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Magnolia-->Dahila[Foot Travel]

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Magnolia-->Dahila[Foot Travel] Empty Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:00 am

Caius had arrived at Magnolia. He knew it was home to those pesky mages from Fairy Tail. They were on the hit list of Grimoire Heart but not today. Today he would be leaving the town and heading to Dahlia which was the land of mysterious creatures. He had heard rumors strange events had been going on over there so he decided to investigate. People would pay a high price for a mage of his caliber to help them slay those creatures of the night. With his things packed, Caius would take the bag and toss it over his shoulder and he would then go to the gate and then eh would head down the south path to Dahila. AFter walking a few hours, the sun seemed to hide behind some clouds despite being mid afternoon. The sky filled with darkness as Caius passed through the eerie forest outside of Dahila. He heard some howls and screams in the distance as he walked into the city. He had a feeling he would soon learn to love this place.

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