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Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:45 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie yawned while she walked out of her hotel. She needed to do something, find answers and so on. But there wasn't anything to find at the moment because there was no Rune Knight to talk to! She should behave, maybe even talk to her sister. Do something that she could? The only question was: what. She decided that it was nice to have a drink somewhere, and while she was on her way to a nice tea place. She wondered if her sister knew she was free. Bailed out by Selena, she didn't even know that she was captured because she was simply in the hospital wing of the Headquarters.

With a deep breath she simply went to sit outside on a terrace. It was sunny today: not that could and besides she kept her trenchcoat on and there were heaters that kept the area well out of the windy zone and the cold feeling. Besides the tea would help as well. As she had thought that she needed to become stronger in body and mind, she was now pleasing two people at once. Although one probably didn't care that much and she let it be. She simply ordered a sandwich, the tea and would see what happened. She got a book out of her bag and started to read some more information: information she needed was about the Rune Knights. But it might be interesting to know what it meant to sell your soul.. a little bit too late but she still didn't care.

#2Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:18 pm

Judina †
It was always nice how life changes or circles around eventually from one thing to another, As such time passed Judina had varying other things on her mind Judina had a break form work and seemed to be on her own for the moment, which with end all be all she really did not mind. Time to learn the rest of Hargeon was always good for while she was around here.

Roaming around the streets normally Judina was unsure what else to do explore or look at but at the same time she realize something else with her she had eaten or drank much in a while mostly what she could gather around the office or whatever else she could find on her own, but no matter since it was the time to look around anyway it would be more then prefect timing.

But before hand, Judina also thought about visiting the hospital wing in the Runeknight HQ, to get an update on the wounds left by Regis if they are now just to heal over to scars, They had not been in pain for quite a while so she had almost forgotten about much wounds, it was a vast far cry from what she remember when she first found by people, Remembering Lacie had looked her over, She had not forgotten what was done by Lacie, hoping to encounter her again sometime.

Walking to where she needed too in the wing as she seemed to mind herself Judina cracked her neck while she streched out, the noticeable loud crack was something she was use too her neck was stuff quite often, but before anything she realized she was in an area she could eat something that, smiling happily she picked up something she had not had in a while a salad and well tea, Going to find a seat Judina hum a song her mother use to sing to her to get her to settle down.

Walking past seeing a face she knew head long in a book Judina leans down slightly and knocked on the cover of the book to catch Lacie attention. "Might my eyes be fooling me or is it my old friend who looked me over a few months a go?"Judina asked with a smile and waited.

#3Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:20 pm

Lacie Eventide
While she was waiting for her sandwich to appear, she was reading a book that was suddenly pushed away from her hands and she wanted to comment to the waiter that the person could ask or talk to her before pushing at her book but she stared at a familiar face. A face she had last seen in Orchidia, she blinked in surprise, "Judina?" she mentioned something about her eyes fooling her and she wondered for a split second if Judina had met her twin sister but she wouldn't know.

She placed her book on the table and stood up to hug her friend, "It is so good to see you. Look at you, you look so healthy, how are your wounds?" she ask all very enthusiastic, Judina was the first real friend she had made and technically speaking: also the last. "Please sit down, if you don't mind. I'm so glad to see you again." she pointed at the empty chair opposite her and would sit down once Judina did. As soon as she would sit down she would put a book marker between the pages and close the book and put it in her bag as in to not show what it was about, now it more looked like making room on the table.

She wanted to stay the friend from Judina here in Hargeon, even though they were on the different side of Fiore and she was on the different side of good and evil as when she was in Orchidia. "Tell me how are you doing," she said wrapping her hands around the tea cup.

#4Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:08 pm

Judina †
With a small smile on her face Judina would mention how she felt her health was, it was a simple update."I have not gotten the blade wounds checked in a while, I have not been in pain."she mentioned with a smile on her face getting a hug from Lacie, It seemed like the normal reaction since they were friends Judina just seemed to quietly hug Lacie back."But I can assume they are scars now." It wouldn't be long for when the both of them to sit down to continue talking the subject at hand between them, Sure there was a lot of things to speak about.

