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Hargeon - Beach Gym (Elena/Baron)

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As usual, Elena had set up twelve alarm clocks the prior night, as she didn't want to be late AGAIN. She had a history of being late, according to her first two meet ups. After changing into her favourite nightgown, she shoved her face into her soft pillow, and fell asleep.

The sunlight piercing through her lace curtains, irritated Elena's sensitive eyes. Waking her up, before the alarm clocks went off. She was early today, thanks to the sun, and for the first time in history, she might actually be early for her meeting with Baron today. After making breakfast which consists of a piece of toast and fried eggs, she sat down at the counter, and took from her bag, the request form.

The client she would be helping again, would be Jay Holiday. She remembered waiting in line to sign him up for the competition, it was quite tedious. She almost bumped into an elderly lady, met some rebellious teenagers and a flirtatious stranger who knew ice-magic. Even though she ended up injuring herself, she still had a good time, as Baron had treated her to some delicious, strawberry ice cream. It was her first time having the cold dessert, as where she came from was too cold to have cold desserts. They had hot desserts instead, to warm up their bodies. After finishing her breakfast, she shoved the form into her satchel, and picked out a cute outfit. A red t-shirt, and white skirt, paired with some boot heels, increasing her height by two inches.

She was actually there early, even earlier than Baron, thanks to the annoying sunlight. She needed to get better blinds, but she had limited finances. The tribe had gathered all that they had, in order for her to come to Fiore, to search for the cure - "true-ice". She sat outside on the sand, waiting for her partner to arrive, excited for him to be shocked of how early she was.


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Baron was a tad bit late this morning, but not because of a lack of proper rest in fat he had woken up early this morning but took his meditation a tad bit far after his shower completely bypassing all alarms and disturbances he had set for himself that morning. A little bit of meditating never hurt.

He wasn’t certain if he wanted to get up this morning, he wasn’t feeling it all that much and would have rather been hanging out in his trance as he tried his best to get up. No, no, no, this wouldn’t do he needed to keep meditating but he had to get up because he promised the kid he’d help them out again. Ugh, the pains of being a nice guy, really. First she wanted to find the thing about a cure and then she wanted to talk to every mage everywhere, this was no good.

He dragged himself up and hunched over walking towards the job location with lidded eyes. He yawned a bit as he tried to shake off his trance. This better have been worth waking up. He didn’t want to wake up like this, not so late, he was already sad about that.


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"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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Elena's face lit up, when she saw her partner in crime, her big brother, Baron. She was sooooo excited to see him, since she hadn't seen him since last quest, which was a day ago. I wonder if he is going to treat me to more delicious food? she thought to herself. She quickly dismissed that thought by shaking her head, she shouldn't be using her friends soley for food. Speaking of food, Elena had packed a delicious bento for her precious friend Baron. She made sure it was super cute, and even stored the food in a cute, pink rabbit container. I hope he likes it! Or atleast i hope he does! She wanted to find a way to thank him, and she had an affinity for cooking, so that is what she decided on. She looked at the time, and noticed it was late. He is never late, did something come up? Elena was worried for her friend, and walked around frantically, before he finally showed up!

"Hey, Mr.lateforthefirsttime!" She playfully smacked him on the shoulder, "I made you something, close your eyes!"She took the container out of her bag and showed him, "open!".


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He was fond of the young lady yeah, but it seemed she lacked experience in doing things like this thus he would need to leave her soon for his own pursuits. With a smile he closed his eyes and opened them once again when instructed and picked up when she made him with a sincere smile. “Nice! Thank you so much!” he thanked her and nodded.

Thankful he looked past her and at the gym ahead, that was their mission for the day, help some sweaty guys lift weights. He was certain she probably couldn’t lift that much so he would be doing the heavy lifting. He didn’t mind, she was a twiggy little girl with not a lot of body to her, she was smaller than most women he met, splendidly and tiny were the words he was looking for yeah. Not that it was a problem, she was very young and very immature still, had a lot of growing to do, maybe she could drink a lot of milk, who knew. He cleared his throat and wiped his forehead as he looked into the distance once again. It was a hot autumn day. Lord knows he could use the money today.


