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dont do steroids [quest][solo]

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Shagrath had recently arrived in Hargeon, the next step on his adventure to be the very best that there ever was. He was staying in a hotel which had a rather expensive price per night. Of course there were cheaper places available, but after spending half of your life in a coal mine, one can find that sometimes its ok to splurge out the cash and treat yourself to some high class relaxation. That being said, without being in a coal mine Shagrath didnt actually have any means of reliable income, all that he had to his name was the jewels he had saved up before he left on his epic journey. There wasnt much going on around Hargeon as far as jobs go. Shag had been wondering around town for the past couple of days asking local businesses about job vacancies and that kind of doozy. One of the local owners had directed him to the bulletin board where all the jobs were posted, and Shag had seen a seemingly easy job for a quite a good payout. All he had to do was go to some beach and meat some muscled up meathead, and help the fellow lift some heavy weights. Easy payout, and easy hotel payed off for a few more days. It seemed strange that these jobs that were posted seemed directed at mages more than ordinary people. Why would a mage need to help someone lift weights? Shag didnt really care all that much to be honest, money talks.

Upon arriving at Hargeon beach, Shagrath was met with the sight of a pretty large man lifting dumbbells and a bunch of apparently mindless onlookers cheering him on. Jay Holiday, the client. Shagrath had heard that he was somewhat of a local celebrity, always at the beach training his muscle for competition. It didnt make too much sense in his head why this guy would be asking mages for help, he was clearly very strong. Jay filled out his whole tank top, muscles looking to pop the thing open. Shagrath walked over to Jay, pushing his way through the dense crowd before he got to the outdoor gym area. He made eye contact with the client from afar and tried to approach without seeming too weird.

"Ah, you must be Shagrath no? Thanks for taking the time to come and help me out today. Im very close to beating my personal record for bench pressing, but I'm finding myself at a mental block. I know if someone can just give me a light spot for a little bit I'll be able to break through the barrier by myself"

Shag firmly shook Jay's hand and gave him a wry smile.

"I'll do my best to help you out, but I have to let you know that I'm not exactly the most experienced with lifting, but this shouldnt be too hard"

Jay reciprocated the hand shake with a firm grip and returned the smile. Without saying a word he began to load plates onto the barbell and laid down on his bench press, not wasting any time at all.

(WC 526/1000)


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Jay hadnt wasted any time with getting started on the bench pressing. After loading the plates onto the barbell he had immediately laid on the bench and began lifting. Shagrath wasn't quite sure how to react to it. He had to pretend like he knew what he was doing so he quickly hovered his hands underneath the barbell, keeping the same distance from it as Jay lifted up and down. As Jay was lifting, the tank top that he was wearing shifted over his body, and as it was doing so Shagrath noticed some strange looking needle marks on his body. No wonder he had made so much money from competition winnings, the man was clearly juicing. Now Shagrath didnt particularly care about this specific detail, but it was an interesting discovery to make and such a very boring quest. Shagrath found himself lost in though about the roids, when he came back to reality and noticed that Jay was struggling with his rep. His face was bright red, and he was wearing the kind of expression that one wears when he's trying to push out a larger than average turd. The veins all over Jay's bicep were bulging and he had some sort of Ginyu force thing going on with his forehead. Shag sprang into action, applying light pressure at first, not wanting to assist too much with the lift. The key to good spotting appeared to be applying just the right amount of pressure so that the rep can be completed, but not too much so that it's too easy. With a heavy exhale and some kind of barbarian grunt, Jay lifted the barbell all the way and placed it back on the rack.

"Good job there big guy. Youre a pretty strong boy huh"

Shagrath figured that Jay was finished, he looked pretty exhausted from the last lift.

"Yeah be on standby, im just gonna go to the uh bathroom real quick"

As Jay rushed into the bathroom, Shagrath noticed the twinkle of a fresh needle come out of his pockets. Clearly off to pop some of the good old roids in his butt before one last lift. Again, Shag didnt really care too much about all of this. He was getting paid either way and he could give less of a damn about weight lifting competitions and the integrity of the competitors.

After about five minutes Jay came back from the bathroom and began loading up an obscene amount of plates onto the barbell, again wasting no time at all with laying back on the bench and lifting almost immediately. Astonishingly, he didnt appear to be struggling at all with this ridiculously more heavy lift. However after many vigorous reps, Shagrath noticed the familiar sight of the red face, forehead and arm veins bulging. Once again he stepped into action and applied just enough pressure on the weight so that Jay could finish. The barbarian grunt was uttered, the barbell was lifted, and the quest was complete. Shagrath grabbed his payment and left, uncomfortable in the presence of a juiced up steroid monkey.

(Mission complete)

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