"As of the rest of my current situation, only one major changed has happen and that is about it." since she did have a feel thought about it."I started a job in something I did not expect, But progress for anything since we have met had not happen."Judina wouldn't have lied about it anyway, She had not found Waylon or achieved anything else she mentioned when her and Lacie first met."I have not found Waylon or the reason or anything to do for my brother's current problem."Realizing that she seemed slightly unhappy about it but did not seem super troubled by it, quietly starting to nibble on her salad slightly."What has life brought for you since we met?"she would quietly listen and wait.

#5Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:15 am

Lacie Eventide
As Judina showed up Lacie calmed down a little. It was good to see her one and only friend. She felt so relieved as she immediately asked how Judina was doing. She nodded when her friend told her she had not checked the blade wounds. "I do not expect them to be a big problem. I made sure that they would be closed the last time we saw each other. Which is so long ago. They might leave scars though." Which sound like a disaster to her but Lacie would not say that. Not everyone thought the same obviously. "Obviously most important is that you are in no pain of course." Lacie would say after the hug to sit down again and look her friend up and down again. For the first time she felt like she made a mistake with selling her soul. Considering the story Judina told her about her brother. But up till now; she could still think for herself.

Lacie would tell her how glad she was to see her and asked Judina how she was doing. "Oh a job? How interesting, what do you do? Did you pick it to help your search?" She asked because there was no progress in finding her brothers. She had not met any of them either and also had not heard anything. She should ask Selena. Her cousin wanted her to get closer, she could make use of that for her friend. While overthinking that plan of action, Judina asked how she was doing and she took a sip of tea to form an answer. "Oh I go by the by. Had a reunion with family. Some health issues and the like but lately everything seems to be back on track. I have done nothing special but travel through a couple of cities." Which basically meant that apart from selling her soul; she was a dull person!

#6Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:28 am

Judina †
"Well it has not help with my searching for Waylon, But i joined the Rune knights." She mentioned to Lacie to start with but that much was out of the way in the end."I am still looking for Waylon and hoping the other brother is still locked in place." she seemed and felt like he still was locked away in place, she would never call him a monster, but he acted like one.

But it seemed not too serious of a conversation."Well hopefully it went all for the situation." Judina mention making sure she did not chew with a lot of food in her mouth. "Because I would feel bad otherwise with hearing the health problems." Judina continued "Since starting my job as a rune knight i have traveled but was stuck in various tasks that i got side tracked from my goal in mind." Judina did not feel overly bad about it but she had it in her mind still but keeping busy helped. "I should figure out where at least Waylon's been last seen and maybe check on if Regis is still locked in place as well." Judina said to have that check and mentioned in her mind they continued speaking."But for the moment, It can wait too." Judina could laugh about it, trying if anything to not be serious about it, relaxing mostly for now.

#7Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:24 am

Lacie Eventide
She had wondered what job Judina would do for a job but apparently it had not helped Waylon, and she almost chocked in her cup of tea when she heard about the Rune Knights. As if they were stalking her, "The knights, how wonderful. They seemed to swallow up my family and now also my only friend. Aren't you super busy because of that?" She tried to be and sound interested but she wasn't because it only made her think about Alice more and Selena but she would smile, "Oh I would suspect they would be able to help find Waylon." She said surprised because wasn't that one of the jobs of the Rune Knights. Or did Alice not find her in that way, she wasn't exactly sure? "How did you suddenly join the Rune Knights?"

She mentioned that she had some health issues but was fine now and that she had travelled a few things, realizing that her live was rather boring, "But do you enjoy yourself? I mean of course family is important but you must not forget yourself Judina." she said very stern, weird to say for a girl that lost her soul, "Of course you can try to find Waylon his wereabouts but still I want to say again, if you like to travel, you should do that more often." She nodded with her own statement.

