé

”Mhm”, She’d answer and began walking towards the direction of where the church would be located. Snowflake felt a touch of skin against her hands and Chelvaric fingers would wrap around hers firmly, causing her to smile at the warm sensation spreading within her as she gave a little squeeze on his hand. It took quite a while to reach to their destination, since it was located in quite a secluded place, far from the centre of the town. The church appeared isolated from afar, as if there was no one inside the building, but then, they were quite late in the night already, so it made sense that there weren’t anyone left.

Once they had entered through the gates, stormy eyes glanced around the area as if she was in doubt of anyone else’s presence but perhaps, it was just her overthinking. The female sneaked along the way and pushed the wooden doors open inside the church and peeked through the gap to make sure there wasn’t anyone inside. She felt guilty for breaking into a building like this, thinking she might be punished though it was not as if she had any sort of belief towards gods and whatnot. Besides, her reason was for helping someone so there was no reason as to why she should be bothered about it.

As she entered, her wedged heels softly clacked against the wooden floorboards, looking for a possible place where this so-called Mr. Clayton might have hidden the corpse of the pastor.


#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:19 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric followed Snow into the church and he was impressed with the multiple statues that were standing around the chapel, they looked so nice. The sound of Snow’s heels was echoing through the chambers of the church and it gave a nice sound that he really liked. He wondered how many people could fit the church, Probably over a hundred or more, he thought to himself. But it was not the time to be thinking about that they had to find the bodies. He was looking under the seats but he couldn’t find them, it wouldn’t have been logical anyway as someone would have smelled the bodies from afar.

He then went to the altar to see if he had stashed them inside there, but again he couldn’t find them only a bottle of wine and the sorcerer magazine that was turned open on the model page. It seemed the priest was a bit too much interested into the models of the magazine, what a naughty priest, for the rest there was a holy symbol but no sign of the bodies. Chelvaric sighed and he walked to the door to the dungeons. When he was down he could see the graves of the knights that went on a crusade to fight for their religion against the infidels. At a first glance, he didn’t see them either till he saw a latch into the ground.

It looked out of place and he opened it, he needed to pull the metal ring really hard before the latch would even budge. The latch was open but the hole was pitch dark so he took a torch from the wall and shone it down into the pit to see better. There were three bodies piled onto each other inside. “Snow I found something!”, he would yell upstairs.


#9Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:33 am

Venus Rosé

Snowflake and her partner separated ways, searching the corpses of the bodies in their own way. She idly glossed her fingers over the carved windows and over the dips and creases of the walls of the building, feeling the texture. Not once had she ever visited a church, her family wasn’t religious nor was she and she never had those beliefs, but rather preferred to be buried among books. She felt like they were more important than religions, politics and what not, though everyone have their own opinions of course. She wandered through the church, it was much larger than she’d expected and walked over the stage in front of the seats. Her eyes were peeled for everything, although she failed to find anything suspicious.

It wasn’t until Chelvaric’s voice echoed through the building, claiming that he had found something. Curious, Snowflake rushed to the source of the sound and noticed that her paramour was already in the basement of the church. So, this Mr. Clayton had even made a basement for himself to hide corpses? That was what she thought to herself and climbed down the stairs and indeed, she was correct. The pungent smell of rotten bodies filled her nostrils that she had to scrunch up her face and close her nose. Using the light from above the entrance that she had entered, she confirmed the faces of the dead bodies. The other two, she didn’t know how they look like but one of them was the pastor who had visited them.

”We have to visit the police.”

Her eyes scanned around the place and she could see a few weapons thrown over the place, an axe, a cutting blade and what not. Did he use all these to kill them? Disgusting. She grabbed a large bag nearby and being a clean freak, there was no way in hell that she was going to touch those rotten bodies, not even with her gloved hands. ”I’m sorry to ask you to do the dirty work, but can you please place them inside this bag?” She’d say apologetically.


#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:20 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric bound a piece of cloth that he had found in front of his nose to keep the smell away. He looked at the stairs and saw Snow climbing down into the pit. He quickly handed her a cloth so she could cover her nose too as he didn’t want her to smell the stench too long. When she said they should go to the police he would nod his head in agreement. That was a sound plan but something was weird as she suddenly grabbed a bag, he was quite confused why she would grab a bag when she suddenly told him to pack the bodies in it.

He wondered why it was necessary but since she was asking him so nicely he didn’t mind it too much and he grabbed the bag from her hands. He placed next to the bodies and started to place each body into the bag. The first body of the last priest to die was rather easy as the body hadn’t started to decompose yet. The second body, on the other hand, was bloated and was spilling fluid when he pressed on it. A really bad stench came out of its mouth when he accidentally pressed his stomach. From all the holes in the body, maggots were dropping out of it.

He quickly shook his hands when he had placed it in the bag and looked at the last body, which was more of a skeleton than a body anymore, and placed the pieces into the bag as the limbs tore off when he moved it. When the job was done he zipped up the bag and turned to Snow. “Time to go deliver these and then take a really hard scrub in the bath. Don’t come to close to me who knows what diseases I caught when I moved them”, he said to her and they walked off to the police station, hoping that someone would be manning the post.

When they arrived at the police station a rather young fellow seemed to have drawn the shortest straw and had to work on Halloween evening. He jumped up when they arrived as he finally had something to do. “Was there a burglary do you need any help?”, he said quickly and looked at them with the hope that he could do something. “Were here to report a murder. We found these bodies in the church”, Chelvaric said to the man.


#11Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: The Church Empty on Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:04 pm

Venus Rosé

While Chelvaric began to stuff the bodies into a large bag, she looked around the place, searching for anything that might useful for the investigation. The weapons would be a good evidence, she thought, and quickly tossed them into another bag. She didn’t want to touch the blood-stained weapons nor leave handprints all over them. The dead bodies were quite a horrible sight and the smell of the corpses were suffocating her. She’d turn over to Chelvaric in which she would immediately find herself gagging at the sight of maggots dripping out of the bodies. ”God, these are horrible.”

Once they were done, they departed the building and as much as she wished to hold hands with her partner, he told her not to since there was a possibility that the bodies contained numerous diseases. She’d have to scrub herself off until her skill peels off once she gets home. Their journey towards the police station was brief in reality, though it seemed like hours on end for her. It was growing late in the night and her body was starting to get tired. She’d look over her shoulder to see if Chelvaric was doing fine carrying the bodies, but she knew that the bulky body of his would be really useful. Their arrival at the police station was greeted by a few awkward stares from people around them, until they declared that these people were murdered.

Apparently, they have been working on the case but no one seemed to have found the solution. Receiving a few thankful nods from the police, the two Blue Pegasus mages left the station, only to return home and wash themselves off in disgust.



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