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Once Upon Another Time [Private]

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Once Upon Another Time [Private] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:55 pm

She awoke in the early morning, which happened a lot lately, she winced a little before she pulled herself upwards and sat on the edge of the bed. With a little more power she opened the curtain and dropped herself at the edge of the bed again and watched the sunrise, which was a beautiful sight, but her mind was clouded with what had happened in the three to four weeks of her absense. Hecate opened up her eyes and her Glaceon walked towards her to give her little pets with her head to make sure Alice was alright. She remembed meeting Hecate and Jupiter, who was looking outside as well, with his front paws at the window. "We have to go there again." she muttered and she slowly got up from her bed. Most of the issues with her body were over, it was mainly in the morning. She called it: start up problems.

She walked into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her long orange coloured hair. She made sure to braid it, because it was easy with this windy weather. She had lost a lot of clothing and stared at the pile in the bathroom, what should she wear? She simply grabbed a green coloured pair of trousers and a black t-shirt, all she needed was a jacket and no one would have to know the details. When she was done getting dressed, she decided to skip breakfast at the hotel because it would probably be offered at the hospital if Jerry was working today. Which she was sure he was because he was always there when she came. She let Hecate and Jupiter out and walked slowly but steadier than days before towards the hospital. The building was huge and definitely mismatched with the place like Hargeon. Close to the sea and the forest but too ugly for here. Completely white and tall, she looked at it with an ugly face.

When she entered the nurses immediately said hello to her, not denying the fact that she was followed by two feline creatures, she got that permission days ago. She walked to the room where she had been hundreds of times and sat on the bed that was actually the room where she had stayed for weeks, she didn't say anything, she simply sat on the bed, slowly moving her legs back and forth to make sure it didn't hurt. Hecate and Jupiter made their way to the corner near the window and lay down, Hecate pretended to continue to sleep while Jupiter kept an eye on the door. She noticed he was angry, if you listened closly you could hear the electricity in the air. Jupiter hated it here more than she did, if that was even possible.

She leaned against the pillow and started to think about what happened in this ridiculous room, she wished it would be over, that she wouldn't have to be here but she couldn't simply leave and never show up for now. She needed to be fully recovered and she was almost there.

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Slowly she closed her eyes, she had barely slept this night because she had to get here. It always gave her the shivers as she remembered why she had been here. She wrapped her arms around her to keep her warm but sort of dozed off in the memories that belonged to this room. She wasn't getting warmer in this room with the chilly memories, she frowned and the corner of her lips went down, she felt like she was shaking, which she wasn't but the memory was so harmful that it almost felt like she was hurt.

She sort of looked at herself in that street in Hargeon, not to far from where she was sitting now because she was still in Hargeon. Where she was frozen in the spot. She had no idea why, maybe because her whole team had left her behind and she wasn't capable of fighting one on one with this mage. Why was she so afraid? She never was that afraid, she was called the Red Whirlwind, she would go on and on and never stop. That's when she realized she was pregnant, or well in her memory. She had not been very happy with the pregnancy when Kerii told her and now she was sure she wanted to do everything to protect the small little peach that was her baby. She had not even had the opportunity to tell Konstantin because she didn't want to send a letter for obvious reasons.

She had frozen during that fight and she had sort of turned into a shell, using all her power and magic to protect her womb and the baby that she was carrying, but she was close to death thanks to that reckless decision. She was beaten, kicked, slung around and broken almost every bone in her body and hanged, through which she wouldn't be able to breath anymore and thus lose consciousness. Before she would completely be death thanks to being hanged, the culprit stopped. She didn't know why, she could only guess but finally when she was left alone on the cobblestones, bleeding, barely breathing, her page had come to her aid. She didn't even had the energy to cry or yell or say anything at all. He had not been able to carry her, afraid he would hurt her more and cried out for help to get healers towards her. When she was healed enough to move, they brought here here. To this hospital at the end of the centre of Hargeon, closer to the beach and the forest.

It had taken days before she was finally able to wake up, but you couldn't call it awake. She was only holding on to her stomach, to the little bump that was forming, which you could barely see but she felt it for some reason, she could only stare in front of her, leaving almost out the gold from her eyes. No one was able to reach her and eating was difficult with her throat. They had also figured out her secret, one she had not been well to kept.

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When she thought about that day, even though it was already quite a couple of days ago and it was one of those days you wanted to wipe entirely from your brain, she kept thinking about it. She could imagine herself as some sort of armour, even though she was wearing her armour at that moment. The Scarle armour was probably broken beyond repair.