#8Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:14 am

Judina †
Judina seemed to at last nod at the being busy part."I am most of the time but I seem to balance it out."Maybe it is her belief of fate in her mind still, or maybe Judina could easily be considered blind in some manner that way or foolish woman chasing a dream that could easily fail."It seems to be a balance out if anything sometimes I seem to barely notice."She could admit she figured out how to balance the time really, then again Judina realized she had not seen Lacie in a fair bit as well."It is the main reason I was talked into joining the Rune Knights, as well as getting into any books I can to learn and see what i can do about my eldest brother Regis too."She mentioned, At least Judina was starting to get comfortable mentioning his name now, It did not stir thoughts in her mind anymore like it did as first, but she still seemed bothered by it, it was still on her mind it was easily seen for that moment where she zoned out.

But when she blinked she realized she almost forgot what she was mentioning and talking about for the moment."That is what your twin told me when she requested me to join anyway. So far nothing has gotten in my way for the moment."she did reveal whom get her to join but it was more low key about it. "I have been enjoying myself and been find, Nothing i can not handle."Judina seemed to her bullheaded self even if she was in pain she would not show it but since she was still talking and eating normally it was not a problem."So, I am still fine and okay. Even my mind or fate seems to be telling me it won't be much longer until I meet Waylon again." She was most likely over thinking how fate and the world works but it was just how she was still, But it was something that with her would most likely never change.

#9Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:26 am

Lacie Eventide
This time Lacie nodded, it was good that her friend was able to balance it out. Of course Lacie had not seen her for a long time but she had been stuck in Era so that was not properly working and counting anyway and she didn't know how much friend Judina had but Lacie; not so much. "Well that's a good thing, but again: do not forget yourself. If you run too fast to say in that manner, you would probably stop running all together at some point and we rather do not want that." She mentioned again for she had felt that effect but it wasn't her hard working, it was her hard working body to counter the downgrade that she was getting about being a twin.

She wondered how Judina would feel about being talked into such an organisation simply by luring her with information, it wasn't fair but she didn't say anything. If Judina was happy about it, than so would Lacie. Her mouth felt open when Judina gave her a little bit of more information about how she was requested to join the Rune Knights, and she couldn't help but half shout, "Alice?!" Her twin, for crying out loud that woman was everywhere! But she caught herself, "Oh how lovely that you met her. I am looking for her, but I seemed to be out of luck. Do you see her often?" She almost forgot the complete conversation what she said more, she had zoned out, "I really hope, you would meet Waylon soon."

#10Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:58 pm

Judina †
The play of words, was both interesting and insightful for her at the same time."Yes I should keep that in mind too, I know I can get a little bull headed sometimes."Judina had not forgotten she needed not work over work herself after all a stubborn mind might be settle but for now."But for now we are in a place we do not need to worry about my anger." Judina said she seemed to chuckled about it for that moment and went back to enjoying her salad, she had not eaten vegetables as often as she use too lost track really so this was here doing her best to get back on it.

When Lacie yelled out her sister she stop her eating for a moment staring with fork in her hand,being held by just her index finger and her thumb and her mouth open with a little bit of a shocked look on her face, She put her fork down for a moment and took a sip of her tea."I see her decent amount, a bit more then i have seen you but that is to be expect since we have been working together."Judina  mention to start with.

Seeing and being around both sister she knew how different they were, but both seemed good enough friends deep in her mind she hoped nothing happen to ruin either friendship but knew life had its risks too."I hope too, Waylon hasn't seen me in a while almost....4 to 5 years." Judina mentioned after finally being able to father the thought of how long she been missing."Do tell me if you encounter him on your travels or when you are around, I would say the same for Regis. But I am hoping you do not encounter him."Judina admitted but Lacie would understand, she of all would understand."I would expect you to run if you found Regis."But then again she would never know in the end until it happend, she would have to encounter him before that could even be a thought and as far as Judina knew Regis was still locked in place.

