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Magnolia to Hargeon [ Foot Travel ]

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#1Tiên Linh 

Magnolia to Hargeon [ Foot Travel ] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:48 am

Tiên Linh

Sacrificing to the Spirits and Shadows...
Insults the work of life...
IF You Insult Life Itself...
You WILL Bring Death . . .

It was the start of a new day, and that meant new explorations to do. Tiên had roamed the forest near Magnolia since he arrived in Fiore, and as much as he loved the place and the animals inside of the vast forest, he wanted to see new things, new animals, maybe even meet new people. It was also probably the fact that he was maybe getting a little bored of Magnolia. It was always bustling and he wanted somewhere peaceful. Already with his things packed, what things he had anyway, and Ningjia sitting on his hat, Tiên soon headed south. He wanted to see the sea once again like he had when he first arrived.

The first place he had to go to though was that town that was between Magnolia and Hargeon, ah Hargeon was where he was going that's right. The port city. Slowly walking through the forests, keeping his guard up as he travelled to Dahlia. Apparently he heard it was a place full of creatures who were not fully human, and it was dangerous during the night to be in that town. So it's a good thing he travelled early morning, so we he got there it shouldn't be too late.

When Tiên would reach Dahlia, he would ask directions and instantly make his way out of the town. He wasn't fond of mysterious places that could get him killed, but he did like mysterious areas. Just not a place like Dahlia, maybe when he was older, or more stronger. So heading straight for the exit of Dahlia, Tiên continued to make his way to the port town, and held Ningjia in his arms for the rest of the way, it would be extremely bad if he lost Ningjia. She was his best friend after all.

When he arrived at Hargeon, after taking in the vast nature in his travels, and daunting town of Dahlia, Tiên couldn't help but relax when he stepped through the entrance of the town. He was fine now. All he had to do was find his way to the beach, and then everything will be fine.

Word Count : 356
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