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Time Off [Elena]

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#1Sylvester Hercules 

Time Off [Elena] Empty Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:11 pm

Sylvester Hercules
Had it been any other day, Sylvester would likely have been looking for work. He was normally a very driven person. However, this morning he woke up feeling lazy. Work was tiring, and stressful, and he felt it was fitting to give himself a break. He rolled out of bed slowly, and cleaned himself up, brushing his teeth and fixing up his hair. Following this he put on his clothes, and walked out into the street. He had a quick breakfast of sausage and potatoes at the eight-island restaurant, and following his meal, he decided to venture to the docks. The seaside breeze and the movement of the ships was always calming. On his way back from jobs, Syl would usually take the route that led him through the shipyard. It was intriguing to watch the big vessels embark and return, bearing exotic cargo or passengers from destinations far and wide. He walked down the paved streets, gazing out towards the line where the blue of the sea met the blue of the sky. The breeze ruffled his hair a little bit, and Sylvester embraced the feeling. He passed by lots of people, too- some old, some young, some wearing fur coats, some wearing funny hats.

Eventually, Syl's legs began to get sort of tired. He sat down at a bench and looked up towards the blue sky and the white, puffy clouds, thinking about lots of things and nothing, all at once. He felt happily content in his stagnation; it was always nice to take some time off.


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Elena once again, was on her mission to discover more whereabouts regarding "true ice". Over and over again, she had thought she got closer to her goal, but it always ends up the same - failure. However, the young mage was not about to give up on finding the cure, she did not have a choice, she had to be victorious, and return triumphantly home to her people. For the past week, Elena had looked through every single book in the library close to where she rents an apartment, she had no luck there. Deciding to not rely on the knowledge of books, she decided to embark on a mini journey to meet new people, she hoped that someone, anyone, would be able to help her. She tied her long, silky hair into a messy ponytail, and had some breakfast cereal for breakfast. After quickly sipping on her glass of freshly squeezed orange, she grabbed her belongings and started her adventure of the day.

She decided to go look around the water source areas, the beach would be a place where a lot of people gather, perhaps she will find some clues there. A man with messy, brunette hair sat a lone on the bench, it seemed as though he was lost in his own deep thoughts. "Excuse me, do you have a moment?" Elena gently tapped the stranger on his shoulder.

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#3Sylvester Hercules 

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Sylvester Hercules
Sylvester had been thinking about a lot of things, for a little while. One such topic included the new magic power which inhabited his body now, and flowed through his veins. He was excited to discover the possibilities of his new skillset, but yet he was quite nervous. Before he gained his power, he was a rather mediocre wizard, relying more on his physical abilities to win fights. He was slightly concerned that this new magic would only allow him to perform up to the standard of his previous abilities. His depth of thought continued, as he began to explore the possibilities. Hell, he didn't even have a true idea of what kind of power he was now capable of beholding, for he had never had an opportunity to experiment with it.

His period of reflection was cut off, however, as he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

"Excuse me, do you have a moment?"

The voice of a young lady spoke, beckoning Sylvester's attention. She had black hair and fair skin, overall a very pretty lady. Syl wondered if he had perhaps fallen asleep and had awoke into a dream, or something. He rubbed his eyes, sat up, and responded to her.

Yeah, sure, miss. What do you need?

Syl gave her an inquisitive look. He ran a hand through his hair- a little thing he had grown accustomed to doing when nervous- and waited for her response. He wasn't sure why this girl would need to take a moment of his time but he trusted it was important.


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Elena beamed at the stranger, finally someone responded to her. "I come from the northern tribe of Elestia, and I am searching for something known as "true ice", do you perhaps know of any frost mages that you could so kindly direct me to?" Elena blinked, noticing that the stranger was still lost in his own thoughts, and he ran a hand through his brunette hair. Did I come off as too strong? Perhaps he thinks I'm a lunatic, I mean there are quite a lot of people here, with questionable identities.

"My dearest apologies, I have forgotten about my manners. I must of lost them along the way, haha! My name is Elena,  and it is splendid to become acquainted with you. What is your name, sir?" She forced a smile, attempting to break the awkward tension, wrestling her own thumbs, it was her mechanism with dealing with anxiety.

Elena was never skilled in terms of social skills, she didn't need to develop any, because as the blessed child back at her tribe, everyone gathered where she was. My fellow tribe members would probably be extremely disappointed in me, being afraid of simply conversing with someone. Ridiculous especially since I am the blessed one, and our tribes only chance of recovering their home.

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#5Sylvester Hercules 

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Sylvester Hercules
"I come from the northern tribe of Elestia, and I am searching for something known as "true ice", do you perhaps know of any frost mages that you could so kindly direct me to?"

Elestia? Sylvester had never heard of such a place. Perhaps he was ill-informed, an ignoramus of sorts. Either way, this would be an opportunity to learn more, and he could never pass up something of that sort. He primed his ears and continued to listen, eager to hear more. The girl introduced herself as Elena, and asked for Syl's name- then she smiled somewhat awkwardly, as if it were forced, and twiddled her thumbs. Was Sylvester making her nervous? He felt bad, but then he felt slightly flattered. Just the very sight of him caused this girl to become flustered- impressive, to say the least.

Actually, no. That probably wasn't it. Syl banished the thought from his head and mentally scolded himself for being so crude.

My name is Sylvester. It's a pleasure to meet you, Elena. He smiled, and offered his hand to shake. Should she shake his hand or not, he would continue by attempting a response to her question. He'd met some ice mages on his travels, but he had never really taken the liberty of talking to them or anything like that. Being completely honest, Sylvester wasn't really able to answer the question properly,, but he wouldn't leave the girl without a response. That would be rude of him.

Unfortunately I haven't really met any ice wizards lately. But I might be able to help you find one. He looked up for a second, pondering what to say next, before continuing. But first- could you tell me more about Elestia? I've never heard of it. Seems like a pretty cool place. Syl chuckled slightly, hoping that Elena would pick up on his pun. Of course, this was assuming Elestia was far enough north to be icy, or even cold, at the least. But wait! Then Sylvester realized he had to be somewhere! He was late for a job, or something! He had to leave.

Actually- I need to go. Very sorry.

He then waved goodbye and left casually.

[OOC: Sorry to make you wait for so long; I went home and bummed around for Fall Break, then came back to school and got really sick]

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