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Restless Souls : Karma's a Witch [Odin]

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Odin had encountered many things during his time as a mage. Some were, naturally, stranger than others. Before today, however, the strangest thing he had ever encountered had probably been himself: a man that was housing a demonic spirit, hell it was more than that, he was housing the demon prince of pride: Lucifer Morningstar, one of the most well known names for the devil himself. Even Yumi, an artificially created demon, a body she owned her master, Malum: God of Chaos, for, wasn't as intriguing, despite her vast arsenal of abilities that her new body granted her, it didn't compare to the ever lingering presence of Lucifer. However, it seemed that today, there was one thing that would beat even the demon prince in terms of strangeness.

Sipping his glass of wine, as he sat in the bar that he had only recently almost destroyed- due to having a brief meeting with his guild mate Yumi: a crazy child that would throw a temper tantrum if she didn't get her way, and boy was it a destructive state- Odin smiled at his current situation. Despite sitting in the middle seat of the bar, at the very centre, there was no one around him, most had run out the door the moment she entered the pub, and the rest hid in fear around the sides of the bar, Odin being the only one capable of holding his nerve apparently.

Her name, as it appeared she could not only speak but remember things from her past life, is, was, had been Melissa, a normal enough girl from what little information Odin could gather, and there was no obvious reason as to why she would appear in her current state beyond the cliché reason that very bad movies were made using. She had passed onto the next world fairly recently it seemed, only about a month ago, and she had come back to this world for some reason that she had not yet been able to understand, although now she knew exactly what the reason was.

Before I... died, I was heading into town to see Malcolm. Malcolm is... was, my boyfriend, and he meant the world to me, but something else always seemed on his mind. I never liked being confrontational about these things and he always got angry anytime I would ask, so I stayed quiet, but now I know. Throughout my entire relationship with Malcolm, it seemed he was seeing someone else. And I don't just mean seeing her: they would meet up, hug, kiss and... go back to his room, the same room I used to love him in. That is my reason for not having left, because that man wronged me in life, and I plan on doing the same to him in death. I don't want you to kill him or anything, that'd be much to easy. No, I want you to ruin him. He's on a date right now with his woman, the same woman, in a restaurant not far from here. Go there, and ruin his date, and let me pass on.



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As far as I know, she never knew about me, just as I never knew about her. She doesn't deserve to be brought into all of this, and he sure as hell doesn't deserve her. I only want you to ruin this date, and make sure he never gets another one, try and leave her out of this.

It was with those final... words? Thoughts? Odin wasn't quite sure what they would equate to, but once she had finished with them, the girl floated down into the ground, no doubt eager to see justice met out by the devil himself, not that she had any way of knowing who she had just hired for the job. Of course, Odin couldn't say no, regardless of how much or little he was going to get paid, this was something he had to do. Not out of a sense of unwavering chivalry, or because the man wronged her in an unspeakable manner, it had nothing to do with any kind of falsified morals that Odin appeared to possess. He was doing this for one, very important but equally simple reason: he enjoyed this kind of work. Schadenfreude: taking pleasure in another's misery, or so Odin had read, it summed him up perfectly, and he derived even more pleasure from it when it was himself dealing out the pain, be it physical, mental or, even in this rare case, social. The man deserved what was coming to him, but the demon prince of Grimoire Heart just enjoyed the actual journey more than the destination.

The restaurant in question wasn't that far away from Odin's current location, just as the spectre had stated, and it was actually really quiet, making it very obvious to point out the loved up couple on their date. Odin decided to wait a little while before he completed his task, as this was something that had to handled with some tact and poise, otherwise he would appear a raving lunatic. So he took his seat, right behind the woman but facing away from her, the closest seat to her location. Which gave him the perfect opportunity to formulate and spring his trap the moment he was prepared. Sipping on another glass of wine that a waiter had brought him, Odin leaned back in his seat and spoke.

"He cheated on you with Melissa."

The words were spoken calmly and with clarity, making it impossible for the woman to both misunderstand and not hear them. She was silent for a moment, allowing Odin to get out of his seat, pay for his wine, and leave. He waited outside the restaurant, waiting for the madness to ensue, which it of course did. Woman always had an idea for these kinds of things, and this one was no different, as she started to roar at Malcolm for everything he'd ever done, and every lie he had ever told, before grabbing her coat, slapping him, and leaving, vowing to tell everyone in Hargeon of what he was: a 'filthy, cheating pig'. A few moments later, Melissa appeared once more, suddenly floating next to Odin as she smiled, handing the dark mage an interesting, yet small, object that she called a pumpkin pop, something of a currency to the deceased. Well, now that was interesting.



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