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Baska-->Magnolia[Train Travel]

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Baska-->Magnolia[Train Travel] Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:51 pm

Caius finally arrived at the station at Baska Town. There was no line for the tickets as Baska was a hill jack town and there weren't many people there as it was a merchant town and not many locals traveled cause they would have to tend to their shops. After all of that, Caius would go to the train station counter and he would get a 1st class ticket. The last time he would get a ticket it would be way to shit for him as it was in normie class and he had to sit with everyone else. He was a man that wanted to be left alone but left alone in the finest dining that was available. Caius would see that the seats in the train were just like last time and they were big and cozy and the best part was they were all the seats towards the windows and then Caius would be able to see them passing every town so he at least could see the sites. He wasn't a guy to fall asleep on a train cause he was a light sleeper and the bumps and stupid train horn would keep him awake.

A few hours passed and Caius was still on the train staring out the window. THe waitress would bring out some fine ass steak and then they would bring out some fine ass wine and some fine ass green beans to top it all off. She was a really nice waitress and Caius tipped her real good as he digged into his meal and would eat it. AFter the meal the train ride was almost over. It was time to start getting reayd. Caius would then give the fine ass waitress what was left over of his fine ass meal and then he would go and he would grab his bag. It was about that time to start to get off the train and since he was first class he would get off and then he would head toward the door. He was now in Magnolia and he would have a short walk to Dahila. He would stop at a pub to relax before he would head out and go to the town.

60% off with train/guild perk

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