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Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina]

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#26Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] - Page 2 Empty Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:38 pm

Judina †
Judina did not seem to reply to it only a simple nod to it, Judina even if being a part of a group now still had a mind set of working alone, by herself with no one else, She has only worked with others because of needing too Alice was lucky for the most part, She stuck it out of the park because she was her boss to start with anything else Judina might not have talked or be the place she was now, It was just how fate worked for Judina, or What Judina believed for what fate did.

"Everyone must have some things private to themselves every once and a while."Judina mentioned."Two of my family members are rather, to themselves about there life, So it is not shocking if people keep to themselves, Even if it might bug me slightly time to time."Judina could mention that as well, Even had different things and views when it comes to how peoples lives are."But In the end, about when people feel comfortable about speaking anything they feel about it."That one she had to learn from her mother even if she had hear secrets Judina was taught that if anyone wanted her to know something it would be spoken to her and would be revealed at the right time for her, Maybe for Alice, the time was not right. Work might have something to do that for the both of them, It seemed most likely of an answer.

#27Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] - Page 2 Empty Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:26 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie her style didn't really work, Judina was just too nice for that and she should actually take an example out of Judina but that's not how Eventides work and thus she nodded, "You are right. We shall see what happen." She said not much after that but worked on sipping her tea from time to time. She definitely needed to stay nice and play her cards right if she didn't want to lose her only friend.

"Speaking about that I need to figure out where Alice is and if I can get in contact with her. I should probably go, do you need to work today, I don't want to hold you up after all." she said with a sweet smile, "But I would love to travel with you to Marigold, if you are able of course and I would like to see you some more." Was she too forward, would Judina like that? They were.. she should stop being so insecure about herself. She should stop comparing herself to Alice, which would happen a couple more times. She stood up and said goodbye to Judina. She really needed her moment to take a deep breath once she stepped outside because this mask, one she wanted to have and hold for Judina, was a lot of work especially when it went wrong.


#28Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] - Page 2 Empty Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:48 am

Judina †
Well being right to the point seemed to work better for Judina."Well good thing i guess is I can find work almost anywhere, So if you wish I will go to my home town I do not see why not, It will be a nice trip." Judina seemed to mention. Marigold trip would be nice again hopefully this time she would remember to go see at least her mother over all, hopefully nothing happen that was too important to her family while she was traveling too go there, Waylon was safe,her mother was safe, her father was safe and Regis was some were far away.

"But yes in the end it will be an interesting travel together to that part, I am sure it will all be quite peaceful as well." It was one thing for sure is, peaceful at home to Judina it was always peaceful for her.

She would get up from her chair after checking over her stuff, She had forgotten her food and even her tea for the moment, mostly because of the plan coming together Judina felt slightly excited about it, It would good over all. That or Judina was just be super excited over simple things as well and was being different other then herself. But with nothing else Judina was out of her chair and already going off to pick up her stuff, pick up and prepare to head off to some where else. This use to be a very dragging feeling to her but wasn't now.


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