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Escaping the Comfort Zone [Private | Atlas]

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Escaping the Comfort Zone [Private | Atlas] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:35 pm

With her Vaporeon by her side, her new companion, Yasuki knew that she had to get out of her comfort zone eventually. Though she liked being fully covered with clothes, she always dreamed of putting on the perfect swimsuit and playfully skipping in the ocean as the water splashed up against her skin. She knew that it would cool her off on the hot days, but at the same time she was afraid of being judged by those whom she doesn't know. 'I've been here for a while now and still I only know my sister, and one other person whose name is Alisa... It's about time I meet some more.' As she was walking to the beach she began to daydream of the perfect day in her mind. This day would include a sunset and dinner at a nearby restaurant where Yasuki would be surrounded by a number of people, and of course her Vaporeon, she would actually be talking to these people and they would be her friends. Then when the group split up she would be walking on the beach and find a person standing out looking towards the ocean at the sunset, standing so peacefully.

At that moment she reached the beach, it wasn't quite sunset time yet but it was mid-afternoon. Perhaps she could meet someone and just have a conversation with them about anything, really. Yasuki wasn't picky when it came to conversation, she just wanted to meet people. As she continued to walk on the beach she would find a plot that seemed perfect for building a sand castle. "Do you like this spot, Vaporeon?" she would call out towards her companion. Vaporeon would start to trot around happily, that's when Yasuki knew this was right. "Well, alright then. I'll dig the mote first, then you can add water around it. We can even build a bridge to the castle."

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Atlas Prime
Atlas walked around with Totodile yet again today. Totodile was on his normal spot, which was Atlas' shoulder. He walked around enjoying the weather at the moment. He didn't really have anything planned to do but he was ready for about anything. He dressed in his bathing suit, which was a black set of swim trunks and a black shirt, and to prepare himself in case both of them wanted to go the beach or start to swim. Atlas looked around and noticed he was actually by the beach, which was pretty nice for them. He looked at Totodile who was on his shoulder and they both seemed to understand each other. Atlas turned from the road he was walking on and stepped foot on the beach. Atlas looked at the sky again and noticed that it was still light out and would be for quite a while. As Atlas walked Totodile gave him a signal of wanting to get down. Atlas reached up and set him down on the ground. Atlas was pretty confused and didn't really know what got into him when he took off. Atlas chased after him, but not before Totodile coming across a girl and a weird looking creature. Totodile approached the creature which hopefully wouldn't scare them too much. He would grab Totodile before speaking. "Ah sorry about that, not sure what go into him. Are you okay?" he asked the girl.


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Yasuki would sit there in he sand finishing up her sandcastle for her Vaporeon. Everyone could tell that she was pretty preoccupied because she rarely looked up, unless Vaporeon was acting like she saw something. Though as Yasuki was sitting there building she could hear people down by the water talking and carrying on, she heard the children yelling and playing. "There we go, just finished!" she would turn towards Vaporeon to say. Afterwards Yasuki would lay down on the sand, she would allow her arms to sway arm as if she were making a snow angel. Her outfit was quite different than usual, she had actually put on a simple bathing suit and wore a pair of shorts over it. Beside her laid a dark colored tank top and a towel, in case she ever felt like swimming.

Suddenly she looked and would see another strange companion and it's owner approaching towards the two of them. 'Surely this is some mistake, maybe they have me mistaken for someone else.' she would think. "Ah, that's quite alright. Cute little guy you have there. This is my Vaporeon." she would say after the guy apologized, pointing at Vaporeon.  "Guess your friend there just got a little excited, yeah we're fine. I'm Yasuki." as she introduced herself. She would then start to sit up, using the towel to brush off any sand that was stuck to her back as she waited for the guy. After she finished brushing the sand off her back she folded up he towel and placed it on the sand, as she called Vaporeon over to lay on the towel. The two of them would then wait, for perhaps more conversation as she didn't want to ramble.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas felt really bad disturbing the girl and her companion, its seems she was trying to relax but Totodile just got excited and took off and he wasn't prepared enough to just stop him. He was glad though that the girl was not upset about that. She seemed friendly even. She introduced herself as Yasuki and her companion was named Vaporeon. Atlas hadn't seen a lot of other animal companions so he thought hers was pretty cool. He noticed the blue color matched the blue color on Totodile. "Again sorry about that. My name is Atlas Prime and this is Totodile," he said finally setting him down again. Atlas would then extend his right hand to her, going for a hand shake. If she looked at his hand she would notice that he was from Lamia Scale. Atlas would look at the sand castle the girl was working on. "Ah, that looks really nice, I recently made a sand castle too for a competition, sadly I did lose though," he said. He remembered in the Blue Pegasus beach event he made a sand sculpture of Totodile. He made that trying to be unique to the other people who would be making castles or houses, which seemed to normal for him. He aimed for something different with that.


