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Eyes Wider Open [Quest: King & Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth

She had gotten a letter, surprisingly people still knew her name eventhough she had barely done any jobs and avoided to get into contact with people for jobs. Because of her magic issue but maybe that was going a lot better now, she surely believed it. She got a letter from mister Saton about job where he wanted to invite her, it also vaguely mentioned that someone else was invited. She only lifted her eyebrow as she read it, maybe Khalash had heard rumours or so about a berserk fire mage and was afraid it was her. Great the world of gossip.

Phoebe shook her head and decided it to be smarter to wear jeans if she would go on a job and made sure that her long raven black hair was in a braid to avoid any problems in the possible near future. She muttered a few words while she made her way to the store, she couldn't understand why Khalash needed two mages to get his money back. How did the old senile guy manage his shop if he kept spending money on unnecessary things like this, she shouldn't actually complain as she was getting the money. She was wearing her sneakers, which didn't happen a lot but it was a lot smarter probably for this job. She hurried towards the shop.


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That day, King received a letter and it wasn’t just any letter. It was sealed up neatly with a scarlet stamp; one that he had never seen before. It was dancing idly across the gloved hand of an unknown man, and more so, it had an unfamiliar name scrawled across the front. He stared at it carefully as he flipped it open between his fingers, golden optics gliding across the letters written across the sheet of paper with precision and grace, as if the writer spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to assist Khalesh with his purchase. As he read further down the letter, it also mentioned that there would be someone else alongside him as well.

The man began dressing up in his usual attire; a white clothing with a belt fitted around his waist to keep the outfit together. A golden cape hung loosely over his shoulders and he would gaze at his reflection in the mirror before running a finger through his unkempt hair, in an attempt to keep it tidy. King quickly slipped on some boots embedded with blue patterns as he slid out of his room and unusually so, he didn’t invite a woman over his room this time, probably because he was running low on jewels. Thus, he was willing to accept the job despite his desire to recoil away from the responsibility of a wizard.

His arrival there was greeted by a withering smile of an old man, as if he had been expecting King and the person who was accompanying him for the day.

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#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
It wasn't going very fast because Phoebe didn't feel like working the last couple of days. But if she continued like this, the jewels would be spend too much to get new ones and she would have to return home. Which wasn't all that bad but well there were people here in Magnolia as well as elsewhere perhaps where she wanted to hang out with. So she continued, one foot in front of the other. She didn't arrive much later at the Magic Shop and opened the door. Only to freeze in the doorway when she saw King, she looked shortly at the letter in his hand and Khalash and a sweet smile appeared on her lips. "You asked for me, mister Saton?" she said while passing King with a smile and a look at him before she simply brushed the braid over her shoulder and walked to the client. She ignored him on purpose, yes Phoebe tried her very best to flirt with King.

Khalash ordered the two of them to get closer now Phoebe had arrived to explain that he had bought something that malfunction and he didn't trust the seller to get it back even though it didn't work and that's why he had asked Phoebe and King to assist him. She surely didn't mind King to be around but she found it still a bit too much for two mages. But before she could say anything else, Khalash bid them goodbye and left the shop in a hurry, "He must be really afraid of that man." was all she could say before she turned to King.


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The door creaked open and King would turn around to look at the source of the sound until his lips slightly parted in astonishment, upon seeing Phoebe standing in the doorway. Seeing how she was frozen by the door told him that she was surprised to see him as well. He hadn’t expected that his partner would be Phoebe, not that he minded but perhaps, this was coincidence. The young man flashed a small smile, nodding briefly to acknowledge his presence before turning back towards Khalesh. King had worked for the old man a few times before so he knew how he was like. Khalesh quickly explained what they were supposed to be doing, which was to look after the shop as the two would get to know each other but little did he know that the mages had already met before.

King barely said anything and simply nodded, before turning towards Phoebe with a smile. ”I suppose.” He’d reply and watched Khalesh scuttle quickly out of the store, leaving the rest in their hands. ”Hm, how should we kill time while waiting for this….person?” King asked, looking around the place, observing once more as he tapped against the mahogany table where Khalesh did most of his work. He hoped the owner of the item would show up soon since he didn’t want to spend the rest of him doing nothing in a store owned by someone else. At least, Phoebe was there with him.

