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Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:19 am

Liam Kawitika
The blue haired fire magic user was sitting in his guild hall thinking about what he could do.Of course this sounds a bit bizarre because he could do many things,but today was a unusually chilly day,which is probably due to seasons transitioning.Something that did interest him was that he was actually feeling hungry at that time which is pretty rare for that to happen to him since he does already tend to eat large meals.But finally it struck him,he could just eat at the 8-Island Restaurant.It was awfully close to the guild which was convenient for him so he could just walk.

Along the way thoughts of his past clouded his mind,he was stuck in his own world now no-where to escape.This is something that does actually happen to him quite alot of times.But these thoughts were actually good memories from the past which is great for him,If he was clouded with his bad memories he'd probably end up losing his appetite.

A few moments later and he had made it to the restaurant,it was pretty large for a restaurant but that was to be expected since quite a lot of people eat in the place since it's the most convenient place to eat at.He entered into the building and it wasn't packed,but there was a decent amount of people there.He took a seat and ordered the largest meals they had there.But after ordering he started to have second thoughts to how he was even going to finish the meal."Maybe i'll just take it home,But it'll taste bad because it's cold... What do i do.." He whispered to himself trying to think of ways he could finish it without wasting the food.

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#2Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:50 am

Lacie Eventide
Even though she had a lot to do, she was hungry and well that was unfortunately going first. Fors ome reason she was feeling more healthy lately and it was better to make use of that than to actually not get food at all. She wasn't entirely sure where to eat but when she passed 8-Island and shrugged. Why not, her body was feeling a bit better now, she could use a bit more food than normal. Which reminded her of Selena who was worried that she wasn't eating enoug. She stepped inside the restaurant and looked at herself in a quickl mirror that she passed. Her hair was strongly pulled back into a bun and she wore a dark green dress with little white and yellow flowers on the skirt. Far more spring like than the weather actually was.

There was a row of people and she wasn't entirely sure if there were any tables. When it was her turn the waiter looked at her, he asked if she had a reservation, "I am alone." the man looked a little sour and she was about to complain when he said he had a table and walked her to a table where someone was already sitting, "But this table is not available?" she said surprised that the man brought her here. She simply flashed a smile to the person sitting there, a blue h aired man she didn't know and looked at the waiter. "But this is the only available place at a table, the rest is booked."

She couldn't help but look a little lost. She sighed heavily and gave another smile to the stranger and turned to the waiter, "Just say you are fully booked, I can't just sit at this table." she turned to the man again, "Sorry for the disturbance, I will leave."

#3Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:42 pm

Liam Kawitika
As the blue haired man awaited for his food to come he gave another look around the restaurant.It was mostly so he could try to keep his mind off of some other thoughts in his head,but something did start to catch his eye.The restaurant ended being filled with alot of people already,and there was one lady who had come too late.She was trying to get a table for herself but everything was booked,Which was probably very frustrating for her.But eventually the waiter started to lead her over to his table,something which was a bit weird to see for him.

Eventually he came to a conclusion since he overheard the girl and the waiter's conversation.The waiter wanted the girl to sit with him since there was no other place to sit,and he was just alone."I wouldn't mind you sitting with me,I'll pay for your food too." He told the brown haired girl with a smile on his face.He only said this since he really did feel bad for the girl."You weren't disturbing me,i was alone anyways.Please Feel free to take a seat." He tried telling the girl.She seemed to be upset so Liam just wanted to comfort her or something along those lines.Liam really wasn't paying attention to anyone and was just hearing them instead of actually looking at them,but finally he gave a look at the waiter and the girl.The waiter of course was a male,and the girl was wearing a green dress with some flowers.Which was pretty cute to him.After the quick look he just stared at the seat beside him waiting to be sat on.

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#4Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:35 am

Lacie Eventide
As she tried to wave away this waiter and not show her annoyince, the guy at the table mingled into their conversation. She at first wasn't entirely sure if she liked that but she turned to look at him, pretended to be surprised and honoured: yet she was still a bit confused that people wanted to pay food for strangers. "Oh that's really kind but don't feel obliged to do that for me." She still turned back to the waiter and yes she was offended by the waiter. Next time talk to the customers before leading them to a table.