#11Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:46 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie just wanted to make sure that her friend was fine and she wondered for a minute if she wasn't too strict with someone she didn't perhaps know to well. She wondered if Judina considered her a friend and than shook her head lightly because she would especially if you looked into the manner of how they were greeting and speaking to each other. "You are right and besides that, you are a big girl," she giggled a little, "I'm sure you know how to handle yourself." afterall it was Judina who told her about mediation and the way she worked on herself. Something Lacie still hadn't done, well not really. It was a plan that was delayed every time, if so to speak. She started to eat bites of her food as well, not entirely sure what to say now. Until the conversation turned to her twinsister.

So Alice worked together with Judina now, and because of that had seen her more often than Lacie. Sure take that away from her as well. "Again the life of a Rune Knight sounds busy, it's good to have someone to be able to lean on or build on. Yet a shame that I have seemed to miss her, can't find her in Hargeon or for a fact that I see you far less. Fiore is big so it is of course easy to miss each other often. Any plans on going to another city or are you stayed in Hargeon for the moment?" she tried to find more information, but she didn't want to betray her only friend, "With Alice?" she needed to start fishing for information.

She nodded when they spoke about Waylon and Regis, adnd she nodded again when Judina said she would expect Lacie to run, "I think that would be better yeah. If I find either answer or Waylon, I will try to find you or reach you as soon as possible." Because even if it was not the perfect little family, neither was her own and Judina came far closer to the love and respect that she wished her family had for her. Her family existed out of liars and traitors, which basically made her demons in Lacie her eyes anyway and she quickly took a bite to eat, to not say her frustrations out loud.

#12Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:25 am

Judina †
"Sometimes yes sometimes no, I am honest enough admit my flaws."Judina mentioned politely about it."I was taught as well to keep my flaws in mind from my father, one of I think few lessons he really tried to drill into my head."It was one of the few things she really remembered lesson wise from his father while his mother tried various things."But my mother and father have always been polar opposites of one another."Judina mentioned as well to keep a almost different kind of conversation going on."Then again if i have spoken to her now, I am most likely vastly different from what she had hoped for anyway."she figured and mentioned too."But then again I would mention with me being 27 can know and live with what I have done."with a slightly cheeky grin on her face."But then again she would most likely wonder why i am not married and such like she was at this age."Like she could picture it right away in her mind perfectly."But I would worry about it if it were to happen." she went back for a moment to just eating her food like how peaceful the moment was.

When that question had arrive Judina took a moment to think about it."I had not figure that out yet,I have not heard about what other places I could be at for the moment, Unless a meeting or an order is made of me I will have to figure out that shortly."She could admit if it came up she was a go with the flow unless ordered sure the thought of being the lone wolf came into mind but since nothing needed for her to take such control has happen yet, it was more of waiting for it to happen was still a lingering thought."I had only arrived here under her request because something had happen and the runeknights had to get into action, I believe I had did a few other things otherwise it might have slipped my mind."Judina mentioned.

But that answer under the request of her family member did not have much else to say to it, she felt at least slightly better, Judina had trust in Lacie to speak such request that was spoken.

#13Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:34 am

Lacie Eventide
"Which is always a step in the right direction. If only I could. I know I have them." well she knew a couple, blinded for the rest. She couldn't remember much about her dad, she had travelled with him when she was about eight, nine and she had not realized it was her father until Alice had said it a month ago or so and that was perhaps a bit embarassing. She didn't say anything about it, just placed her chin on her open palm and look at Judina with interest. She was really glad that they had bumped into one and another. She thought about her parents as the conversation went on, but also tried not too much to daydream because that would be rude. Polar opposites, well so were her parents. Or so she believed as she didn't know much about her dad. A small grin appeared on her lips but she quickly stopped it before it would turn her into a creepy person; grinning with no reason. She wondered how her father was doing and she should redo the second part of the ritual.

