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Eyes Staring Forward [Quest: King & Phoebe]

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When King was wandering through the streets of Magnolia the other day, he encountered Khalesh who simply told him to meet at his magic shop because he required him to do something. Since he needed some money for himself, he informed Khalesh that he would visit him as he silently hoped that it wasn’t any more of those requests where he had to sit waiting at his shop – he’d rather do something else interesting, such as drinking at a pub or perhaps hang out with some girls than doing nothing. King figured that it would be a little more entertaining if he had someone else with him and thus, delivered a letter to Phoebe about Khalesh’s little request, asking if she would be interested in joining with him.

And there he was, in front of the magic shop with his hands edged into the pockets of his jeans. Since King was able to save a bit of money instead of wasting all of it on alcohol, he purchased some clothes for himself, so as not to stand out too much with the clothing that he wore back from his country. The man knocked slightly on the door before pushing it open. It seemed that Khalesh had left the door unlocked so that he would be able to enter. Now all that’s left was to wait for Phoebe, if only she decided to show up.

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Eyes Staring Forward [Quest: King & Phoebe] VESQ2Ff
#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe woke up with a not so good feeling this morning. She had a splitting headache, but that couldn't stop her, she had a letter to ask her to help King along on a job and she was too excited to have this headache, it was very annoying. In her hurry she even forgot her asprine. She knew it was a job so the possibility of too many cute clothes was impossible, she picked a dark blue pair of shorts, high knee socks, the same coloured black heels and a white top. She grabbed the same black coloured vest she wore when she met King again and stared at her hair. Not sure what the job would be, considering Khalash she would probably babysit the magic shop and with that she could have even wore a dress but she wasn't entirely sure. This was better.

She was still staring at her reflection to see what she should do with her hair and in the end she took a little clip and put the first strains from around her face together at the back at her head and left the rest as it normally was. She checked herself a couple of more times in the mirror, even though the job: it was with King, she had to look perfect.

And she had to hurry if she didn't want to be late. But she couldn't run because that looked stupid. When she arrived, she was obviously the second one and Khalash was still there so she was still on time. She smiled as she entered and her eyes looked at King, jeans looked good on him. She bit her lip softly before she continued to walk forward and greet Khalash first before turning toward King for a sweet: "Hi," She had to resist the urge to stand very close to him as she really wanted that but she didn't she simply turned to Khalash with the unspoken question about what the job was this time, mainly because she wasn't originally invited by Khalash.

Which was clearly visible for the man looked from her to King and back, until he shrugged as if to tell himself he must have forgotten to invite Phoebe as well and that it was fine like this. Afterall they helped him together a couple of days as well.


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The bell chimed softly as the door opened, revealing Phoebe with her usual dark hair and a nice outfit as his eyes slightly grazed over her slender figure. The man greeted with a rather seductive smile; one that he’d use his bright smile to good advantage, leaving a wale of infatuated girls most of the time. Khalesh seemed a bit surprised by Phoebe’s sudden emergence since King hadn’t gotten a chance to inform the man that he had invited someone else. He didn’t seem to mind her presence though, as they’ve worked for him a couple of times already now. While Phoebe stood by his side, King slipped his hand underneath her gorgeous locks and slightly lifted it up to his lips, briefly giving it kiss before he looked over to her eyes.

”Good morning, mademoiselle.”

Was that disgusting? He hoped not.

Khalesh cleared his throat and let out a discreet cough, obviously telling them to stop from creating such a sight in front of an adult but King responded with a nonchalant look and a ruffle of his hair. Their client quickly moved onto explaining about what they were supposed to do for the day, which was to test out a weapon. Khalesh laid an object in front of them, packed inside a piece of cloth and slowly, he’d unravel it for them. Inside was a small dagger, which appeared to be of a very expensive quality, with intricate patterns and jewellery embedded by the hilt of the weapon. King held the weapon in his hands and observed it thoroughly, the item glistening underneath the sunlight that pierced through the windows of the store.

The weapon felt comfortable in his hands and if he was able to get it, the item would be useful for him but unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money to purchase it nor Khalesh seemed to be wanting to put it for sale. Was it even his to begin with?