In the end the blue haired customer said it was fine and after a bit lingering about, she took the seat. "I still feel like saying sorry but also thank you. It is so cold outside and I definitely needed a warm meal." She said as soon as the waiter was gone to fetch her a menu card. She flashed another smile towards the stranger before sitting upstraight, "Oh my, where are my manners. I'm Lacie, Lacie Eventide. Nice to meet you." If only she still believed in faith, her mind would have raced from left to right to figure out what the plan of the future was but now: nothing. Her mind was half here, half working on finding information for Lucifer because she needed to provide him something otherwise: he would never take her sister away.

#5Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:31 pm

Liam Kawitika
The brown haired girl had refused to sit with him at first,but in the end actually sat down with him.The girl had told Liam her name,The girl's name was Lacie.A nice name it was,But moving on from that.The waiter had arrived again giving Lacie the menu card.Liam was just sitting there at that point since he had already ordered his food."Oh yeah before i forget,My name's Liam.Liam Kawitika of the Blue Pegasus Guild." He told the young lady with a grin on his face."Do you know what you're going to get?" He asked her a few minutes after telling her his name.

Finally a few minutes later the waiter came back and served gave Liam the food he had ordered.It was a large piece of steak,and a variety of vegetables on the side.Overall the dish seemed like it would take at least two people to eat it because of how much food there was layed on the plate.Liam readied himself to eat the meal."This is a bit larger than i expected but whatever." His mind had told him before he started to cut a piece of the meat.Some red could be seen in the meat,but overall it was just a basic meal."Time to eat!" He thought before eating the piece of meat he had cut from the steak.

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#6Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:02 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked up from her menu when the stranger had given her his name. Proper manners were important to her and she flashed him a sweet smile, "It is nice to meet you Liam." She looked shortly at her menu again because she would need to order soon and she ordered a pho bowl and handed the menu back to the waiter, at that point she turned to Liam again before his food arrived, "Blue Pegasus? It sounds so lovely to be in a guild." Which she doubt she could ever be a part of now that she picked or actually sold her soul, nothing much had changed though but every bit of information that she could give to Lucifer must be nice. "Did you already order?" she said because she didn't see him order anything, what rude to put someone on a table that was already in progress for getting dinner. That's when the waiter came with the food for Liam and not much later her bowl. She stared at the amount of food that Liam had ordered, okay.

"Enjoy your meal." the sweet and lovely smile remained on her lips but inside, she didn't like to see that much food especially not so much meat. She didn't mind meat, she wasn't vegan or something but still that people could eat so much surprised the red head. She grabbed the chop sticks and took a little bit, she was rather curious to the flavour of the pho bowl and also to the idea of Blue Pegasus, but she didn't want to bother someone during dinner.

#7Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:27 pm

Liam Kawitika
Liam was still continuing to eat his meal,he was eating quite swiftly.It really looked like he wasn't savoring his food,and he just swallowed it.But you could only tell this because he wasn't even chewing his food.He continued to do this until he had eaten a third of it already before he gave a look at Lacie's food.She had ordered some type of noodles with a variety of toppings sorted on it,It was something that was named Pho? It was a food Liam had never eaten before so he did look quite surprised while he was looking at Lacie's food.But he quickly gave a look back at his food since he still has to care about table manners."You enjoy your food too" He told the brown haired girl before continued to eat his meal at a much slower pace.

You could actually see him chewing his food now,which is why he went at a slower pace while he was eating.He could actually taste the beef's flavor now,It was a bit more on the salty side.But that was fine since that meant he didn't need to use any sort of sauce so he could actually taste something from the piece of meat.He continued to chew it for a few more seconds before he swallowed it.The waiter had come back at this time to ask how him and the brown haired girl liked their food.He had answered with a simple "It was good" While he gave a smile.