In the end she had to laugh but that was also because of Judina her grin, "Aren't mums always like that? I think that if mine was alive she would expect me to have a boyfriend by now so I could get married soon and she would be able to look forward to grandchildren. Thank god she Alice for that." The last part was sarcastic but she didn't phrase it like that, she pretended to be really happy. "Would your mom not agree with being a Rune Knight?"

Lacie asked her more about the Rune Knights job and if she was stationed here or if she needed to go on to another city and she listened with interest. So there had been issues here, she was sure Lucifer already knew that as he had been in Hargeon as well. She simply nodded, "Well there are a lot of jobs for the regular mages, I bet the Knights have enough to do as well." She found it interesting that Alice could apparently order Judina around to go to different places, obvious that worked as a lieutenant but she wasn't sure if it worked to command everyone, maybe it was asked as a favour as well.

She took a bite of her salad, not entirely sure what to say now but she liked the company and she didn't want it to end. Which is why she ordered another cup of tea.

#14Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:39 am

Judina †
With the spaced out look on Lacie face Judina in wonder if she was okay was almost tempted to to poke her to check she was okay, It might be an odd one in her eyes but tried to avoid comment about for the sake of not being overly rude, even if most likely never was rude even if it was possible, It reminder her how some of her family member use to space out like that.

"Some time she wishes that, but my mother was an odd lady, she was some personal wished of her kids but wants them all to follow their own dreams and such, So in the end. That is about what I remember for the moment." She was unsure what else to mention about that part. But it had been a while it made her remember her slight regret of not visiting her mother or at least father while in Marigold, but she could not control over all how it all went he worked and left that was about it small sense of guilt a side it was easier to move the thought of it.

"Over all it was all three of us being a happy with life." Judina seemed to frown slightly for a moment about something she had a thought about for the moment she wouldn't mention it."She understand Waylon is happy traveling exploring everything, Me with whichever things I choose and Regis when he choose to settle down he did, It is all the cycle of free will in which she told us to keep hold of." Realizing she was locked into thought of what happen their short while go she just seemed to let out a sigh. "All and all we brought up and taught well I would say."

#15Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:22 am

Lacie Eventide
They talked about mothers and actually Lacie wanted the topic to be as far away from her as possible. She felt personally betrayed her mother when she read the diary that Alice had stolen from her and read, because her twin had done with Selena none the less, she had read it finally. It had been in her possession for so long but it felt bad to read it but she had done and her mother had written down that she regretted what she done to Alice and that she believed that it was Lacie that was crazy and not Alice and.. she didn't want to think any further about it because it was ridiculous, it wasn't her fault.

She nodded when Judina continued, that was way different than her mother but she tried to smile and hide her own feelings, the hatred to her family as: "It sounds like a loving family." she said with this fake smile that she was able to hide very well and she wondered what would happen if Judina found Waylon, because they saw each other barely, her only friend, and she would probably be very busy with the search for her brother and the answer for Regis. Lacie seriously hoped never to bump into him because she wasn't entirely sure if she would be able to do anything at all.

She didn't know what else to say and that's why she ordered a new cup of tea, also because she didn't want Judina to leave and she finished the last few bites from her salad and turned to look at Judina, "So you must have seen a lot of places." especially if Waylon was a travelling adventurer, in order to find him, you should, "Which city did you like best?"

#16Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:12 pm

Judina †
Judina seemed to sigh."For the most part it was, Like most there were a few problems, but that could happen with any family."Judina seemed to mention some kind of feeling she had otherwise mostly about at least one she did not mention the most. But her father was always the distance type, It would explain Waylon and some of Judina behavior was by this mentioned person but she would not mention much else for the moment. "But in the end all was pretty good." quietly nibbling on her meal, it seemed Judina was more content if anything to sit still for once normally being the on the move type maybe it would do her some good.

