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Dahlia to Wood Worth Sea [Foot Travel]

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#1Shura Ranzu 

Dahlia to Wood Worth Sea [Foot Travel] Empty on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:59 am

Shura Ranzu
The snowfall had began to slow down as Shura left Dahila. He was on foot, heading north due to news of something strange appearing. A couple of days ago, rumors circulated throughout the land that a amusement park popped up out of the blue. Not just any run of the mill place, no this place was special and people could acquire things from the spectral world. Whether it was truthful or not, Shura wanted to check this out for himself. It wouldn’t be the strangest thing he encountered before. A pressing issue that sat in the back of his head was Chi Lau had went missing. Ever since his incident he had not seen her. He searched the streets of Dahlia, asking if anyone had seen here. For the people who did help him, they had not seen her. He could only hope she was okay, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t worried. Especially after the encounter with that woman. He still wasn’t sure if he was going to tell the world what he had seen. It sure as hell would be a story to tell to his future children or next generation.

For the moment he kept that tad bit of information to himself, then again the question arose in his head. ‘Should I lie about losing my arm or tell the truth?’ He felt no shame for losing, in fact he was even stronger than before. It wasn’t just a mental thing, but a physical thing. He figured be no reason to lie about the incident. It was something to think about definitely and a good way to kill time while traveling alone. With no one to talk to outside of Ifrit it was quiet. As he grew closer to where the sightings of the carnival, Woodworth Sea. He could hear the sounds of cheering in the distance while approaching the region. It had become abnormally dark for some reason. The surrounding areas had become more festive following the theme of All Hallows Eve. Things became eerie and all manners of spookiness. Then it dawned on Shura, he looked down at himself. Then felt the mask on his face. He could be seen as someone wearing a costume and could blend in naturally. Of course the large sword on his back could be a hint to him being a warrior.

As he got closer to the sounds of festivities he wondered what he was going to find exactly. Passing through the region no one paid him any mind, it was only a few hours before he stood before the entrance of the carnival. Ghosts floated around and all manners of creatures walked in and out. He looked up to see a head flying over. Children screaming and people laughing echoed through the air.

Dahlia to Wood Worth Sea [Foot Travel] 3270009

He took a deep breath and exhaled. “Second time these rumors have proved to be true. First the riddle now this? Let's hope this doesn't cost me another limb. Lets go see what this is all about.”

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