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#8Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:38 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie took the chop sticks and looked at the huge meal that Liam had ordered. Which seemed to sort of distract him and she looked for a few seconds before starting her own food and before looking up again when he wished her a pleasant meal and she found that a bit funny. Why, she did not know because the way he ate did not show any manners at all but she did not make a giggle sound or whatsoever only Lacie herself would know that she had found it funny for a second. She would nod at Liam, wondering if he would even notice but he ate a bit slower and she would take a second bite and eat more till she was full.

While she did not want to finish this evening without information, it seemed it would be soon. No wonders that Liam had not mind for her to sit down. The waiter had asked them what they thought of the food amd with her sweet sounding voice, she told him it was lovely. She asked for the drink card as she was thinking about a coffee or tea. This is when she turned to look back at Liam as the waiter disappeared.

"So as you said you are a member of Blue Pegasus, you must be a mage. I hope you do not mind but mages have always interest me." Now she started like that, talking slowly because she was carefully picking her words. She had to come up with her own story soon. If Liam would ask of course.

#9Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:59 pm

Liam Kawitika
Liam was sitll jsut eating his juicy delicious piece of meat.There was quite alot of silence between the two while they were eating,but as soon as Liam had finished the steak the girl had asked him if he was a mage."Well yes i am a mage,I'm still trying to learn to 'channel' my magic buti think i could do fine with my magic. He replied back the the brown haired girl.Nothing about the girl was very suspicious to Liam,she just seemed like any other young girl.Until it hit him,maybe she was a mage as well.She did say she was interested into mages so maybe she was a mage herself looking for some fellow mages to communicate with.

"Are you a mage yourself Lacie?" He asked the girl with a smile.The smile was pure and there was nothing hiding behind it,just a normal pure bright smile from Liam.As Liam sat there smiling he started to think back to his parents,but they are gone now.His eyes were a bit watery but he was still smiling trying to hide those feelings away.You could see the feelings in his eyes though,He turned away trying not to embarrass himself in front of this new 'friend' he had just met.

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#10Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:18 am

Lacie Eventide
She had to come up with a plan, but she didn't have anything in mind yet, and why care? She asked Liam about Blue Pegasus and about being a mage, "Oh well Magic doesn't sound easy to me, can I ask you what sort of magic you are using?" she said trying to pretend to be as curious and friendly as possible. Today that wasn't so difficult as she was in a rather good mood at this point. The food had been good. Besides the company at this table was fine as well. "I am a mage." she said as Liam asked her, "I barely use my magic though. I tend to be able to heal people but it is a very difficult form of art as I like to call it, but there are way better mages than me." she said with a little chuckle, "I have never been in a guild, I wouldn't call myself good enough."

She said it and she still believed that it was true, she had other things to worry about and now the illumin had taken her power away from her, she couldn't actually do anything anymore, but she would fix it, she would be fine. She just had to find answers to a lot of other things.

#11Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:09 pm

Liam Kawitika
"I use a simple fire magic,nothing special really" He said chuckling a little bit.This was a true statement though,he uses a regular fire magic just in a different color,a bit boring to some most likely.But he did think it was special knowing that he had learned from his past mentor."Mostly i just use offensive spells.But healing is pretty nice too,It's useful in both non-combat and combat sometimes." He told Lacie.If Liam were to try to heal with his magic that would go horribly wrong,especially knowing that he has a fire magic."I do use my magic quite rarely as well,there was just never a time that i had to use it really." He added on.At this point since they started to talk about magic,he was starting to wonder what element Lacie 's magic was aligned to,But he didn't want to just say it out of the blue.

"I think you'd fit well in a guild,you seem extremely nice.And you'd be able to meet alot of new people." The boy noted,he wasn't trying to make Lacie join his guild.But it did seem like it,he just wanted to say that she'd probably do well in a guild."I'm not trying to make you join Blue Pegasus or anything,i just wanted to say that you'd fit perfectly into any guild." He insisted.

