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Oak Town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel]

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Oak Town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:19 pm

Oak Town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel] KhTIN3V

”You should sleep soon, there won’t be much time tomorrow,” Seira spoke softly and gently rubbed Espeon’s head. She’d gotten used to the presence of the feline creature and even though they had not known each other for long, they were always close to one another. Seira didn’t mind bringing her along — Espeon was not problematic, clean and she behaved well, the perfect companion. She knew of her magic and that there was something special inside the animal, but Seira had never bothered with trying to get to know that aspect of hers better; whether or not Espeon chose to reveal the things she was capable of was completely up to her and her alone. Besides, they had other things to worry about as of now since Seira was finally going to leave Oak Town behind. She’d spent a significant amount of time here, about two weeks now, and she felt as though it was long enough. The vampire had gotten plenty of jobs and opportunities to earn money, a decent amount on top of that and now she was going to move on to the next place.

The great thing about Oak and its dubious population were the rumours — someone always knew something about someone or some place somewhere and Seira very much enjoyed listening to those sort of stories. It never took much more than a few nights wandering through the pubs of the city, sitting down next to whoever was drunk and willing to talk to learn a little more about what was going on outside the city walls. It was the month of october and autumn had officially begun. Good for Seira, since this was her favourite time of the year and she loved to travel through the woods when the colours of the trees changed and the weather got colder. When she awoke the next day, she and Espeon were set to leave immediately — the vampire had paid the hotel bill and already packed what few belongings she possessed. The place she was heading to was strange, definitely unusual and at the same time incredibly interesting. Rumor has it that there was something strange going on in Worth Woodsea — a place that usually wasn’t exactly the definition of high population. The stories she’d heard talked about how during october, when Halloween was close by, the Netherworld and Earthland's dimensional borders slightly overlap, allowing souls and other beings of the night to roam Earthland during this period of time.

This was, without a doubt, very interesting for the vampire and going by the information she could find, something was most definitely going on in those woods — and she was going to find out what it was. The travel to Worth Woodsea was long, it stretched over several days and she also had to take several breaks here and there and stop by inns to take a rest for the night. Seira was quite sturdy and had a lot of endurance which, fortunately, made it an easy travel nonetheless. There was no train station in Worth Woodsea so she had to travel longer than usual, since there was no other way other than to walk. Espeon was with Seira the entire time and the creature did not seem to mind the unusually long travel either — it was something different, for once, and that was good. Seira was glad that she had the opportunity to spent some time in nature after being inside large cities for months now, and she decided that she would enjoy her time there, no matter if she was going to make an actual discovery of something suspicious going on — or not.

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Oak Town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel] LqKLdpe

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