When she was sitting there at the hospital bed, healed slowly and slowly by healers, her body would restore but not immediately her mind. That was what happened right now as well, it was hard to say: still between her ears. But she had been there, dropped to the cobblestones of Hargeon, frozen in some sort of fear that she couldn't understand at that point until it was too late. She had seen her armour shatter into little pieces and disappear all together, she had thought back then that it had changed into mana again and was send immediately to her dimensional pocket as it always did. She later figured out that there was nothing at all.

When she woke up after two days in some sort of magical coma, she for the first time felt the pain. Which was weird because they kept her in the sort of magical coma to avoid her feeling the pain, healers had worked on mending her bones, wounds, bruises and everything that they could. But Alice was reliving what happened, over and over again behind her eyelids. The torture, the scary feeling and the feeling that she had to protect the small little peach whatever it costs. She sobbed in that magical sleep, for she actually didn't want to die like that. But apparently the Grimoire Heart Mage didn't want her to die that easily. Fear would come more when you believed you could be harmed like this.

When she woke up she didn't say anything, her throat was still sensitive from the hanging which made eating difficult as well but she managed to be able to drink, just swallowing was difficult and they gave her food through a cannula through her nose, which was a very strange feeling. Her long orange hair was dirty but they made sure that she wasn't worried about it, a nurse with water magic came to help her clean up when she first woke up. It was like she was in a zombie kind of state, she didn't ask anything at that point, until when a next healer came, she grabbed the young lady her wrist and with a hoarse voice asked about her baby. Surprisingly after every beating and like some sort of miracle, the healer told her the baby was alright. Which brought her back in the zombie like state, she was doing alright, she would get better. But for the first four days after she woke up, she wasn't able to leave her bed. Only at the sixth day was she able to eat without the cannula. But she didn't feel like she was getting better.

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On this sixth day while she was trying to drink without trouble, representatives of her superiours came to visit her but she was not entirely aware at the moment, it was that the healer and caretaker of her joined as well and made most of the conversation. She only caught parts of the conversation, that she was having some sort of trauma reaction, that the Knights couldn't blame her. Until her jaw was held tightly and she had to look the man and his two minions in the face, but mostly the man that held her. It absolutely didn't feel pleasant. She felt like she was made as if she was a child, "Goodafternoon miss Baskerville, we are here to check upon you." Her hazel eyes turned to look at Jerry who tried to stop the man but the minions simply stopped him. "Miss Baskerville we came to see how you are doing. Are you able to walk already? Show us a little magic?" He said with this fake honey coated voice, his voice was to heavy for that anyway and he smelled as if he had just smoked a cigarette which made her wanted to vomit.

Finally Jerry had managed to get away from the two others and hit the frontman on the wrist to let go of Alice her jaw, "Miss Baskerville had enough to endure during the first few days, we are still working on getting her to walk but it takes time, apart from that, she has barely got the magical energy to summon anything." Her eyes simply looked at him but she didn't say anything nor nod. The representatives left soon after that and Alice held on to the sleeve of Jerry, "Thank you." In which she got offered to go outside for the first time in days, she couldn't walk, but Jerry would get a wheelchair and go along to the forest that was just outside the hospital.

She was slowly getting better, again the illness was some effect of a trauma that she was having, which made her collapse and unable to walk. It wasn't as if she didn't want to get better, she would love to but not everything seemed to work in that way. Three days later the representatives came again, this time they came with a warning so Jerry was already in her room, it wasn't necessary at this point because she was awake and active. She wanted to make a deal, "Goodmorning miss Baskerville, how are you feeling." Which wasn't really a question so she waved it away, "I'm not going to perform magic. You keep me hidden here, why? Why has no one tried to visit me, does no one know I am here?" Which made the man turn red, apparently not expected her to be awake. "Answer me now."

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The man didn't fall for Alice her trick, he sat himself on the edge of her bed and not really softly and tenderly, he just flopped on it and stared at her with some wolf like eyes, again he smelled like smoke from cigars or cigarettes and again it made her feel like she needed to puke. "Listen carefully missy. You can't order us to do something. We know you are pregnant and we are hiding it for the organisation. In case you forgotten miss Baskerville you are a lieutenant. Which is a pretty important job and you almost got killed. The Council can't be very happy with you." She glared at him with an angry expression, as if she would forget, "Well it's not much I demand. Because I'm very aware of the situation but thanks for explaining anyway. All I want is to see Konstantin. You should understand that." The man stood up, turned his back towards her but shook his head, "Show me your magic, miss Baskerville. Than we start making deals."

