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Oak--->Baska[Foot Travel]

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Oak--->Baska[Foot Travel] Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:06 pm

Caius had finished up most of the quest in Oak. His power was too great for this area for now. All the request board had was C and D rank requests. From the rumors he had heard around the bar, Dahila was the place to be for dark guilds. There was a fluctuation of vampires, lycans, and demons that had to be cleaned out of the town. These would be a true test of strength for Caius. He would grab his backpack of goods and then head out of the door of his hotel and head out of the gates of Oak Town. It was a short walk to Baska up hill to reach the train station. Dahila was a short walk away from the nearest train stop so that would be the fastest route to take instead of walking. HE wished the ARk would just fly to him and pick him up so he could get their lickity split but that would be an abuse of power. He would finishing walking and he arrived at the Baksa station to travel to his next stop

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