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Restless Souls: Titanic [Alisa]

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Scuba diving at night. To some a dangerous activity, but to others, like Alisa a way to clear her head before a new day. She pulled the tight, flexible wetsuit over her body and zipped it up, she thought back to what had brought her here.

In the coastal, clear water city of Hargeon, one had no shortage of dive sites to choose from, many of them shipwrecks that just so happened to be within a withstandable depth. Among these, the Titanic took the cake not only for its sheer size, but also its depth, meaning even some seasoned divers stayed away from it, and among those that didn't, even fewer risked going there at night. But then, it's not as if she suddenly decided on such a complicated dive for no reason... Despite all the eeriness in the air as the time of Samhain came about, something drew her to this place, at this time, and for all her wariness, she wasn't the kind of person who could so easily ignore such a strong instinct.

Pulling her hair into a ponytail, the mask over her face, and regulator on her mouth, she fell back into the deep, mysterious blue...

Fortunately, she found little to no difficulty in the dive itself: Near perfect visibility helped her make the most of her flashlight, weak currents ensured she wouldn't be carried off miles away from where she started, and powerful magical abilities guarenteed that, if the worst came to pass, she could surface faster than any human.

That said, once she reached the actual wreck, the real wierdness began. That mysterious pull to this site had been getting stronger the closer the boat got to it, giving a healthy, controllable anxiety as she submerged. Just what would she find here...? She had dived her before, but never alone, and never with such a clear certainty that she'd find something. She swam through the rusty, algae ridden hallways of the once mighty cruise ship, seeing nothing but fishes as her flashlight lit the way.

"There was no room...", she heard; a spectral unearthly voice that sent a shiver down a spine, made even creepier by a keen understanding how no human's voice would sound like this underwater. Yet Alisa didn't flee. With keen control of her breathing, she kept her heartrate down, staying calm as she swam towards the apparent source with slow, deliberate strokes of her long, fin-clad legs. Soon enough she arrived at a large room what what appeared to have once been a sofa, but as Alisa shone the flashlight around, a stream of bubbles left her mouth as she gasped. Sitting across the sofa as a ghostly male figure with a sorrowful look in its eyes, "Tell her there was no room... Tell Rose it's alright... That I died so she could live happy."

Alisa didn't even know what to say... The apparition flickered out of sight soon enough, and for all her nerves of steel, that same instinct that had been pulling her here suddenly drove her away. The woman checked her barometer... She had about a quarter of the air left in her cylinder, and she still needed time to decompress after such a deep dive. Indeed, her time at the Titanic was coming to an end. The boat ride back to shore proved relatively uneventful... She couldn't get the apparition out of her mind, nor the words it spoke to her. And as she carried the heavy equipment across the wooden planks of the pier, she eventually came across an old woman sitting a bench, crying as she looked off into the ocean. She couldn't help but walk up to her, a feeling made stronger by the noticeable direction she was looking towards - The site of the sunken Titanic:

"Jack... Why did you... Why did you leave me...?!", sobbed the woman, looking on towards the ocean.

"He says there was no room.", Alisa spoke sullemnly, drawing her attention and lowering her head out of respect for another woman's mourning, a grief so strong to have lasted years, not unlike her lover's desire to see her free of it, "He said he gave his life for you to be happy..."

"You... You spoke to him?"

Alisa nodded. The woman's sobbing eased up ever so slightly, and at that moment, a faint, supernatural glow appeared around the same dive site she'd just been in, and the voice she heard then echoed in her head once more:

"Thank you..."

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Restless Souls: Titanic [Alisa] CyhFjWA

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