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She could tell that the guy felt really bad for disturbing her from her relaxation, but what he didn't know is that she honestly was waiting for someone to come up to her. Yasuki didn't really like to be alone all the time, but of course now with her Vaporeon by her side she's never alone. The stranger then introduced himself as Atlas Prime and his companion that ran in as Totodile. Yasuki took note of their names, and then would see his arm stretch or towards her for a handshake. She reached her hand out towards his to accept the handshake and as she did she noticed a tattoo on his hand, Yasuki has seen this marking before, he must be from the same guild she is and therefore her sister. 'Should I inquire about that marking for Lamia Scale...? If I do I should keep quiet about my sister, I don't know if she wants the world to know we're related and I don't want to say too much...' she thought quietly to herself. "That marking there... are you from Lamia Scale by chance?" Yasuki would ask as she begun to stand up and be interested. "Erm... Sorry, I don't mean to sound rude, just curious." she followed up to her question with hesitantly. She only knew one other person from Lamia Scale besides herself and that was her sister, though she really doesn't know much about the guild because her sister didn't really tell her much. However she's always willing to learn about he guild and do what she can for the guild, even if she doesn't look like the strongest.

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Atlas Prime
(sorry for long reply, was a little busy)

Atlas was glad that girl took his hand for a shake. He had to wonder what it would be like if she didn't. He might of just stood there awkwardly if that happened. When he let go she seemed to ask a question about his hand. She asked him if he was from Lamia Scale. "Oh yeah, I sometimes forget I got it there. Yeah I'm a Lamia Scale mage," he said smiling. He didn't know if the girl herself was a mage or not so he felt like it would be kind of weird to ask if she was from a guild as well. For all he knew she could be a normal person. Atlas looked down and noticed Totodile trying to play with Vaporeon. He hoped he wasn't over stepping his bounds with letting him do that. "So, what brings you to the beach Yasuki? Just trying to build a sand castle?" he asked her trying to make some small talk. If Totodile was trying to play with Vaporeon then he wasn't sure if he should try and break them up. Well he would if that was not okay with either of them. He had barely met both of them so he didn't have a lot of comfort room to get comfortable with them that fast.


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(also sorry for the late reply, got busy with the moving and all.)

Yasuki dropped her hand after the shake and looked towards the man she just met, Atlas. Something was different about him, the way he portrayed himself or something. Though maybe, she just wasn't used to meeting that many guys around. Yasuki would hear that she was correct when the guy confirmed that he was indeed in Lamia Scale. 'Well should I... mention that I'm also from Lamia Scale, or keep that to myself... Whatever I do I know I shouldn't mention about Arisa being my sister, I need people to like me for me and not for who my sister is...' which she said to herself inside of her head, after he mentioned about being in Lamia Scale. "Well.. What a coincidence, I'm from Lamia Scale myself." she would confirm, after she saw the questioning look that seemed to appear on Atlas' face when he mentioned about himself. Down below she could see his companion, Totodile, trying to play with Vaporeon. "Go ahead, Vaporeon, play. You're okay." Yasuki said as she let out a soft giggle to reassure her Vaporeon that the Totodile was okay.

"I've been in this town for a while and I finally worked up the courage to come down to the beach. This isn't really my comfort zone, I guess. And I saw quite a few number of people on the beach, I thought I could come down here and meet more, after I've been here long enough though I've only met two people, one of them being my sister." she would respond to his question. She looked down at the two of their companions playing afterwards, hoping she didn't sound too desperate or just said too much.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was quite shocked to hear Yasuki speak something. She mentioned that she was from Lamia Scale too. "Oh, that's really cool. Must be a weird fate that Totodile came over here," he said out to her. It seemed Yasuki gave permission for her Vaporeon to play with Totodile. Atlas thought that sometimes he could be a little troublemaker but it seemed fine at the moment. Totodile would try to steer Vaporeon towards the water. He would go to deep into it, just wanted to splash around it seemed. Atlas listened to her speak after he asked her what brought her here. She seemed to be trying to get down here for a while but finally found the courage to do so. "Well its always one step at a time. Everyone has things they don't like doing or facing, sometimes we just have to overcome them to get strong," he said to her. Atlas didn't know if we okay or not since they just met but he decided to sit down next to her. He barely knew her so he sat down in the sand and not on her towel. "We kind of just came on a whim. Felt like getting out of Orchida and to see something different. But I guess that was a good thing since we got to participate in the Blue Pegasus Festival," he said looking out towards the ocean.


