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Clean Up Crew [Quest|Audrey]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

Clean Up Crew [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:24 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

It was just another day in the town called Oak, and Audrey was up and ready to go. She had been working on her sleeping schedule and she has set it up so she has more time in the day to do some exciting things instead of sleeping for half th day and missing out on some good paying quests. She really couldn't have that happening anymore so the first things she did was get ready, groom Snowy, and then head out to look at the local quest board again. The board that she normally goes to has the bests quests in her opinion, as they pay the most and aren't particularly hard in any way at all. She saw one that had a name on it that she had seen before, it had been the Martellos. She hadn't expected to see anything from them on a board like this but hey, jobs are jobs. And what harm would it be if she went back to see them again? It didn't seem like a bad idea, so she tore it off the board and walked off to the designated location.

Snowy had been walking with her today, as she didn't bring a bag and she figure judging by what she would be doing today, she wasn't going to need one. She walked along the streets until she had seen the man she had once helped before, Remy. She had helped tag a few buildings with their family crest and they really did pay well, and their jobs never seemed to be too hard. They had walked to the place together, while talking about a few things that were going on around Oak and some good weapon deals the two of them had seen in the markets placed around town. He was an interesting man yes, but was he honest? Audrey highly doubted that. Still, she was having a nice time and she is getting money out of this guy so she isn't going to complain about anything and just do what she had to do as fast as possible.

They had arrived at the place, and it seemed torn down and all around gross. There was a stench of blood that littered the area and Audrey was surprised that everyone around her didn't even notice. She walked inside slowly, looking around for anything that she didn't want to see. A lot of the rooms were just dirty and gross, but there was one big room out of all the other rooms covered in dead bodies and she almost turned around and left. She hated death, and she wanted to curl up and cry in the corner until Remy cleaned it up himself but she got hired to help him clean this and that't exactly what she was going to do. Remy pulled out a really big bag and an ax, and told her to drag the bodies to him so he could chop them into smaller pieces. She would just have to do this quickly, so that she could get out of there as fast as she could and not have to ever do something like this again.


#2Audrey Namatzu 

Clean Up Crew [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:25 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

She started to drag the bodies over, and one by one they got chopped into tiny pieces and thrown in a bag. One of the heads rolled her way so she just kicked it as gentle as she could back to where Remy was. There were a few lines of blood going across the floor due to her dragging them around. She really didn't like what she was being asked to do, and the blood in the room was starting to smell up the place even more. You would think your nose would go blind to the scent after a while but that's not what had been happening for Audrey. The scent was getting worse and worse, and it was starting to make her dizzy. She dragged two more bodies over to Remy at the same time to get the job done faster. She was actually surprised wit how much strength she had, as she had dragged many wider guys over and didn't have too much of a problem with it. She had expected herself to be just a small weakling, and she hadn't been wanting that but those were just her set expectations. So far she had gotten seven out of the ten bodies dragged, but after the seventh body Remy had stopped and told her that was all the chopping he was going to be doing. She had wondered why for a moment, but just as the thought had popped into her mind, Remy had told her that the last three had been part of their side, and he didn't want to chop them up like he did to everyone else. He only told her afterwards to move them outside to the back so that they could be picked up and be buried properly. Audrey could fully understand this concept so she did as she was told, and moved the bodies out one by one. She had wanted to pick them up out of respect but she couldn't muster the strength to do so. Her next idea was just to put them on soft material, and maybe that would work better than the carrying plan, as she hadn't thought about getting blood on her clothes before. She moved each of them onto blankets and softly moved them outside, making sure to keep them out of sight from normal people walking down the street at the same time.

It hadn't been too long before she had finished and Remy had already moved everything outside. He set the big bag full of body parts down and thanked her for all her help and then handed her the money. She thanked him and walked off, the man still standing there with the big bag and the ax, waiting to get picked up by another one of their kind. She washed her hands on the way back home, and Snowy just walked along, not making a sound. Audrey found that quite odd but it was probably nothing and she walked home, ready to go to sleep.


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