It was the next question that was interesting too her."I have seen some but not all of the places of this area, Many town to the vast mountains."Each were interesting to her still."Maybe just me being home sick. But Marigold is still favored for me, I could assume while I use to traveling and being about in the world more I will truly find out what place I enjoy most, along with anything else in life."Judina still seemed to keep how fate and life worked together so well. Or Fate it's self could lead many places that she did not never tell and would not want to guess it felt like it would be taboo otherwise to guess or know the future."But the mountains were nice, I will have to go visit there some day again."she said with a kind of peaceful happy smile like the exploration was something she looked forward too, like that area was something that she felt had something there, something she would never know until she went there.

Judina then looked at Lacie for a moment and said."Enough about me, I should be curious about your life a bit more."Judina said she would follow up by saying."What things have fate brought to you Lacie? Hopefully something good has happen to you surely, After all from how life should work good things happen to good people." She asked rather casually about it too, Feeling like it carried on about her too much for the moment, It was not really fair for that to happen in Judina's eyes.

#17Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:40 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie nodded, she still wasn't really into the conversation but most things happened in family so she knew that, she was sure it would happen to all families, she could hardly believe there would be a picture perfect family. She nodded again, as if some automatic mechanism gave her the option that whenever Judina said something she would nod in agreement, this time she didn't hear anything about the sentence at all. She had her elbows propped up on the table and held on to her cup, gazing at her friend. What would Judina think? Would she like Alice better than her? Would she miss her more or Alice?

When Lacie got back to the conversation she changed it to the whole part of Fiore, also to distract her own mind. But also to stay here longer and talk to her friend and the like, "I have never been to Marigold to be honest." Even though she didn't want to pry, she wondered if Judina had gone back as she had perhaps mentioned in Orchidia, she had mentioned in Orchidia that she was from Marigold. But the conversation was turned towards Lacie something that she would not like but she would try her best to answer the question as society would like to see, "I had a reunion with my sister and my cousin. I believe it goes a lot better now, Of course they are both very busy with their jobs as Rune Knights." it stung her a little to believe that good things came to good people because she no longer believed that so she simply nodded again and smiled. This was the whole reason that she lost her magic and sold her soul but no one would understand that, she was sure of that.

#18Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:00 pm

Judina †
Judina seemed to slightly smile about Lacie mentioning it, She had an idea really."If you have not, It is a simple trip to me really I am sure if you have showed up you would be fine. Once you explain you are at least a friend of mine my mother might welcome you." Judina said right away, it could easily be seen after all her family was a welcoming one."My father is a different case he is strange." She could admit but left it all there.

But it the reasons why she kept changing back to her because Judina felt like she was more talking about herself when she shouldn't, never an ego center type of lady so it was more fitting for her to eventually talk about Lacie and her life and not just Judina herself."Huh, so you have a few more family member rune knights it seems." She could admit, only remember the her sister but she had not met anyone else nor really heard, Judina felt more like a open book then Lacie unintentionally.

"I wonder how different things would be sometimes if situations where different."
She seemed to pause the thought mostly seemingly down about it. "If Regis achieved his goal." She did not mention it but felt like maybe Judina kind of took this achievement or life goal from him before he could reach it even if Regis would have been happy and fine with this,But Judina would still in the end hide her guilt of it.

#19Lacie Eventide 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:15 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie smiled as well as she mentioned she had never been to Marigold, she liked the invitation, "I would like to keep you up on that, I left the house to travel and that pretty much stranded." She laughed a little bit about the comment about her father, "I can't even remember mine, last time I saw him, I didn't even know it was him and Alice told me later that it could have been possible my father that picked me up. By then we were already seperated."

So the conversation turned to Lacie and she told about meeting her family, "Oh our family is really small, a real tragedy but let's not go in there. So I have still my cousin from my mother's side and well she is in the Knights as well, Selena Maelstrom, maybe you met her. It almost sounds like I should join as well, complete family business."

