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being a very good boy [quest][solo]

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being a very good boy [quest][solo] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:54 pm

Another day another dollar is the popular saying, but that didnt really apply too well to Shagrath in this situation. Seeing as the timeline in this strange universe that he lived in didnt seem to be very linear, and the currency was not dollars, but jewels. However the sentiment of the saying still remained somewhat true, as today was a day where Shag wanted to go and find some work, and make some money. There was the easy route of finding some kind of a weak shop owner and robbing him for everything that he had, but Shagrath was trying to be reformed and not be too much of a bully, and thus he found himself looking for some work which was a little bit more respectable than being a dirty 3rd world thief.

On a previous night out on the town Shagrath had heard some rumors from passers by about some maintenance that was being done on the infrastructure of the town, and that they contractors were looking for able bodied adults to help out with the renovation efforts. The only problem with this information was that Shag didnt exactly know who was in charge of the reconstructions and he didnt exactly know where they were taking place.

Shagrath decided to do the most logical thing in this situation and follow the loud sounds that usually accompany construction work. Sure, it could be a giant monster demon thing attacking the village, but the chances were that these loud sounds he was hearing were the noises of stark labor. He wondered off in the direction of the noises which appeared to towards the docks. On his way there, Shagrath thought about his current standing in the world. He wanted to be out there fighting monsters and duelling with powerful mages, but for now he was relegated to manual labor like a common non magical citizen. Initially the thought made Shagrath angry that somebody of his status would be doing the same work as people with no magical talent at all, but at the same time he realized that everybody starts somewhere, and they day will come eventually when he can go around wrecking people's shizzle.

After walking for what seemed to be an hour or so, Shagrath arrived at the docks and was met with the sight of a few burly men hammering on some wood and a much younger man who appeared to be supervising them. Shag decided to walk over and introduce himself, as it seemed to be the most appropriate thing in this situation.

"Hi im mr Shagrath looking for some work mister"

The young supervisor looked up and seemed to scan Shag's body up and down, taking a moment to ponder before responding.

"Ok then. All the help we can get is appreciated so I guess you can start immediately. If you look around you'll see that there is plenty to be done, so pitch in and do you part, work hard and you'll be rewarded well"



being a very good boy [quest][solo] Empty Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:02 pm

Shagrath was surprised that he was given so much freedom by the supervisor. It didnt seem to be the best tactic, didnt that leave him a lot of room to slack off. Perhaps the reward that was paid out depended entirely on the amount of work that he put out for the day. Or maybe they were desperate and taking chances, and he would be paid a flat rate at the end of the day. Shag wasnt in the financial position to be taking these chances though, and he would feel guilty if he didnt pitch in his fair share of work. He wondered over to a group of workmen, all of them red in the face and completely drenched in sweat. They appeared to be taking a break for the time being, all sat down on the ground with sandwiches in their hands while conversing about the attractive young girls that were walking past, letting off a wolf whistle for the particularly stunning females. While Shag was disgusted by their disrespectful treatment of women, he supposed the worked a manual labor job so they couldnt be very educated, otherwise theyd be doing something real with their life. Regardless, he needed to figure out where exactly to start with this job, so he wondered over to ask.

"Hey, I'm one of the new workmen. I wasn't exactly given much information on exactly what I should be doing so I was hoping one of you fellas could clue me in."

The largest of the group briefly moved his gaze from the passing females, taking a few seconds to scan Shagrath up and down, before going right back to gawping at the seemingly underage girls that were walking past on the street.

"There's plenty to be done today guy, but you dont seem like you know what you're doing so there is no way at all that youre getting to do any of the real work around here. Nope, youre relegated to the grunt work. See that stack of lumber over there? We dont have any use for it at this location anymore, so you can spend the day moving it over to the next site a couple of blocks away from here."

Yet again, the instructions were extremely vague, but Shagrath had to make do with the information he was given. He didnt waste any time trying to make small talk with any of the builders, instead moving over to the pile of lumber and filling a wheelbarrow until it felt almost too heavy to move. Shag began wheeling the lumber down the street, heading to where he hoped the next location would be. Upon finally reaching the site he thought the builder was referring to, he dumped the lumber into the designated pile and headed straight back to his started location to grab another load. After a long hard day at work, Shagrath began to see just why these workmen spent all their time looking at women and making crude jokes. It wasnt exactly the most mentally stimulating job in the world. Regardless, by the time the sun had set he had worked his fair share, and was rewarded with a nice bag of jewels as payment. Another day another dollar.

[Mission Completed]

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