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DISENCHANTED POTION I[Caius] Empty on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:44 pm

There was a C rank request on the board this time from Dr. Stephan Mabuz and Caius wanted to mix things up as he took 2 D rank requests before this. The lower requests were not not ones that let you fight and Caius had so much pent up anger that he just wanted to beat the shit out of something. Dr. Stephan Mabuz was a pretty crazy client. He had done work in the past with him and it was crazy stuff like taking drugs and then he would use it on himself and he would also use the the drugs and then he would use it animals and then sometimes he would then take the drugs and then he would use it other people. It usually made you do stuff like sweat and then do stuff like hallucinate and then you would walk up and be drooling on the floor. He was trying to master a type of drug that would make people go into the a rage and then once they went into that rage then they would be able to go and then they could make it happen. This quest had him on edge because the Dr. Stephan Mabuz would be meeting him in oak streets in public at a cafe. He felt bad for everyone there cause he might have drugged the drinks and waiting on the rest of the drugs to take affect. Caius saw Dr. Stephan Mabuz sitting down and then he would go over and then he would sit down and see what the quest was.

Dr. Stephan Mabuz would smile in his creepy fat scientist face and then would hand Caius a note that would show what he had to do. APparently it was a kill job but this time it wasn't going to be a person it was some stupid red lizard but it was rare and had certain parts that would mix in a potion that he needed and then if he had that potion he would be able to increase the magic rewards and then after that he could give it to all the dark guilds. Not only was the lizard rare but it also was a lizard that took a breating and attacked very strong and fast so that's why he needed a mage to take care of it. The thing about the lizard was it was so rare because it was endangered because it tasted like chicken and the tail which as the part that Dr. Stephan Mabuz needed was the part that would increase mana and it was used in other potions. Since Caius was in Grimoire heart he didn't care about the law and then he would go and he would get up out of his chair and then he would push the chair in and head out with the picture of the lizard and then he would go outside of oak and then he would use the directions and find the lizard and kick it in the ass and then he would make sure to return with the lizard tail.



DISENCHANTED POTION I[Caius] Empty on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:01 pm

Now that he had discussed what to do with Dr. Stephan Mabuz he could get to the fun part of the mission. ti was the middle of the afternoon so the sun was still bright outside and it was shining down on all of oak town and it was making it shimmer like the stars. It was out of place for fall but he wouldn't complaining as he would want to go and find the lizard while it was still light out. He would need it's tail and then after he caught it he would be able to remove the tail and bring it back to Dr. Stephan Mabuz. Apparently the lizard had red skins and it would be easy to spot in the green grass of the forests and mountains that were outside of oak town. Caius was a fast mage and he also had great power so if the lizard tried to retaliate he would lay the smack down on that reptilian fool with a knuckle sandwich to the face. He was just about to the gates of Oak town when he saw a poster on the gates that showed the same reptile. It would say that they were fast and they were endangered and that nobody should hunt them or the feds will come after you. Caius would go and then he would rip the poster off and then ehw would go into the outside of oak then he would head into the forest that was near the mountains outside of oak.

After leaving Oak, Caius would in the forest of the trees and would start to go through the thick of it. He would push past the trees and the bushes and the tall grass until he would come to an opening in the forest where there was a stream in the middle of the lake and then he would see some animals that were near the stream and he didn't see the lizard though. It was just some stupid deer and baby deer and they were chilling and they were drinking water out of the stream. Caius would walk right by them and they would run away like the little deer that they were. AFter that he would continue down the stream and see other animals like rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks but there were still no lizard. It would be easy to see in all this green but right now he think it would be more towards the mountain. The map that Dr Stephan Mabuz gave him was pointing at an area where the stream and the forest and the mountain all met. It also would be hard cause it was an endangered lizard but he would get the tail. The pay was too good to pass up. He also would keep an eye out for any other hunters but once they were in the woods he would be able to kill them with no problem. The search could continue as Caius looked around the forest.



DISENCHANTED POTION I[Caius] Empty on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:54 pm

Caius had now gone to the stream and he kept on walking and then he would follow it down and see that the stream led to the forest and the part of the mountains where the map that the crazy doctor ave him and that way he would get closer to his destination. He looked around at this new area and he still didn't see no red lizard so he kept on walking towards the mountainside. There were a few bobcats and then there also were some of these funny looking goats that were screaming for some reason but Caius paid them no mind and headed to the side of the forest that was next to the mountain on this hot day in oak town and that way he would be able to go and then he would find that lizard so the crazy doctor would be able to make his potion and once h did that then Caius would get paid and then he would be done with the request. Towards the mountains it was getting cooler and cooler out. Caius was like searching all day for thsi stupid lizard and he's started off in the morning and then after searching for a few hours he searched and then it was the mid day time and then after a few more hours of searching he would keep on lookin and then it would be about dusk and then it was that time now. If he lost the light then lizard would go away and it would hid cause it needed to be warm because it was a lizard and they needed the sun to stay warm because it was a lizard and they are cold blooded and once they are in the sun they keep the heat. Caius would have to act quick as he was running out of time so he would look on the rocks on the side of the mountain and then he would see if the lizard would be soaking up sun because it's a lizard and it needed the heat for sure and Caius would walk around the mountain and then he would see the red lizard and it was on a giant rock. IT was stilling where it could get the sun and Caius would be sure to approach it carefully. He would then slowly start to creep around.

Once he was in range, he would go to grab the stupid red lizard but it would sense him with it's reptile sense and would jump off the rock and it was going to head into the forest. Caius rolled his eyes because now he would have to chase the little fucker and it was pretty fast. Caius was fast too but the little fucking reptile was small and it was able to bo and weave through the trees while Caius would then have to go and dodge the trees. The reptile was running and then it was going up the stream where Caius just came from. Caius would then be able to build up his speed cause this stream had no trees in the way so he would start to run and put one foot in front of the other and then he finally was up to full speed and the lizard was looking behind and it looked like it was freaked out so it was trying to run away for it's life and move its little feets but Caius was faster and finally reached it. He would put his leg back and then he would line up foot and straight up punt the little fucker like a kicker from football and it was smashed into a tree and the lizard was dead on the ground. Caius then would plant his foot on the little red lizard and would grab his tail. With the grip of his hands he then would use the force and would rip the little fuckers tail off and then he would kick the rest of the body in the stream and it would roll down the drain. Caius then would then be done with the quest and he would go out of the forest and then he would go back to oak town where the crazy doctor was. He would arrive at the lab which was in the oak alley way and he would walk in and then he would see that the doctor was doing some experiments on a cow with a leather glove and then he saw caius would walk in. Caius didn't want to stand here and see what he was doing to cow so he would then give him the tail and get his jewels and then head the fuck out.


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