The conversation turned to her sister basically and with that Regis, "Did he want to be a knight as well?" She was curious but the whole concept of Regis was interesting, in a wrong way for Lacie, if she would be able to get her hands on a formula like that or curse or any other spell. If she could curse her father like that, because she had no idea if this spell worked or where her father was for that matter, she had simply tried. "I wonder if I will ever meet my dad again." She said it a little bit childish but she need to play this game right if she didn't want to lose her friend.

#20Judina † 

Hey I just met you (again) [Lacie & Judina] Empty Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:09 am

Judina †
Judina had to hope her mother did not mind, For the most part she figured she would not mind, The company would be nice, But if they were to go to too Marigold she would figure out."Mine was a reclusive man, much like my mother his background is vastly left to rumors of the town."Judina mentioned. She had been meaning to ask, But never rushed to ask either of them, It was unknown to her what would happen if she did, One day she would work up the thought and nerve to ask but for now, Her mother and fathers past life will be left to the rumors she heard.

"But you know all of my family from what I gather, none else have been mentioned to me."
That was another thing she never asked for all she knew Judina could have a cousin or two but had no contact with them, but that is maybe something for another time if she remembered.

"He wanted too it was a dream, But he was also realistic, He had a wife and a daughter to worry about too so he knew he had to take his time."What had happen had happen, Grim but life was not all that grim to some as to others."I guess what is done is done, Unsure if i would be willing to change it either, but only hope to fix it."She said with a small smile to try and stay positive about it.

"I looked up to himself, not only as a care taker but a man who had everything figured out and planned in life, It is a woe he has fallen as he did."Judina mentioned that just quietly for a moment like it, almost he was still how he was in her mind that figure she looked up too. It would leaver her to wonder if she could actually fight her brother if in the end it came to that.

#21Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
It was a very interesting concept to Lacie about rumours for Judina her parents, but she only nodded, didn't say much about it, she was distracted. Wondering how much Alice would have had that problem when she was younger or did she manage to avoid that all because she was taken somewhere else? She had talked about it but perhaps Lacie had zoned out at that moment because it had something to do with two letters of recommendation that she was having from a person from the Kardia Cathedral in Magnolia, her own home town, as well as a letter from an excorsist or a report or something, and she had met that one as well in Orchidia. It had been cruel how the Divine kept lying to her all the time.

"Oh yeah well perhaps you don't have any.." or anymore, but she didn't want to say that out loud, it was strange she would have asked her mother everything but again this person also had lied to her. Had done that she was the good child and the loving one but instead in her diary she had favoured Alice. She had been able to push the conversation back to Judina though, also with the next conversation as she had been able to turn it towards Regis. But she could change this again into her happy favour and the annoyance of Alice, which was fun.

"Even with that you can still be a part of the Knights, can you not? I mean how will Alice that else do in the future because of her baby." She said it with a sweet innocent voice that had no idea that it was a secret, apart from knowing that it was up to Alice to tell people, she had no idea by the fact that her sister had to keep it a secret for others. "I'm sure you will be able to fix it, believe in yourself. That's only helping you a step in the right direction, hold on, it will probably be a tough journey. But if you need help, I will be there." she actually sounded like a nice person, almost surprising herself.

#22Judina † 

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Judina †
It would be slow for Judina to realize really what was said, most focused on the conversation about the varying depressing part of life going on with her for the moment she had not much else going on with her really, only made friends and worked boring when left to plain thought about it so maybe eventually she would have to focus on other things eventually."For now I have no reason to give up where being a knight currently, If even in high hopes and luck Regis is cured and he does join the rune knights, I am comfortable for where I lay." Speaking partly in figuretively terms as well Judina had no reason to not want to be a rune knight until it changed other wise. Something she has not and most likely will not for see any time soon happening.

