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Hands on a Beach Body [Lacie]

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“Gods be damned… This is harder than I remember.” Kenny panted, his grip on the wooden hammer loosening as he placed his left hand on his side. With the events of winterfell behind him, he could begin living a tad more comfortably for the rest of his stay in the North, though his promise of getting back into shape was hindering what little comfortability had been fostered for the rest of his stay. Even with no one pressuring him to retain his fighting form he felt as if he owed himself a better body. Given his age and current unknown status of the vanished branched he was going to be named Lord of his House in his thirties meaning in his current shape he wouldn’t last all that long as Lord due to poor health thus here he was training like he had never before.

Standing in a forest clearing, in his right hand a wooden hammer akin to one used in combat training, the other rested at his side. The sun above did the Omega no favors as it beat down on him, body glistening with sweat as beads dripped off of his raven hair. He was enjoying the workout, but given his surroundings the local flora wasn’t all that pleased with his workout habits. The sand was scorching his feet,his attire was simple but fit for his day out, a pair of loose fitting dark trousers and boots, he prefered to be shirtless so his form would not be held back by garments.

A cool breeze brushed over his form with a gentle caress comparable to a lover’s hand running across his form. With a content sigh he rolled his shoulders and held his hammer in hand once again. With a sharp breath he kept his right on the base and his left a few inches below the head as he raised it. *THUD* his hammer sounded, wood smashed against wood, chips went flying as he missed the tire by an inch just grazing it making the already ruined remains of the hammer splinter and break. There was a bit of recoil up his arms as his already sore form shook.

“That should be enough for today…” he huffed before raising his weapon again and repeating his process of pounding once again. Perhaps that wasn’t enough, as he thought about all that had happened he had once again been driven to exercise, driven to try, try again until he was happy with his appearance. His burly belly expanded and retracted as he kept smashing again and again. His fingers were locking, his hands were sore each shock wave from the force he was swinging with made already tired arms scream in alarm as they burned of so good. He should have stopped an hour ago, but Kenny was too determined to give up now.

There was a last swing, the weapon dropping to the Omega’s side as he put his hands on his knees. He could barely keep control of them they shook so much. The vampyre sat next to the i tire as he stared up at the sky. Looking down at his belly he gave it a rub as a low grow emitted from it, he was getting hungry and forgot to pack a lunch… “Damn it…”

Hungry and exhausted he slid to the ground and rested in the sand, he was far too tired to head back to Winterfell.

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Lacie Eventide
She had been here a day, with slow to no progress. She had no idea where to find her sister and she came to the conclusion that she was untouchable as a Lieutenant from the Rune Knights, which she had not figured out in the moment of rage and anger before she so hastily left for Hargeon. Now she was here, entirely unsure what to do, feel and mostly of all think. Her body felt heavy and sore but it didn't let her stop. She had to find the perfect body, something that looked completely different from her sister and something that was healthy.

Think, think, think her mind said at some sort of rhythm that hear ears must have caught but not really did listen to. Which happened to be some hammer ticking, she looked left and right but at first saw nothing. She was sitting at the beach, far away from the parents, children and so on that let their happiness shine and splatter their feet in the still warm waters of the ocean, it was ridiculous. She was closer to the woods where apparently not many people liked to be but there was someone inside and perhaps not that far away. She could always see if she knew the person or if she would get to know that person. She sighed to herself and decided to get up and try it out, who knows maybe this person knew her sister and could tell her where to find Alice.

She stood up from the plaid that she had put on the sand: to not get dirty. Yet she dusted off the little bits of sand that always came around from her black dress. She brushed her orange coloured hair over her shoulder and left her shoes and the picknick basket for what it was for now as she headed into the forest, careful where to step. Finally she found the person resting on the sand with a hammer next to him, "So you made that sound, hm." was all she said at first.


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Kenny panted on the ground trying his best to selfishly suck in all of the air he could, he felt like a fish out of water he was gasping so much. He needed water, no, he needed air, NO! Even worst, he needed food. As much as he would have liked to have stood up and moved on he was far too tired to go get any. Instead he would only lay in the sand with a smile on his face after working himself to what must have been the peak of fitness, pure bliss. His muscles spasmed and locked when he tried to move, but he managed to at least lean against the tire he was beating.

Soon footsteps would catch his attention and assumptions began to spread through his mind. Was it an animal? No! It must have been a bandit! And he had no weapon! What a shame, he couldn’t die like this! He had to get up and fight! Yes, he would fight for his life as soon as he managed to move his arms. With a bit of a shrugging motion he tried to get up only to stay still… Ok, maybe he couldn’t fight them with his body but he could fight them with that super secret magic potion Jeeroy gave him! Yeah, that would totally help him out and what better time for the magic to come then now! In fact he could feel it now as he wickedly smiled, he had this under control and then some as soon as the perp came into range he would blasts them!