Hargeon - Beach Gym (Elena/Baron) MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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Elena was extremely happy when her brother ate the food she had made for him with all her heart. She carefully wrapped the empty container in a light blue bandana, and wiped off the used utensils before putting it back into her brown satchel. I'm relieved that he enjoyed it, at least it seems as though he enjoyed it? She giggled to herself, before swinging her satchel around her shoulder and started moving towards where the body builders gathered.

The sun was blazing, and Elena was already tired from the walking, and the constant irritation of the bright sunlight pricking her delicate, aquamarine eyes. They have worked with Jay Holiday before, she remembered how her friend carried her and blushed slightly. It was her first time being carried by someone, even though he was like a brotherly figure to her. They eventually found Jay Holiday flexing his muscles after a rough work out. Jay Holiday explains to Elena and Baron about how the bench press worked, even though Baron seemed well versed in the work out activities, this was all new information for Elena. They did not have these machines back from where she lived, but they had the wilderness. She missed running through the frosted woods, as the cold, but familiar breeze lifted her hair in the air.


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Baron nodded his head and began on the way to the job, not wanting her to fall again he would have a slow pace there, this was a fast job that needed to be done quickly so she could go get her true ice, where ever it may be. He didn’t have an idea what it was or where she could get it but he wished her luck in her search for ice. Ice was everywhere, she could surely find it one of these days though he didn’t have an idea where she’d start. He had his own issues to deal with, even if he wanted to help her more than he ever really could.

He was fond of the young lady yeah, but it seemed she lacked experience in doing things like this thus he would need to leave her soon for his own pursuits. He ate the eggs she had made and rolled his shoulders eating them without utensils as he nodded to her. It was about time they did this and moved on, he had a big lot of work to do on his own if he wanted to get stronger thus he would be leaving her soon. She was a big girl though so she would likely take care of herself and all that. She had managed to come here on her own after all, she had her own journey to make as he had his.There was nothing wrong with wanting to go your separate ways, and he couldn’t protect her, she was a stranger and if he spent his time checking her he wouldn’t get himself over any more or any less. It pained him to do this, but he wanted to help her the best he could for now. Fiore was an unforgiving region, even if she had magic who knew what would happen to her.

Walking to the gym he would assist the client as normal and direct Elena to encourage them. As the muscle head did his reps Baron counted and what not to make sure he was all there and soon would be done as he raised the bar once again. Jay would give him the jewels and he would hand Elena her share before getting ready to go. “Alright kid, this is where we split. Take care of yourself out here, it’s a big region and lots of baddies will want to take advantage of you.” he’d nod and go on his way.


Hargeon - Beach Gym (Elena/Baron) MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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Baron walked in a especially slow pace today, was it because he was afraid, that she would hurt herself again? She didn't want to burden him anymore, and she decided that they had to go on their own separate ways. She had a mission that needed to be accomplished as soon as possible, she would be waisting valuable time, simply completing quests with Baron. She was thankful for what Baron had done for her, he had shown her kindness when she was new to Fiore, and provided her with his endless benevolence. Eventually they had to part ways anyways, she had to return to her tribe as a hero, and he will need to do address his own issues. But that didn't make the separation any better, for someone who craved family, Baron was the closet thing she had that resembled family faintly in a month, and she deeply treasured his companionship. The walk to the gym felt as though it passed by way too fast, she had wished it would slow down. She secretly longed to be stuck eternally in the Cafe, eating delicious, strawberry ice cream with her brother, Baron.

After finishing the quest, they were both rewarded with the jewels, and they had to say their goodbyes. She promised him that she would stay strong, and that she would protect herself. She also told herself that she would be okay, as she watched his comforting figure depart from the scenery, through her tear-soaked lashes.


End of Quest

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