"So not like much I will happen with- Wait a minute what?"
Judina's thoughts picked it up slowly and realized what was spoken."That is interesting, I did not know this nor that much about Alice's life at all." It started making Judina think she was a bit more of an open book then she first assumed around her and Alice. Made her wonder what else she did not know of Alice, Or even if it was okay for her to know currently, Too late if anything else Judina could just attempt to be coy, It would matter what would happen next time she was around Alice, she almost was tempted to poker face it for a moment."I am more glad I had finished eating and was not drinking something, I might have choked on it for a moment." She said with a slight laugh about it, trying to make it a bit humorous.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie nodded, leaning on her right hand with her chin while staring at friend. "But are you blaming yourself for being happy while he might not be? Because that's quite harsh as well, you can't take the Knights away from you because he wanted to be a part of it, you could be a part of them as well as you are now and if you are content." They talked a little more and Lacie her innocent plan gave the exact reaction as she had hoped. She had not been sure if Alice had told Judina anything or if they were that close, it did sound like that and she wanted to give this friendship a stab but she was not sure if Judina would take it like that, but it was always up for Alice to tell people about her future child, not her sister. But she could play this innocent game a little longer as Judina cut off her own sentence to ask about it in a way.

"Oh oops, perhaps she wanted to tell you herself, albeit she is expecting a child. Together with Konstantin, do you know him?" As if she was going to be the prideful aunt, she was obviously not. Lacie couldn't help but laugh a bit, Judina was too nice for her, she knew that but she wouldn't want to give up on her friendship with her. Besides she still tried to be better than her sister, which was difficult if Alice was kind. "You see her often right? I bet she will tell you next time you see her. I'm sorry I already said it before, I expected she would have told you by now." All Lacie know that Alice had run off to Hargeon for something of a fight but it had taken her a while to catch up with her sister and now she had no idea where Alice was. Selena had not seen her for a month, perhaps there was no Alice anymore but deep down, Lacie believed she would feel the difference if her twin died.

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Judina †
Maybe if was just how Judina eventually turned out to be, But she believed or felt some one always carried something that was heavily on there mind, either was blame or something else it was a hunting effect."I know, I am being a bit too hard on myself about it." Maybe the image in her mind still bugging her but maybe she shouldn't, But she can live with it now."Just might be in my nature to have conflicting thoughts sometimes." Besides she had other things to worry about for the moment, Then realized it was not worry but really just other things to do.

"The only major thing is, Alice and I have not really  dug deep into each other lives, If anything it is work and most of the time nothing else." But she could be wrong with this too, Judina had not really remembered right away."I have met him...once breifly never knew he was dating Alice, I met him while i was out exploring on my own if anything." She remembered it was a nice beach she had plans to go back there, maybe eventually along with a few other places.

"But I see her over all, quiet commonly, In the end just as much as I have seen you." they were about equal in amount of times almost, hit or miss a few numbers, But Judina was not counting."but I can assume you are correct with her most likely telling me later, If not I can easily keep it to myself unless it is needed to disclose." Judina mentioned as well just in case she would most likely keep it a secret until something came up that she needed to mention it.

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Lacie Eventide
She took a sip of her tea and listened to Judina but she nodded and touched her friend's hand for a short second, "Don't force the jobs on yourself alone. Ask people for help is not something bad, I would help you, if you have any leads you could ask me to research it in the library, that's is no problem at all. I mean basically; I have nothing better to do and I would love to help you."

After that she slipped so called unintentionally to tell Judina about Alice her pregnancy but yeah well that happened. "Oh, I never thought she would be so work related and private to other people, perhaps she considers you only as a colleague, such a shame but I bet you would be the greatest of friends, she is lovely. I think we do look a like but she does like to work very hard, so do I but I have not find what I want to do."

It was nice to change it in a way but yet look so innocent, she didn't want Alice to be friends with Judina and she didn't want Judina to like Alice, she could only like her but yeah she had to work out a bit to get to that point. Her tea cup was empty but she didn't order another one anymore. She was full anyway.

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