She let her eyes drift away from the representative towards Jerry, whom only shrugged and simply nodded towards her to do what he said. She held up her hands and closed her eyes shortly to concentrate on the magical energy around her, she muttered the word change which was something she didn't have to do anymore but since she felt as if she was back at the beginning of training again, she said it. Nothing happened and she stared at her empty, pale coloured hands. They ought to be covered in gauntlets. The representatives got the wolf like grines on their smug faces and she hated it, "Change." she said a bit louder holding up her hand to get her straight spear but nothing showed up again. Maybe, maybe she had lost the weapon during the fight, maybe her armour was broken beyond repair and she held up her hands a bit higher up and closed her eyes to summon all the energy that she could muster and change into her Lancer Gear. But apart from a little bit of wind blowing away her hair, nothing happened. "No, no.. no. No!" this couldn't be true, why was nothing working. Why was no weapon showing up, she extended her hand to touch the dimensional pocket that wasn't there. Everything was lost, didn't exist for her anymore? She stared at the nothing with big hazel coloured eyes. Jerry touched her, afraid perhaps that she would drop herself in the shock like state again, "Pity miss Baskerville. As I see it, you are not in a state to make any deals at all." Which made her quickly react again and try to climb out of bed, which wasn't really a good option as she fell, "No wait! I have to see him!" She had to tell him. They had to tell him that all she could do was fall out of bed, not even walk, use magic. They ought to tell her boyfriend and important friends and colleagues that she was simply wounded and in hospital. Not trying to avoid them. She felt tears starting in the corner of her eyes but as much as she hated crying, she couldn't stop it. She had to train and get her magic back because she was afraid she would never leave this room if that was the matter.

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The healers left her alone, it was no longer needed for them to try to heal her for it was not a wound or a strained muscles, it was a question of willpower. Every single day for a couple of hours. She would pull herself up, hold on to the stands that were made and stay upright, or walk and the development was far from perfect or well the perfect Alice wanted because she wanted to get out of her. She had never felt so locked up in her life and that said a lot for a girl with amnesia, raised in an orphanage and stuck in a dark guild called Phantom Lord.

She didn't understand how they were able to keep her here. Hidden, for apart from the healers and Jerry her sort of carer, no one was there. She didn't see other patients or any other soul in this building. She didn't know exactly what to do but when after another week she was finally able to walk correctly, though still with pain, Jerry offered that she would go outside. Which was a relieve, after two weeks of sitting inside the neko couldn't wait to get some fresh air. Surely she was brought outside a couple of times but only in a wheelchair and only next to the backdoor. She had figured out they kept her on the first ground floor far towards the back, so she could get out of the hospital without someone noticing her.

She ended up outside with Jerry but there was a heavy wind coming from the ocean and Jerry offered to get her a jacket but she could walk on. She needed the fresh air and she desperately was looking for a way out, but on her earlier trips she had noticed there was a fence around the forest part of the hospital. She walked onto the road into the forest and heard a noise and immediately stopped, which did hurt her hips. She clenched her fit to resist the urge to hold on to her tummy, "Show yourself." she tried to say as stern as possible, only to see a feline like creature with fur that looked like spikes and yellow and white, "Jolteon." she whispered in surprise, wondering if it was the same one until a second one showed up, it obviously looked like the same sort of feline.

She struggled to remain upright and let herself drop, the jolteon came towards her and she recognized him as the one from Era, "Hello buddy, I see you were protecting your friend back then." she looked at the other one and noticed that this one was way more curious to her than the Jolteon had been in the beginning, she raised her hand to pet the Glaceon and heard the Jolteon growl but it was only a warning as she patted the Glaceon because the feline pushed her head against Alice her open palm.

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She couldn't move and the feline creatures circled her, the Glaceon liked her, the Jolteon, she wasn't entirely sure. She hummed softly to make sure that they didn't mind her and the Glaceon sniffed at her clothing. She didn't move to not surprise them. They left not much later and she wished that her legs would work, so her feet could carry her to the gap in the fence. How else would they have come here. Not much later Jerry came and handed her a coat and lifted her up to carry her back to the hospital. Which was embarrassing and stupid, she wanted to be away from here. She didn't cry this time, but she wasn't very far from that feeling.