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#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She sort of waved Khalash goodbye, this job was becoming more interesting, surprisingly. It was mainly because King was here ofcourse and the idea of getting money was positive as well. She hopped onto the mahogany table as she would like to sit somewhere and looked at the scratches and little puts in the table that showed it was used before looking back at King when he asked her something. How to kill time? This time however her cheeks didn't turn red but she started to daydream a little, looking up at the ceiling, pouting her mouth as if she was thinking. If he would declare her love for her, that would kill time or.. oh kiss her but.. nah that would be a bit inappropriate if the original owner would come back. But it was nice to daydream as a smile approached her face and she quickly at that time, noticed what she was doing.

She blinked and dropped her gaze from the ceiling to eyelevel and turned to look at King, who was behind her, thank god he shouldn't have seen her romantic helplessness. "Maybe he has a set of cards? Do you know how to play?" she was sure man like him found it boring to chat, since they had done that basically all day yesterday. She didn't know what exactly else to do, keeping busy also made people talk. She hopped off the table and looked around the shop to see if she could find a set of cards. Since last time she was here, she couldn't go and search behind in the shop, she wasn't allowed there and even though he didn't say it this time, she still didn't want to go and look.


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”Cards, hmm…” King rubbed his chin and began searching for a stack of cards nearby. He wasn’t good at it himself but at least, it would help them pass the time quicker. The entire place was pretty messy, with tons of books sprawled around, written in a language that he didn’t understand until his citrine irises landed on a section of the bookshelf behind the desk and there it was – a small packet of cards hidden behind a book. ”Ah, found it.” He reached over the shelf with ease due to his height and began shuffling the deck of cards in a rather sloppy way since it has been a long time since he has held a stack of cards.

”Do you know the games called 21? You add the numbers of your cards and the one who has the closest number to 21 is the winner. If you get a number larger than 21, you lose.”

It was a silly game that people used to play back in his country, where the townsfolk would even gamble in the game but he preferred to watch the elderly enjoying them. ”Here, pick 5 cards.” He mumbled, slightly edging over her shoulder to hand the cards to her since she had her back facing towards her. He was barely inches away from her neck and he could smell the fragrance of the shampoo that Phoebe had used – it was quite alluring.

It wasn’t until the door flew open, revealing a stout man with broad shoulders and chest. Upon seeing him, King finally understand why Khalesh was frightened that he had to even hire two mages to deal with the man.

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#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She was still looking for cards but apparently not in the right place. She heard King answer that he found a pack and she turned around shortly to look at him and smiled before turning back as she was reading something interesting, she was quite distracted but she listened to him explain about the game, "Oh yeah I heard. I forgot the name but I get it." she said even though her eyes were still reading upon something in Khalash his shop. She stopped reading and let go of the book, which was still in the bookcase, so it didn't fall but she was surprised to feel King so close behind her. Like her personal bubble told her and obviously she looked at the cards in front of her, thank god her face was not completely visible as she blushed heavily. She had just not expected this and thus had not been prepared, that's what she told herself.

But before she could get the fourth card, she looked at the door, turning her face to the side where King was leaning over and almost bumping into him, her eyes turned big because now indeed she understood what the shop owner mister Saton thought, without thinking she took the last step closer to King, even though she was sure capable of using spells but she had to be prepared!

She took a deep breath shortly before opening her mouth, still standing secure next to King, "The Mag Drug Magic Store doesn't accept broken items and you sir, unfortunately gave us one. We are asking the money back and for you took take the item away from here." Whatever it was needed to get the money back, she would use, if that was words or show off her fire magic, she would make sure.

She would give the man the item back as soon as she had the money, played cards with King to kill the time before Khalash was back to show him the money and get hers, "Do you want to go somewhere for dinner?" she bravely asked King when the job was done.


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King was still handing out the cards until a large man stepped inside of the store, ruining the moment of the game, since he wished to spend some time alone with Phoebe. Before he could say anything at the man, Phoebe didn’t waste any second declaring that the shop did not accept any broken items and thus, retrieving the money back. The buyer was clearly pissed but seeing that there were two of them, it was a smart decision to retreat and King was certain that he wasn’t required to step in the situation since Phoebe would be able to handle it properly, but of course, if she needed his assistance, he wouldn’t hesitate to protect her. King leaned against the edge of the table and crossed his arms over his chest as they exchanged the items and money.

”You handled it really well.”

The white haired mage complimented, wondering what the actual use of his presence in the store was. He hadn’t done anything for the quest at all, apart from sitting by the store doing nothing else but playing cards when Phoebe easily dealt with the problem. Let bygones be bygones. He thought to himself and the two spent a while playing cards until he would place his hand upon a lacrima orb to inform that the deed was done.

”Dinner? Sounds lovely. It shall be my treat.”

It was the first time that Phoebe ever insisted doing something together and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it made him happy that she was willing to be with him.

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{ Quest Completed }

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