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More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Seira]

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Seira yawned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes - it was still early (too early for the vampire, but she always had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning anyways) and she had no will to leave her room at all, but as per usual there was no helping it. She turned around and pushed the sheets away, spreading herself across the soft fabrics and tilting her head so she could look over the edge and at Espeon. She’d bought her a bed not too long ago and she seemed to be enjoying it - the purple feline was comfortably curled up in her own little home, not minding anyone else’s business. She usually stayed inside when Seira left for work but today she had plans of bringing her along. Seira wasn’t going to leave Oak anytime soon and she wanted her companion to know the area at least a little bit, just in case something happened. Seira had been working in Oak for the past week or so and she planned on staying a little longer considering how good the job offers here were. Of course most of them were nothing decent and although she had no issues with doing something bad for the sake of money, Seira still felt as though she shouldn’t over do it. All the tasks were somewhat suspicious, as were the clients, but nothing really bad so far and that’s why she didn’t have any issues with staying. Lately, she had done simple and weird things such as getting ingredients for certain potions for Dr. Mabuz, who was without a doubt a strange man but also very talented when it came to creating hexes and potions. The hexes he had made were tested out by her and although some didn’t work the way he wanted them to, after fixing them they usually always worked afterwards. Seira was often surprised by how efficient someone like him was and assumed that if he aligned with a magician guild, he’d be quite useful to the members there. She slowly got out of bed while thinking about all those things and entered the bathroom to get ready for the day. For jobs, Seira usually wore pants, which was something she didn’t do unless she worked. She also fed Espeon and herself and after making sure that they were both fed and ready to start the day, they left the hotel together. Espeon was walking by her side, constantly looking up to her owner to see where they were going. Seira explained a few things on the way, unsure whether or not Espeon could actually understand her that well, but in the end it was the thought that counts. Seira also stopped by a coffee shop where she would get herself a coffee and some biscuits for Espeon before moving on. Her destination was Dr. Mabuz’ shop which was nestled into a quiet street in Oak, seemingly innocent and not suspicious at all - but it wasn’t like that.


More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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She knew that he did illegal things underground to earn most of his money, but that did not really matter to her. She opened the door and let Espeon in first, before following. She had warned her not to snack on anything or even sniff on it in this shop, just to make sure. When she entered the store, Dr. Mabuz couldn’t be found at first. She knew he was probably in the back and decided to take another look around. The feline creature was meanwhile sneaking around and Seira could hear her meow, quickly following her call only to find that the doctor had picked her up. Seira quickly rushed over and grabbed her pet from him before following him to the counter. “Usually I do not allow animals in here, but she is special. She has magic in her - you don’t happen to be interested in selling her for some experiments? Espeons are an extremely rare species and I would pay you well,” he said this all as if he was talking about tea and Seira quickly shook her head, “No, I am here for work. Is there anything you need? If not we are leaving again.” He was laughing at her desperate attempt to protect her pet from him, but nodded shortly after. “I do, actually. Something I need you to bring me. I am working on another potion and the ingredient is a bit more difficult to find, but considering what you are it surely won’t be a problem,” he shrugged it off and pulled out one of his books to show her what exactly it was that he was looking for. The herb that she was looking for is an extremely dark green leafy fern, which Stephan assured her can't be missed. He showed her the picture and then proceeded to explain where to find it. “Outside of Oak, the large hills. If you can climb up there, you can also find the herb,” Seira nodded and left the shop. Together with Espeon, she walked to the hills that Dr. Mabuz had described and after a while of looking around she had finally found a decent enough path. The path started out pretty straightforward, flat, direct, and overall there wasn’t much trouble. Eventually however, the trail began to steepen, and she realized there were a couple of twists and turns. It eventually reached a point where there were many incredibly steep cliff faces that she had to climb up. Fortunately, Espeon could climb up even higher and after some time they managed to gather the herb that the doctor was looking for. After collecting plenty they returned to Oak, and the store, where the doctor was already waiting for them. “We got it,” she said and gave him the bag with the things in it. After giving it a look, seemingly surprised that they had actually found what he was looking for, the doctor sighed and slid some money across the table. “Well done,” he said with a nod. Seira and Espeon left the store after that.


More Hunting and Gathering [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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