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Magnolia to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel]

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#1Shin Katari 

Magnolia to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel]  Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:15 pm

Shin Katari
With a town as massive as Magnolia there was much to do. Tourists often visited the Cathedral or took to the parks. Others, such as Shin, took to the comfort of a bar. The bar was by far the best place to visit when entering a new town. Besides enjoying a drink or two, it served as a place of news and rumors. Information of all kinds could be found here. Whether or not this information was true depended on the person providing the information. The more people spoke of a similar thing, the higher the chance it was true. This was the case at the moment.

Sipping away at his beer, Shin listened closely to the words being spoken in the bar. One man spoke of a carnival of some sort coming out of the blue in Worth Woodsea. Another added to this story by stating someone he knew went to check out the carnival and noticed several skeletons walking about it. Several of the bar patrons claimed the alcohol had gotten to the two men. However, weirder things had happened. Fiore was inhabited by those with magic and it was not out of the ordinary for something like this to occur. Besides, there was no harm in checking it out. Worth Woodsea was on the way to Oak Town and seeing as he was in no particular rush to return to the guild, a little detour would not hurt. Finishing his drink, Shin exited the bar and made for the exit of the town where Gastly was awaiting for him. Together, the two made for the spooky forest.

The first few hours of the trek felt like an eternity. Shin found himself walking past Era Town along with Fiore's capital Crocus. These towns were not of his interest at the moment but he was confident that some time in the future he would come visit. For now though, he needed to get to Worth Woodsea and get to Oak. Luckily, with Worth Woodsea being along the way to Oak Town, he was going to be able to kill two bird with one stone.

As darkness descent signalling the coming of night, several lights could be seen in the distance. Standing from atop a hill, Shin could make out a large circular area surrounded by various colored lights. From a distance, not much could be made out. There was a large closed gate and what looked like a Ferris wheel. This had to be the rumored carnival that the men were talking about in the bar. Looking over at Gastly, the creature was also amazed by the lights and sight. It's natural curiosity begged for it to go see the sight. Without wasting much time, Shin and Gastly made their way towards the forest and what they hoped was the carnival. What would meet them at the carnival was a mystery but if this was a trap, he was more than ready to fight. If there truly were skeletons here, they would burn most excellently.

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