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Eyes Staring Forward [Quest: King & Phoebe] VESQ2Ff
#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She couldn't actually keep her eyes of King but it was difficult and she had to try. Especially if she didn't want to completely make a fool off herself again as she seemed to do many times. It was time to get to be the better version of herself, the more mysterious and gorgeous one and apparently it seemed to work as she judged on the smile he gave her. She went to stand next to him and from the corner of her eye she could see what he was doing, mentally she was screaming because of the fact that she had no idea what to do say or how to reaction. She simply gave a great smile and batted her eyelashes a couple of times before for she turned her head a little more to lock eyes with him and she almost didn't response, almost. "Nice to see you again."

She was absorbed in the citrine eyes that she almost forgot Khalash, but he coughed so she turned her eyes back to him, right.. a job. Very slowly to be able to look at King for as long as possible but she had a job to do and she stared at the cloth, the shop owner explained a bit about the weapon that was showed soon after. It was a small dagger but the patterns and so on were beautiful, that even Phoebe understood it must be special or she would believe it within an instant.

Khalash explained that he wanted them to find a sparing partner and to test the weapon and she simply didn't understand why to test a weapon, besides she wasn't any good with that. She turned her lavender coloured eyes back at King, "It fits you." she said, it really did look like he knew how to handle it. Better than she would, so she let it be with him, she would see if she would understand what the meaning was and perhaps try. She eyed Khalash if there was more but the man looked at them, wondering why they were still standing here, "Well off we go."


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King observed the weapon in his hands, for so long that he almost forgot that he was supposed to be on a mission with Phoebe. Her words finally reached into his mind, interrupting a chain of thoughts that filled his head. The man blinked, taking a brief second to register the words she had just spoken before smiling, followed by a slight nod. ”Thanks.” He’d say, wrapping the weapon with the fine piece of cloth once again and slipped it into his pocket. When he was certain that Khalesh didn’t have any more to say anything about the request, the two would depart the store, after bidding farewell to the old man and closed the door behind him.

Where should we begin?

King pondered as they walked aimlessly, wondering where they might be able to search for a sparring partner to test out the weapon. He tried to think about a place where the majority of the people would be located. ”Maybe we should try the centre of the town first.” It was where most of the mages were located, or so he assumed, since there was a large quest board in the city centre for wizards all over the town to grab requests. Perhaps they might find someone there. He wanted to lay out all the best options to find a sparring partner as it would just be a waste of time to go all around the city.

And so, they arrived the centre of the town where King stood with his hands rested on hips, unsure where he should head to afterwards. He wasn’t even sure what kind of person he should search for to begin with, but did that matter? As long as the person can spar with them, it wasn’t much of a problem.

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Eyes Staring Forward [Quest: King & Phoebe] VESQ2Ff
#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe simply walked around once they left the shop. It wasn't that they had a specific goal, they needed someone to test out the weapon on, no wait: with. So they needed a sparrign partner and she obviously didn't have anything much to do. She doubt it was smart if she would use the weapon herself, afraid to break it. She hummed a bit to herself, looking left and right to figure out if they should simply approach a person but up till now she saw no one walking around with a weapon. Which made Magnolia look quite peaceful considering. She turned her face to look at King when she heard him speak and stopped humming, "That's not a bad idea. I thought that if we couldn't find anyone we might be able to ask a Rune Knight? They mostly carry weapons I suppose?" she said out loud to make it a concrete plan instead of just assume on her own.

Phoebe stood next to King not much later, where he had his hands on his hips, she had crossed them in front of her chest and looked at everyone that was passing them by, mostly looking at people that were near the request board until she realized it was nonsence to look at people with Magic as their were also none mages that were great at weapon use. "We could just also scream out that we are looking for someone to spar with. Like a challenger." But she wasn't sure what sort of people would get because of such a challenge and she rather have it a friendly fight than have scary looking guys coming towards them, of course she wasn't alone and her eyes looked at King from the corner of her eyes before she realized again that she had a job to do.


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King wasn’t sure if Phoebe’s last words were meant as a joke, or daring him to do so but he simply chuckled at himself. It honestly wasn’t a bad idea, but it would have been an embarrassing sight and he cared too much for his image. If Khalesh had just told them to spar among themselves, then perhaps it would have been better since he won’t be required to go all the way to the city centre to find this so-called sparring partner. On a side note, he was glad that the weather wasn’t too warm, otherwise he wouldn’t even have decided to gone out of his shell from the beginning.

