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Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:34 pm

Venus Rosé

October -- the month where people would decorate their houses with thick cobwebs strung on naked trees, skeleton heads hanging from the walls and carved out pumpkins to scare the children. Even the streets were dark and lit only by the jack-o-lanterns that sent out an orange flicker through their mouths and eyes. People would dress in costumes of their preference as they walked down the streets with lanterns held in their hands, as they attempted to scare every person who passed down the road. Memorable and fun for most and frightening for a few -- it was time for Halloween.

In a particular room of a rather expensive inn, was a young girl with unkempt, long white hair that cascaded past her shoulders and down her back, dressed in her most comfortable clothes which was no other than a large T-shirt that hung high above her pale knees. Yet, the girl was not alone in her room, but rather, with a company of a man, or one would say, her lover. They were comfortable with each other’s presence that one of would would often stay over the night with the other. With nothing else to do, the young female leaned against the window and watched over the streets, dark and quiet.

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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:37 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
The time of the year had come were all the ghosts would leave there resting places and roam the lands. Where children would dress up as a werewolf or a vampire, and the uncool kids would come as a bucket or something really lame. Nearly all the houses had lights in front of the windows and pumpkins outside. Some had gone further and had decorated there houses with bats and witches and all other spooky stuff. It seemed everyone had prepared for Halloween already. He loved Halloween since it reminded him that it was his first date with Snow and now around Halloween, he was just relaxing at her apartment as they didn’t really have much to do the job they just did for farmer Jim.

Chelvaric was watching Snow as she was looking through the window while he was reading a good book with a cup of tea. But he was sick of just sitting alone and put a cup of tea in front of Snow before he muffled himself behind her. “do you remember when we went to the Halloween fare last year. You were a great apple biter”, he said while he chuckled. On that moment an eerie knocking came from the walls.


#3Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:45 pm

Venus Rosé

Her thoughts almost wandered off immediately until Chelvaric’s voice registered into her mind, interrupting her train of forlorn thoughts. The female turned to face him and smoothed her long, silver hair onto one side of her shoulder. ”Oh. Right.” The words left her lips as she recalled the memories of them spending Halloween together last year. She remembered how they had enjoyed the festival together, decorated with lights and even watched the fireworks by the end – it was the day that she had started to know the man, who came to be her boyfriend. ”It’s been quite a long time.” Her gaze drifted down onto the floor of the room, reminiscing the times back then.

It has been over a year that she had known Chelvaric, and all of her memories are mostly filled with excitement and happiness. The female smiled to herself as she brushed through the tangles of her silky hair until a knock resounded against the walls of the room. The features of her face immediately turned grim and glanced over Chelvaric. ”Was that you?” Just then, three pale figures emerged in front of them, hovering above the floor. A gasp escaped her lips and she couldn’t help but believe that she was seeing ghosts on the night of Halloween.

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#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:04 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at Snowflake as she moved her silken hair to one side leaving one side of her neck bare skinned. He gave a small kiss on the neck while she talked since he couldn’t resist the urge to do that. Whenever he saw her neck he always felt so energized to kiss her. It was something he had noticed since he came over to her place a couple of times she suddenly asked him if he was the one that had knocked and he nodded to the sides in a no response. Suddenly three figures were coming out of the floor, they looked ghastly and were see through. It did take a bit of time before Chelvaric realized that there were ghosts in front of them. He gasped for a second and put himself in front of Snow to keep her safe.

what do you want of us!”, he shouted to them, He couldn’t do anything against them anymore since he lost his exorcist magic a while back. “We need you to bring our families to our graves before Halloween is over or we will haunt you forever”, all three said in a malice voice. One by one they started to tell their names. They seem to be called Aria Sanford, Mercury Greene, Cynthia Dalton. With this it shouldn’t be too hard to find their families he thought to himself.


#5Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:27 pm

Venus Rosé

Ghosts were frightening, but they aren’t as dangerous as humans. After all, they couldn’t touch things so there was no reason why she should be scared to them. Upon their appearance, Chelvaric immediately stood up and guarded her. She was an independent woman herself, who would rather not rely on someone else’s protection and now that she obtained a growth in power, she was confident in her abilities and believed that she would be able to take on her enemies. A sigh escaped her lips as she gently pushed her partner out of the way, ”They can’t harm us.” She hoped that he understood that they were just spirits. Sure enough, they were haunting, but she was not that childish to be scared off her wits.

The ghosts introduced themselves before demanding them strongly to see their family one more time. Their tone was rude but since she had nothing else to do for the day, she figured that they could help the ghosts with their requests since it might help them move onto their next life faster as well. ”Fine. Do you know the location?” The female nodded and crossed her arms in question. With that, the ghosts claimed that they would see each other at the graves once again after giving their families addresses, before disappearing into thin air.

