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All Fired Up [Quest: Seira]

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Seira quietly walked through the streets of Oak — there were no other people on the streets, it was dark outside and everyone had fled into the safety of their homes. The vampire, however, felt by no means threatened by the night and very much enjoyed staying outside during these late hours every now and then, simply so she could rest, relax and have some time to herself without the busy streets and folks of the town being around her all the time. She had done rather simple work today, for Lord Servas, the Lord of the noble family of Oak Town. He was a strange man, but as most nobles he paid her relatively well for an easy job, which was something she was quite happy with. Seira planned on leaving Oak soon, she had heard rumours of some strange things going on somewhere within the woods and decided to investigate. She had worked hard during these past few weeks and decided that she most certainly deserved some rest as well. Seira never stayed in one place for too long anyways and she had plans of meeting with certain people again, which meant that she eventually had to leave town anyways. Oak was far in the North, very far away from the places where she usually spend time, such as Hargeon and Magnolia, so it didn’t come as a surprise that Seira knew no one here. Besides, it was an eerie time of the month and there were probably more interesting things going on anyways. Seira eventually walked home, returned to her hotel and decided to let it be for the day. She took a shower and went to sleep, only to awake again the next morning to the sound of rain going against her windows. It was a bad weather day, which rarely happened but it wasn’t really a surprise either, considering how it was already fall. The weather was also cold so Seira decided to wear a coat and check out the local request board. Perhaps there would be something to do for her before she traveled away and even though she wasn’t too keen on finding more work during this weather, she knew she had to. Seira figured that working for Lord Servas had turned out well, so when she walked across town to the local request board, she was specifically looking for quests that the man himself had put there to see what he needed. She found something and picked it up to read what it said. “As the Lord of the Phantasm Family and Oak Town it is my only duty to keep the town and the people safe from threats. Therefore, I have built beacons that will serve as communications points between the woods surrounding our town, and to help improve them I need volunteers who are willing to travel back and forth to check on said beacons.” That sounded simply enough for her and Seira could most definitely do something like that.


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Seira was told to meet outside the gates, where a few soldiers and the Lord were positioned and she traveled there immediately to meet with them. The Lord greeted her and handed her a map of where to go and where she would find the beacons. “There are three beacons and three guards I would like for you to check on. You can see the first one if you approach the hill right here in front of you and climb up. Once you have met with him, you will be able to spot the next position from your current location - travel there, check on the next guard and then travel to the next position again. Once you have clarified everything with those three you may return to me and I will pay you your reward,” he said and handed Seira the map. With that being said and cleared up, the vampire left towards the hill where she was looking for the first location of the beacon. She arrived there after about twenty minutes of walking, which really wasn’t much over here and she saw the guard he was currently still putting the last few logs together, meaning that he was almost done. Seira approached him quickly, “please finish up your work so I can give you a check,” she said and he nodded and did as she asked him to. Seira could, from this point on, easily see the next beacon point and decided to move onwards. It was another twenty minutes of walking, however, and when she arrived she noticed that the guard this time was napping. He was probably exhausted from working so much and Seira checked if he had done the work properly. Everything seemed to be right and in order, which was just fine with her. That meant that he was allowed to nap and Seira gave him a check. She then moved on through the woods to the next beacon to check on its status, which was also easy to find. The situation here was somewhat different however, because all Seira found was a dead guard. The beacon was almost finished but clearly something or someone stopped the guard from continuing their work - this would definitely interest the Lord Servas and Seira decided to report to him immediately. Seira carefully scanned the area first to check if there were still any threats around, but as she could tell by teh body the guard had been dead for a few hours now and whatever killed him had most likely left already and therefore was long gone. When Seira returned to the gates of Oak Town, she met with one of the guards there to whom she explained the situation to. “The first two beacons are completed and alright, the second one already remains unfinished. The guard was killed long before I got there and I have no idea what could have caused this.” He said he would forward the information to Lord Servas and paid Seira for her work so she could leave.


All Fired Up [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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