”We should ask around.”

With that, he began to walk around the city centre, making sure that Phoebe was within a few feet near him at the same time so that he could easily find her if she ended up getting lost in the crowd, though that was unlikely since she was familiar with Fiorian towns more than himself. Minutes passed by and it has been more than 5 people that he had asked around, yet, no one was willing to take up the offer. A sigh escaped from his lips as he absently ran his fingers through his hair, whipping it back slightly. It wasn’t until then a young boy approached him, much shorter than him as well with a bright smile on his face. ”Hey, I saw you asking around for a sparring partner. I can help you out. I’m Tyler, by the way.”

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#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She stood there with a serious expression on her face and her arms crossed in front of her chest. She didn't feel like waiting too much longer around for it would be an impossible task. Obviously she wasn't brave enough to yell for a challenge but she was also not sure if that was the right solution. She simply stood there, her eyes looking from one person to the next. She had no idea how to find a person that would fit for a challenge. She stopped looking around and turned to look at King when he said they should ask around and she gave him a short nod, it was the better idea indeed. Better approach and they could pick their own opposite instead of the possible creeps that would come if you asked for a challenge. She watched King walk away from her and she decided that it was best not to stick next to him but ask people on her own.

It wasn't that she was shy, she had worked in a shop for years since the age of sixteen, she was able to take care of herself and apart from that she wasn't alone. She tried to find some young men and young women that carried themselves in a way that made Phoebe believe that they would know how to handle weapons and she mostly check to see if she could find a weapon on someone's back or hip but she also assumed some mages would be able to summon a weapon without much difficulty. She wasn't in luck, no matter how much she explained that it was for a job, many didn't want to battle and others wanted to have half of the jewels and she couldn't promise them that.

Mainly because she had no idea if she even would get to be paid and because it was ridiculous. She shook her head and looked around some more but no one she asked, literally no one. She turned to look at King but saw he was speaking to someone or more like someone speaking to him and she stood still to see what was going on.


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King was startled by the sudden introduction and took a moment to observe the young man. He didn’t seem to be around the adolescent age and to be honest, he was quite surprised that someone this young would be interested in weapons, which he didn’t necessarily find it as a bad thing. He wondered if he was just lucky that he finally found someone who was willing to take up the offer, after all the people that he had asked around. ”Yes, I was just searching for one. Glad I ran into you.” The man let out a chuckle as he began to look around to search for Phoebe. It seemed that she was busy asking people around as well. Being a lady, he didn’t want her to do such a monotonous task, and rather would’ve just asked her to take a rest under a shelter from the heat and he would have taken care of the rest. But, since he assumed that it would be faster with 2 people, he had to ask for her help.

Among the crowd, his eyes finally landed on the person he was searching for called out for her name to attract her attention. Once she noticed him, he’d point at the young boy in front of him and said, ”I found someone!” While he waited for Phoebe, he began to retrieve the sword from his pocket and unravelled the cloth wrapped around the item. ”This is the item that I wanted to test out. Do you have a weapon to spar with?” The boy, called Tyler, nodded and flashed out his wooden sword. His eyebrows raised, followed by a short laugh as if he was expecting some grand sword but quickly realised that he wouldn’t be allowed to obtain such a weapon at his age.

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#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe looked away for a moment and turned back when she heard her name and frowned a little at King. Not that she didn't trust him but he happily told her that he found someone but that looked like a child. She didn't really think that would be a good sparring partner and after all they were here to test the weapon but at the moment she said nothing, actually she should be relieved that they found someone in general. So she focused herself on walking through the small crowd to get back to King. She didn't want to look disapproving, but it was just that she thought of Mary and it was obviously not something Mary would do but it could be something in the same sort of situation. Like dating much older guys or so. Which brought her eyes back to King for a second before lightly shaking her head and trying to not think about that.

She took a few steps back but stood on the side of King. She obviously needed to give him space for fighting, but he had a damn wooden sword. They couldn't take this serious, could they? But she didn't say anything for the job needed to be done. She had to resist every urge to cross her arms in front of her chest. "Good luck." was all she whispered to King before the fight would begin and before she would be surprised.