The coordinates of the families’ houses were not entirely specific, but it wasn’t hard to find either, since the surnames of the families were written on the walls of the gates, so she could tell which house was whose. Though the journey was brief in reality, it felt hours to her but they were finally there, standing in front of their first destination – the Sanford’s family.

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#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:47 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric felt Snow's hand pushing him away as she was saying they couldn’t harm them. well, he didn’t really agree with that but he let her do as she pleased as he knew that his paramour was quite strong and could handle herself pretty well. It seemed Snow wanted to help them although her tone was quite annoyed so he just let her do. Not much later the ghosts had given the locations of the families and they disappeared not much later. He sighed, better to get along with it, he thought to himself and started to walk out of the apartment together with Snow.

Not long after they had walked they came at the first location, it was the house of Sanford's family. The house seemed to be a typical middle-class family house and had nothing too special about it. He pulled the bell and waited for someone to open the door. An older man was opening the door who had a grey beard and looked quite messy. “oh hello young man, who are you?”, he asked them with a sparkle in his eyes. Chelvaric explained the situation quickly and it didn’t take much to convince the man to meet at the graveyard. They then traveled to the next house.


#7Venus Rosé 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:57 am

Venus Rosé

Their next destination was the Greene’s, the family of a middle aged man, whose house was located not that far from where they were standing. The streets were empty and quiet, but they were well-lit by those jack-o-lanterns that hung above them. Upon their arrival at the Greene’s house, they were greeted by a young woman with short, dark hair. At first, she seemed confused by the sight of them until she quickly walked back to grab a basket filled with sweets and handed some over to them; they were mistaken for those children who’d knock on every single door for trick-or-treat. A sigh escaped her lips, wondering if she looked that young to be mistaken as a child. Having a sweet tooth, she couldn’t resist the urge to grab a handful of sweets and shoved it into her pocket.

”I suppose you’re Ms. Greene, a family member of Mercury Greene?”

”Ah yes, I’m his granddaughter.”

”Earlier I was visited by a ghost of your grandfather, and he demanded to see his family a final time at his grave. I know it’s hard to believe but, you’d understand if you come with me.”

The woman explained, and watched Ms. Greene stare at her as if she was retarded. She couldn’t blame her either, since all of this sounds silly to herself as well, but it didn’t take her long to convince Greene on agreeing to follow them. ”Alright, if it’s my grandfather’s wishes, I’ll gladly follow.” Whether she bought her story or not, Snowflake’s job was to take them to the graveyard for the ghosts to meet their families. Ms. Greene requested her to wait for a moment as she got ready and gather the children as well as her husband before tagging along with them.

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#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Restless Souls: Homecoming [Chelvaric] Empty on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:24 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed that there next location was quite close by and they didn’t had to walk to far. That was a bit of a disappointment as he liked roaming the decorated streets of marigold. He loved the random ghosts and witches that were hanging from the roofs and the multiple jack-o-lanterns that were littered over the streets. It seemed that Snow’s small figure made her seem like a child to some and she grabbed some of the candy that the woman was giving out. Chelvaric was hoping she didn’t think he was the lone father who was accompanying her on her trick or treat walk.

Snow then talked to the woman and explained what was going on. The woman was more skeptical then the old man and it took some effort to convince her but his amour did a great job and not much later the woman had agreed to their proposition and they were off to the last house. Luckily for them the house was located quite close to the cemetery. So they didn’t had to spend to much time in getting there. The house of the Daltons was a little cow farm just at the edge of the town. Since cemetery were mostly placed outside of the town they were awfully close to one. He knocked on the door and a young adult male opened the door, he had a small beard and unkempt hair, he was wearing a typical cowboy outfit to go along with it.

Howdy there what’s your business on such a late hour as this. I don’t think you fellows are trick or treaters.”, the young lad said and he looked at them with an eyebrow raised. Chelvaric coughed one time as it seemed he was talking in a sort of dialect. “We’re here because the ghost of your grandmother wants to see you at her grave.”, he said to him and the man nearly burst into laughter. “You have to be kidding me, is this a practical joke or something?”, the man asked looking like he thought that Chelvaric was crazy. “No, I am being honest, she appeared from us because she’s sad and misses you. I know it’s hard to believe but just come along nothing lost in just coming. with us right”, he said to the man and he sighed took a coat and followed them to the cemetery.

When all the family members had arrived at their respective graves the ghost would appear and they started talking to their families. Since they didn’t want to interrupt them they started to go back to their apartment. It was quite nice to see how the spirits could say goodbye for one last time. He hoped they would be able to say goodbye to each other too if one of them would die.


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