She was slowly moving forward and walked around the forest alone, meeting up with the Jolteon and Glaceon again, soon they would follow her to the hospital and she tried to tell them it was not possible. She was so tired after walking that she always had to lay down and sometimes she slept, sometimes she stared at the ceiling and other times she read a book. The faithful day of getting new companions was the day that she fell asleep and woke up with the two of them next to her bed. Jerry was laughing about her surprised expression and said he didn't mind to have her companions here, he was glad she wasn't alone anymore. Sometimes Glaceon, which she quickly found a name for: Hecate, would sleep next to her if she was cold or sad and Jupiter, the Jolteon seemed to be always on the look out to protect her. She thought of Ophelia a lot of times at this moment because she had not believed she would ever be able to get a companion again, and these two simply have picked her to be together.

When the representatives came back, Jupiter wouldn't stop growling at them and Hecate jumped on the bed to not leave her alone. The representative leader didn't like this at all but he seemed to be a bit afraid, if you listened closely you could hear the sound of electric in the ear, Lightning from Jupiter. She didn't feel much better, there was still pain in her legs from time to time, but she could walk. "I would like to know why no one is allowed to know where I am. How long I still have to stay here." Ignoring Jupiter the man walked closer, he ignored even Hecate and brought his face very close to Alice, who held her breath not to smell the cigarette smoke. "You are a lieutenant miss Baskerville, and one without power, how are we going to represent the Rune Knights if our own lieutenant is unable to protect the citizens of Hargeon and capture the man we captured before." She looked away, for she felt bad about it herself good enough, she could hear the singing of the lightning and felt it in her hair and fingers, the man took a few steps back. Her eyes looking at his pained expression and she hid a smile as best as possible and looked at Jupiter.

"You should be careful miss Baskerville because without magic, you mean nothing to us and you are pregnant as well, who would protect you now." Before she could call out that she still had friends that she could depend on he grabbed her hand, ignoring the biting from Hecate, "We should get rid of that baby immediately." Something clicked in her and her eyes rolled away and showed a yellow, golden sign and pushed the man away with such a force that it could only be magic. He let go of her and fell backward. Alice herself had no idea what happened but she stared angrily at the man and sat more upright, ready to get out of this bed to fight him, "I don't need that magic, that requip that I managed to get on my own to protect myself," She simply thought it was one of the eevees. "As you noticed I have my companions. You forgot to introduce yourselves to them. But they can fight for themselves and as for me, give me a weapon and I can still fight. I don't need to store weapons away to be able to use them. Give me a partner that doesn't need a weapon, but give him or her one and I have a second. Don't forget what the use of Requip is." She stood up from her bed but the man didn't listen, he climbed up and hurried out of the room without a goodbye or another vile comment. She stared at Hecate and Jupiter, whom looked at her and turned to look at Jerry. "What?" and so Jerry explained what had happened, how the man ended up at the ground and she gasped for she had not noticed.

As she sat on the bed, she had a short conversation with Jerry about the magic, but nothing happened again, it might be one last thing from the power that she ought to have. "You should leave, while you can. The three of you. I will just say that you were better and I didn't hear anything anymore. Go, Alice. You are better. The pain will leave as soon as you return to your normal life. Find your friends." But before she could leave, the man returned with more back up apparently, two extra men. "Before you go miss Baskerville. We want you to sign this paper and we will leave you alone. As soon as you proofed to us that you can't fight with weapons or have not find your magic ability at all we will be allowed to fire you." She grabbed the paper to read it, which was difficult as he was poking the pencil in her eyesight all the time, but she found the small print, "You forgot to mention that I'm not allowed to tell anyone about my pregnancy. I can't allow that, I have to at least tell one person, he ought to know." The man rolled his eyes, "Fine only him. But we will know." Which sounded very creepy but she signed for now, else she would never be allowed out of this damn hospital.

She didn't have much clothing and she would definitely need shopping now that she had signed such a stupid contract. But she would first sit at the beach and enjoy her freedom.

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She felt a soft pet on her shoulder and heared a growl, she opened her eyes to look at Jerry and blinked rapidly. Had she really fallen asleep here in the hospital? Remembering everything that happened, with an apologetic look at the carer, she sat upright and went through the process of checking what was going on. She told him that she had a potential for a magic but it was so different from her requip that it might take a while before it was ready to use. She didn't say anything else about the contract. As she avoid that topic, she didn't feel much pain and she told him that she had already walked a lot and that was going fine. Jerry was glad for her and said she didn't have to return, he surely hoped that she would be able to control her magic soon so she could continue and stay a knight, it sure seemed her job.

She left the hopsital with her companions and looked forward for the rest of the days now that it was getting a bit better.


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