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#12Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:54 pm

Lacie Eventide
She smiled at Liam, finding it rather cute that he called his magic nothing special. She wasn't entirely sure if she should make a comment but it was long ago that someone didn't annoy her, "I would still say that any magic is special, as is the person." she said kindly, maybe she didn't mean all but well you could train your magic and become far better in magic as it is. Not that she believed it for a second now that she had no magic at all to use. He told her he was more of an offensive type, as she told him about her healing abilities. She hated battle but she didn't plan to tell that at this moment, "Oh yes it surely does. I like to help the children, they seemed to get bruises wherever they go, I'm glad to help them. It is based of light and that is how it feels to me, like you are able to bring a shining light to people that are hurt." Which was all a lie but she talked as if it was the most important thing that she could do in the world, which wasn't entirely a lie, it was just not something that she was able to do anymore after the encounter with her sister about two months ago. And as well as that: she didn't think in that way anymore.

She took a sip of the drink that she had ordered and looked at Liam as if she was surprised, she absolutely didn't plan on joining a guild but it was nice to hear. "Oh that's very sweet, thank you. I would like to meet a lot more people. It always seems so much fun." which was another lie, "But still I would like to make sure I can do more than just heal people, there must be other ways to use my Sun Blessings magic. But I'm so glad you said it." Who knows, if she would survive all this, she smiled happily, which was not a lie, would anyone be ever waiting for her?

#13Liam Kawitika 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:20 pm

Liam Kawitika
At this point Liam had run out of things to say and waited for something to happen.But one of his questions however was answered,and it was about which element Lacie's magic was aligned to,it was most likely light."It's quite cold outside.Probably the seasons changing" He announced,it was just random,mostly just trying to create small talk."What's your favorite season,Mine's is spring.It's just a beautiful time in that season,flowers are blooming and animals are awakening." He wondered.The way he asked stuff,it was like an innocent little boy talking to you.There was no darkness in him.

"It must be fun helping out the children,And it's good to hear that you take care of them,especially knowing that they're always hurting themselves." He praised her,Liam gave her a big smile.He just felt really happy knowing that he met someone new,who actually would want to talk to him."Sun Blessing magic sounds very interesting and it must be one of those powerful magics.At least that's what i'd think" He told her,before taking a break to stop talking and keep some quiet.Mostly because Lacie probably would think that he's already quite annoying for talking so much.

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#14Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:01 am

Lacie Eventide
"Oh I found the cold weather wonderful. Nicely to wear warm comfy clothing and stay indoors with a nice cup of tea. Though it is still nice to go out and meet up with lovely people of course." Which was mostly a lie, because she did like her winter clothing but she hated the cold weather and apart from that: she didn't have nice people to meet up with. In which he asked what her favourite season was and well actually she didn't have an answer, so she tried to pretend she was thinking, till the point that she simply gave up, "Oh I don't know. Every season has its things, like it's positive and negative things. So I guess I like every season?" she simply said and looking at Liam, sort of apologizing for she felt that it was a stupid answer.

She nodded when he praised her for helping the children, "Thank you, you are a very kind person Liam." He asked her a bit or maybe it was rethorical about Sun's Blessing and she hated the magic because it was gone at the moment and it had not served the purpose that she needed. She needed to get something new, she wondered if she was even able to have a magic after Lucifer. "Oh I bet it has it's potential when it was someone better than me. I mean I am not that good with magic."

#15Lacie Eventide 

Food on a cold day [Private|Lacie] Empty Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:32 pm

Lacie Eventide
She was no longer hungry now that she finished her food, that was obviously the goal from the food but she also didn't feel like staying too long anymore. She was tired of interacting, from this restaurant and she rather would get back at a point when it was a lot quieter. Perhaps sometime in the morning. She would see what was happening later, but she stood up and tried to find the amount of jewels that she needed, "Thanks for this meeting Liam. Perhaps we meet again sometime." She handed the jewels to the waiter that walked towards her soon and she talked to him shortly and headed out of the restaurant rather soon.

It was getting rather cold already and she looked up at the night sky for a second for the stars and she shrugged to get a little warmer and walked away towards her hotel. It was nice meeting other people, but it also hurt to keep pretending in a way that was not necessary. Being able to join a guild might be good but it wasn't her, apart from that her magic was a problem as well, she needed to find a way herself. It might be one of the first things she needed to figure out.


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