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She kept an eye on her Vaporeon, though she knew that it wouldn't wander off too far and her new friend's Totodile was there as well, so she felt a sense of comfort in knowing that. "It seems like you've taught your Totodile well... I only just met Vaporeon, but hopefully a strong bond is built from me to it, like what you built towards your Totodile." she would say as a compliment towards how behaved his Totodile seemed to be, curious but at the same time everyone is curious. Yasuki continued to look towards the ocean and at the two companions splashing around in the water. Though she would take notice to her new friend, Atlas, or she would hope would be her new friend, as he would sit down in the sand next to her. "Blue Pegasus Festival, huh? I think that's what I was watching from a distance. It seemed like everyone was having a blast." she would say as she looked towards him taking her glance off of the ocean. She would notice his strong build of his physical appearance and then would take notice to her own. Though she's only met now two other Lamia Scale mages, she could tell she doesn't look too much like either one of them in strong build wise. 'I may not be the strongest mage in the guild... but in order to conquer my physical appearance I need to continue working on my confidence first, meeting people and all.' she would refer to herself as she started to get lost in her thoughts. Though she knew that she wasn't the strongest mage in Lamia Scale, she's sure she had other aspects to offer to the guild. "So regarding the guild. I bet I surprised you when I mentioned about being a guild mate? Not trying to put me down, but I mean my physical appearance doesn't look the strongest." she would say as her red ruby-like eyes narrowed in on his appearance, and then she would go back to looking towards the two companions splashing in the water as she waited what he had to say next.

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Atlas Prime
(Sorry for long reply, been a little busy with personal stuff)

Atlas listened to Yasuki speak about his on Totodiles relationship. He never really thought about how close they were. "Well we have know each other for quite a while, its not a crazy amount of time though. Its more like we depend on each other in a way. We opened up to each other. I'm sure if you and your Vaperon do that too, then you can become close too," he said to her. He hadn't really known Totodile for a super long time. They had probably spent about four or six months together, which to some could be considered a while and to others a short amount of time to get to know someone. When he talked about the festival she mention it was something she just watched. "That sounds like a shame, it was really fun and since you are from Lamia Scale you could of came," he said to her. He remembered having fun with other people trying to win some of the contests. Sadly he didn't get to do all of them though, but he did win at least one though so that was a good thing. She then mentioned about his surprise at being in the guild and her physical appearance didn't seem to fit for Lamia Scale. "Well I was more shocked just figuring out your from Lamia Scale.
I think its always cool to see more members from the guild. And not really on the physical appearance thing. I have a close friend in the guild and she has a condition that hinders her sometimes. I think what would make you a good Lamia Scale mage is to push through your weakness and get stronger,"
he said to her.


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Yasuki would listen intently as Atlas explained to her about the relationship he's had with his Totodile and how they've known each other for quite a while. All she could do was think how nice it'd be for her to continue to be with her Vaporeon and build that kind of relationship with it. Shortly she would stare near the sun as she could see it was about to set, though she could still hear Atlas talking about how much fun the carnival was and that she could've went as well since she was from Lamia Scale. "I suppose, I could've." she would say in response. Yasuki was still quite shocked that someone was still talking to her this long, she didn't want to end the conversation but she knew she was going to have to move to a different town soon and thus needed her rest. Yasuki would then look down towards the water where Vaporeon and Totodile were playing, both seemed to be having a good time and then she gave a quick whistle to catch the attention of the companions, "Vaporeon, come on we've got to leave soon." Yasuki would call out towards hers, assuming that Atlas would do the same for his. As she began to stand up from the sand she looked towards her new friend, or so she hoped. She would remember the words he said to her about overcoming weaknesses to get stronger. With a slight nod of her head she started to reply, "I suppose you're right. And that's what brought me down to this beach, overcoming my weaknesses. One step at a time, I suppose." she would reply kind of sheepishly.

As Vaporeon and Totodile got to the two of them, she could tell that the companions really had a nice time playing as they seemed to have started a friendship among themselves. "It seems like we've only just met, but I suppose I better be off got to travel to places and want to get a good rest beforehand. Was so nice of you to join me, hopefully we meet again." Yasuki would say as she extended her hand out, to replicate the gesture Atlas gave earlier. Her red ruby-like eyes were glean upward and she would have a gentle smile on her face. She hoped he shook back, and then she would turn and walk towards her hotel with her Vaporeon by her side. 'What a nice day at the beach, and what he said about overcoming weakness - I should keep that in mind.' she would think to herself as she walked off the beach.


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Atlas Prime
It seemed that Yasuki had to leave. She called her Vaporeon over to her and Atlas thought it could be good to call Totodile over as well. "Come back as well Totodile," he said out loud. Totodile would walk over with Vaporeon seeming a little sad. "I know you want to play some more but it seems they have to get going," he said standing up and brushing the sand off himself. Atlas would listen as she spoke and shook her hand when she extended it. "Well, since we are in the same guild, I hope to see you again," he said waving at her as she would leave. He looked down at Totodile and figured he had been in Hargeon quite a while. He thought about returning back home or possibly doing something else. He mostly just felt like that everyone else is leaving the town as well, so he might as well go with the crowd in a way. "Well, lets get going buddy.
Lets had back and wash ourselves off. Then we can decide on a plan of action,"
he said, grabbing Totodile. He would look back one more time to the way Yasuki went and then would take off leaving the beach behind.


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