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Restless Souls: Murder House

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Restless Souls: Murder House Empty on Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:37 pm

Syliph sat in the chilly Dahlia air, he thought Hargeon was ominous at night, it paled in comparison to Dahlia, the night sounds haunted the alleyways, Syliph was also pretty sure he saw someone being turned into a vampyre in an alleyway, he dashed out of there. So far, no restless souls had come to haunt him yet, but he was hopeful.
Syliph panted at the top of the hill, he had used all his speed to get as far away as he could from the vampyre. Looking down over the other side of the hill he saw a house sectioned off. It seemed to be in subtle disrepair, like it had missed its yearly checkup this year. In a desperate hope to find some restless souls he slid down the side of the hill. Walking around he noticed 2 small lumps in the ground, each with a simple grave stone above it. Leaning down he read them Beatrix Cordon: May she atone for her sins. The other one on the left read: Aleksandr Cordon: May his light reach the illumin. Syliph stood up, they were obviously related but he couldn't decipher what went wrong. "She murdered him." a voice casually mentioned from in front of him. His eyes shot up, there was a girl and a boy floating above the tombstones, "I'm Liora and this is my brother Victor." The male apparition rolled his eyes at his sister's remark, "Look, let's cut to the chase, our mother was a crazy psychopath who ended up murdering me, and my sister and father, then she proceeded to commit suicide. WE want you to get our bodies from the basement below and bury us next to our father, and in the process, make my mother burn for her sins, literally." Victor looked dead serious. Syliph remained quiet for a few moments, this request seemed a little more... serious then the one Melissa gave him, after a few moment of deliberation he decided, "I'll do it but on one condition, you give me THREE pumpkin pops instead of two, and i do it during the day." He crossed his arms to look serious. Victor opened his mouth to protest, but Liora cut him off, "You have a deal." Syliph smiled, he'd walk out with a pep in his step, "I'll see you tomorrow." He yelled.

The sunlight was blocked by the veil of clouds above, "Sorry kids, you wont have light on your big day." Syliph forced a laugh at his morbid humor. Syliph took off down the streets once again, he didn't want to be out on the public streets long, the hill came into his sight, he was running up the hill when a guard stuck out his hand and tripped Syliph. "Sorry kid, only rune knights our allowed here." Syliph groaned, he really didn't want to have to fake being someone else on this request, but y'know life is life. "I'm sorry sir, i'm not actually in uniform, but trust me i'm a rune knight, I just left some of my stuff in the house." The guard paused for a moment, debating if he was going to believe Syliph's obviously blatant lie, "Whatever, just get in and out of there fast. You're like the third person those ghost twins have asked to find their body." The guard turned his head and pretend not to notice as Syliph slid down the hillside. Once inside he saw the marks of the massacre. There were broken shards everywhere, blood marks all over the side of the wall, it must have been the husband. Looking around he tried to think of where the dead bodies would have been stashed by the wife. He remembered the fact that the twins had told him their bodies were in the basement. After hours of searching he understood why he wasn't the first to look for the bodies, it was clearly hard to find the basement door, because there were none. After a few times of opening a door and being sad when it turned out it to be ANOTHER shoe closet, he almost threw himself out the second story, come to think of it where was the door to the second story staircase. Looking around he noticed there was a pair of painting next to each other who really shouldn't have. One was a beautiful scene of oranges and greens, while the other was a beautiful cave scene of yellows and purples, the two contrasted horribly. Reaching out to press the cave painting when something clicked and the cave painting swung open to reveal a staircase heading downwards. Stepping inside the air instantly became MOIST, the stairs sounded old and there was absolutely no light down there. Looking around for something to use he saw an enchanted candle, removing it from the wall he waved his hand and a light instantly burst forth from its tip, surprisingly handy.

Proceeding carefully down the stairs he looked around for something that seemed small and body shaped in the room. The floors were eerily clean, like the person had washed them right before going upstairs. The only odd thing was a seam on the left side of the wall. Reaching over Syliph poked the seam, it felt squishy underneath, sticking his finger between the wallpaper he pulled, it came apart quickly and to pale, awful smelling dead bodies tumbled out. Syliph turned around and lost his breakfast in the corner of the room, staring down at the limp corpses he noticed they did bare resemblance to Liora and Victor. Pulling up his sleeves he began to drag the up the stairs.

After they were both out of the Basement he checked the window to see if the guards were still there, he didn't want to be caught grave digging and burning a corpse in front of them, so he decided to wait. HE searched the second floor behind the sunset  painting, luckily there were no more bodies ready to tumble out of the wall at him. Syliph sat down across from the bodies and began to talk, "Well it really sucks to be you, doesn't it? I would say so, but don't worry, you'll be buried by tonight, i swear it." From the air Liora's voice arose, "Thanks wizard, this has been the main thing keeping us from moving on." Syliph smiled, he was glad he could be of some assistance to someone. Checking out the window one more time, it still sat high in the sky and he'd have to wait until sunset and for the guards to leave.

It felt like forever waiting for the guards to leave, it took them hours to stop chatting and head home, it was such a pain. Opening up the door he dragged the two bodies outside on the porch, now was for the dirt work. He began to dig two holes for the children and unbury the mother's corpse. After the two holes had been dug he dragged the bodies over and placed them carefully in the holes, he felt an awful lot like a murderer right now. using the fresh dirt, he covered the children. Using wood from their house he gave them tombstones, Liora Crondon:
Victim to a heinous crime
, Victor Crondon:
Victim of heinous crime.
he sat motionless for a few moments to honor them, they needed this, he felt sadness for what their mother had done, he wondered what drove her over the edge. Removing the mother from the grave he dragged her over the the side of the yard where no grass grew, that way it'd be harder to tell there was ever a fire. Gathering some sticks from nearby trees he built the base of a fire around her, with the enchanted candle he started the fire, he watched for a few moments as the body began to become CRISP, he turned away as soon as the smell became unbearable. Walking back over to the graves he removed his zodiac necklace, he was going to give them a special prayer, not an illumin one, but a zodiac one, he didn't care if they didn't like it. He began to speak in the ancient tongue, " El Foraey, es Cancri, es Libris ur Taureur, Cancri fuer guel hami. Libirs yug el Mery, hif el haur ferain. Et Taureur Jel helm corpos ul lef Casin." For the children he translated, "I pray to Cancer, To Libra and to Taurus. Cancer, heal their family. Libra, judge the wife, make her feel pain. And Taurus, use their bodies for the earth." For  a few silent moments the air remained undisturbed, then with a mighty gust the children appeared, " We cannot thank you enough for what you have done, you are sent from the skies, here take these pops as a token of our gratitude." Victor handed the three pops to Syliph who graciously accepted them and sett of towards the horizon, looking back, he decided he was leaving Dahlia tonight.


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