As the footsteps got closer he dug deep within himself for the final attack, he could feel the magic bubbling up inside him! Here it comes, they were just at the tree line aaaand ‘belch’ Kenny burped… There was no magic.. Just air. “Huh, so Jeeroy got scammed…” he mumbled under his breath. When his attacker came out of the brush they weren’t a devilish rugged bandit! Oh no, they were a… Angel. They couldn’t help him! “Y-yes, I made that sound… but you see I sort of hurt myself and I can’t move… Mind helping me up?” he played coy and foolish for a moment in an attempt to… Sell himself as a damsel.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked left and right for she couldn't immediately find the source of the sound, especially because it was gone right now. She walked a little further when she heard another noise, which made her nose go up, it was a gross sound. However it didn't stop her from continueing on as she now had an idea where to go. She stood in front of a man much taller than her and placed her hands on her hips and looked at him, he pretended to be in trouble but she didn't believe anything about it. However she would just see where this conversation started and would end. Her eyes looked over his body, he must have done some work out or so, for a second her eyes lingered on the insignia that she wasn't all too familiar with but she recognized it as a Dark guild. Phantom something or so was her guess, which now made Lacie cross her arms in front of her chest.

"You want a tiny person," which annoyed her to say, because Alice was taller, "Like me, to lift a big guy like you up to move away from here? I bet you are a lot stronger than you look at this point and can do that very well yourself." she looked around at the hammer and so on, a sly grin appeared for a few seconds, she could clearly make use of this. "Oh my, after working so hard you must be starving. You know what, let me try and help you. I was planning a picnic on my own but it's way too much for a small woman such as myself." what she would have to say and do to get what she wanted. She looked a bit with difficulty towards the man, how would she be able to lift him up, "Does it hurt anywhere?"


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Kenny thought to himself as he looked her up and down, he had to make himself look frail and weak though she did have a point. She was smaller than him by a foot or two at least and she was small herself. This wasn’t any good, he looked bad, he needed to look strong if he wanted to impress this angel. She stood in front of him, he thought to himself about his next move there was no way that she could pick him up so any plans to include that was a no go. Maybe she wasn’t weak, maybe she was just short.

“Well… You can be tiny and strong right?” he smiled as he tried to further convince her, “Wait, did you say picnic?” he tilted his head as he tried to get up, “It hurts a little bit but I’ll survive maybe you can help me stand up though? Just a tad.” he managed to get himself half the way up as he looked at her, “You’re beautiful, I wouldn’t want you to strain yourself helping me up.” he nervously chuckled as he tried to get up shaking a bit from the pain but this was a cause well worth it.

“So doll face, what’s your name?”

Hands on a Beach Body [Lacie] Qurywgl
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Lacie Eventide
Lacie her eyes were a bit cold but she tried her best to make work of this mask that was broken by her sister and her cousin. "As much as I wish to be strong, I still need a lot of training to get to that point." she said honestly, which made it half the time easier to perform this mask. The Divine had taken her power, which was outragious and now she had to do that until she found another way to get some sort of power. To get, another body, something she was desperately searching for. Her body was weakening by day and if she didn't get anything soon, she might not even walk this earth anymore and she wouldn't be able to be annoyed by people like him or her height and most of all her sister because she would be dead!

"I said picnic indeed." she said and formed an amusing smile on her face. Who knows, with the insignia clearly shown, she would have to do everything to become liked by this person, little did she know that he was already interested in her. She walked towards him when he asked for a little bit of help and she supported him to stand upright, that was the least she could do but also that was tiring and hurting her. Of course she didn't show that, she simply pressed her lips together and looked at her bare feet, and as soon as she had done helping and stepped away she returned to her loving face before turning around, brushing the orange coloured hair out of her face. She had noticed the compliment of her being beautiful, "Well this was okay, you managed to get upright." she said carefully to not make her voice sound annoyed, "Would you manage to walk? It is not far from here."

As she was done with looking decent again, which was a far fetched word, she turned to look to the Phantom Lord mage, he had asked for her name, "It's Lacie. Lacie Eventide. Nice to meet you." maybe this man still had some manners. If he would introduce himself now.

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Lacie Eventide
Well it wasn't all that difficult once she helped him upright and she might not get all the information that bumped her out a bit but she kept thinking to herself that it was one step closer at the time. Time and time again. She wasn't the strongest at this point but she would fight or something like that.

One step at a time, she would find someone else from Phantom Lord, she would bump into one again and again and one day she might be stronger, strong enough to join this organisation and work against the stupid Rune Knights. Her sister would go down and Lacie couldn't wait for it to happen.

When the picnic was gone she said goodbye to Kenny and left to go back to the hotel and sleep to get a bit stronger.


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