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The silver haired male looked around the area for a bit and realised that it wouldn’t be a good location for them to spar. Not only would they attract attention, there was a possibility that they could harm the people around them. But, since he wasn’t using any magic, he supposed that it should fine. Once Phoebe stood by his side, he glanced over his shoulder at her and noticed that somehow, she seemed to be disapproving of the battle. Was that disappointment? Or was that just him who was thinking that way? Nevertheless, he figured that it’d be best if he just gets on with it to not waste any time further and maintained some distance from Phoebe and the rest of the crowd. He’d inform nearby people that a spar would be starting in a few minutes, politely telling them to not come too close to them.

Some people would just glare at him, asking who he thought he was indirectly with their eyes and of course, little did they know about the evil side of him. Others would just nod, smile at him and continue to tend whatever business they were doing. Once the area was cleared out, he settle the sword in his hands and then, began the spar. The sound of swords of clashing filled the area and somehow, they managed to gather a small crowd around them, cheering for both sides. Much to his surprise, the boy was good with his sword despite his age though it was not difficult for him to return attacks. Even with his generic sword, the boy was able to shield himself from King’s attacks and even deliver some blows but, it didn’t take them long until the battle was over and victory was his.

Claps resounded the area and the man would give a gentle bow towards the audience before walking towards Phoebe. ”Would you like to try as well?”

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Eyes Staring Forward [Quest: King & Phoebe] VESQ2Ff
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Phoebe Rainsworth
She had no idea if King knew what she thought but that didn't matter for now. She wasn't entirely sure if she would want to fight with the sword, she was sure as hell not experienced with that. But she watched King closely, normally she wouldn't be able to take her eyes of him and now it had an even better purpose. She might have judged the boy wrong as he was easily boxing against King, even with a wooden sword. She clapped enthusiastic when King won but he came to her to ask if she wanted to try and she looked at him with big eyes and slowly shook her head, "I don't even know how." she said but she would try as it was some sort of the way to pay for the job.

Surprisingly she was better than she thought but than again, Tyler must be tired from the battle with King. That was much more energetic than the one with her and she felt almost embarrassed for her fighting. It seemed she was good at copying King after even watching him fight once with this sword and when she won, she couldn't help but smile happily. Out of nowhere and without thinking much about it, she hugged King. She was so glad that she won and well, that she could have been so close to him. That's when a voice in her mind told her: you are standing really close right now as well. Which made Phoebe quickly take a step back and stare at King, "Sorry. I eh, I won." She tried to say with this happy smile still but there was this embarrassed look on her face as well as bright red cheeks. How could she be so stupid.

She wouldn't say much about it but in the end headed back with King towards Khalash. Where she handed the sword back to the shop owner. She let King tell about his own match and she told a bit about her own, mentioning at least twice that her opponent was already tired but that it was a nice weapon to fight with. Khalash paid them both but Phoebe was still wondering, what King thought.


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The dark haired female seemed reluctant at first when King asked if she would be interested for a short combat. He didn’t want to pressure her into doing it either but it seemed that Phoebe wanted to give it a try. With his arms folded across his chest, he watched the scene before him and surprisingly, she was much better with swords than he’d expected, even claiming herself a victory. Tyler, on the other hand, appeared from two consecutive battles but he was still young so it should be nothing to him. Suddenly, a gentle force bumped into his chest and before he realised, Phoebe had hugged him. His eyes widened in surprise, but a smile would slowly made its way onto his lips as he gently wrapped his arms around her figure and rested his cheek on her head while he smoothed her hair down her back with his free hand.

Phoebe immediately withdrew from the hug, almost a confused expression on his face and he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. ”You did really well.” The man smiled and placed a hand on her head and gently ruffled her hair. Whenever he was with Phoebe, he felt like he was taking care of a small rabbit, precious and careful of whatever it was doing. He thanked Tyler, who had helped them complete the quest and bid farewell to the boy as he walked away. It seemed that all three of them had enjoyed a good combat, and this provided some training for him as well. He released a sigh of relief, thankful that it was finally over and now, it would be time to walk back to Khalesh’s shop.

Upon their arrival at the shop, Khalesh appeared as if he had been waiting for their return and beamed an energetic smile at them. Phoebe would hand the sword to the old man and each of them would explain how the day went, from searching people to being stumbled into a young boy.



Eyes Staring Forward [Quest: King & Phoebe] VESQ2Ff

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