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Elena Chronicles (Geb)

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Elena Chronicles (Geb) Giphy


lena walked in a slow pace along the sea, as grains of sand swept over her toes. The sand was warm, but it wasn't scorching hot, it was the perfect amount of warmth, Elena lay onto the comforting sand. The warm sand that Elena lay on soothed her aching legs, and helped relieve her tension. She could smell the crisp, sand of the beach, as the waves delicately lapped against the fading shoreline, which created an intricate pattern along the moist sand. She could hear the gentle rustling of leaves from the nearby palm trees, as a tranquil breeze swept by. The dawning sun caused Elena to hover her arms in front of her face protectively, shielding herself from too much exposure of the piercing rays of the sun. Her eyes were still sensitive, even though she had a pair of quality shades on. If only this moment could be frozen in time, and last for an eternity, she pondered to herself.

It had been already one month, and she was still miles away from reaching her goal. It was like trying to find some lost treasure in the abyss of the seven seas. She was not even barely close, she didn't even have an idea of where it could possibly be located. Her funds were running low, and so were her faith in herself. If she could not find "true ice" on time, her beloved tribe would cease to exist. The last thing Elena heard was the laughter of children as the scenery slowly faded. She had exhausted herself from constantly searching for "true ice".

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Elena Chronicles (Geb) Giphy

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