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From Hargeon to Dahlia [foot travel]

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#1Hiroshi Ikatana 

From Hargeon to Dahlia [foot travel] Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:58 am

Hiroshi Ikatana

Today was the day. Hiroshi would be traveling to the mysterious Dahlia, the town of the unknown. He had heard there were some nice things about that creepy town, such as all the monsters lurking around, and some of the quests that were given out there. He was interested in all of this gossip, so he figured he would go out and check things out for himself. He packed up his things, and went off to venture through the monster infested town. Ha had seen various sights along the way, seeing rare plant life, amazing lights, cute animals, and much, much more. Hiroshi had also seen a few cute girls that he tried to talk to but they had only just walked faster. He had felt rejected for a little while, but he had quickly gotten over it due to the fact that the town was coming into view and the mist was starting to roll in. He was ready for anything this town had to throw at him and he was ready for all the adventure and experience he would gain from this travel. Maybe he could make some new friends along the way too? Didn't seem like such a bad idea.


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