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Fishing Contents [Quest | Yami | Zoelee]

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Fishing Contents [Quest | Yami | Zoelee] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:02 pm

The wind mage turned Lycan known as Yami was walking through the streets of Hargeon with his hands tucked in his pockets. The wind mage towered over all others at seven foot two dressed in a formal attire. He wore baggy black trousers held up by a long black belt with a wolf belt buckle. His upper torso was coated by a white collared button down shirt with the ends of the shirt left untucked. Over the top he wore a black silk jacket the buttons undone. On his feet white socks and spiffy shiny black shoes that glistened from being freshly shined. Yami didn't bother with a tie but he still looked spiffying in his formal attire.

The wind mage was occupied as he made his way down towards the Hargeon docks. He was suppose to be meeting up with some client an hour before some fishing contest said client would be apart off. Word was he wasn't the only one taking the D rank quest as the client had hired another mage. Yami didn't particularly care where the client hired the other mage from, as long as Yami got paid. Long as Yami was paid he would work with as many people as the client wanted.

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Her eyes of brown that were like chocolates gazed towards where she was going to go. It was supposedly time to help some people at the docks. Zoe didn't know the exact details nor did she care. She just wanted the money and to hear that clink of the coins. She smiled sinister-like while she walked through the alleys, ignoring the hobos around this town. 'So much filth...' she thought disgusted and hopped over one even as the dude was sleeping. It was better to not cause too much trouble before a mission anyways so it was all fine and dandy. Her green hair would be a mess as the wind would ruffle it like someone's hand would. In her mind she really didn't care about it since it's not like brushing it would do any good.

She wore shorts of blue made out of jean-fabric, an ivy green tank top with some sneaks and white socks. She dressed like an army camo-child would, but she looked sexy in it or some guys thought so as when she passed some they would stare with thirst. 'None of you fools are even cute.' she thought and passed by, chuckling. Her smile would soon turn sweet and tricking as she got closer to the docks. The ocean was beautiful unlike most of this stupid world. Some of it should burn, to be tortured yet it wasn't going to be so easy. Not everything gets done over night. Finally, she appeared down the stairs and to the location seeing some tall man. He was mysterious, tall and dark. Oh man it sure sounded like some mystery love story. This on the other hand was totally not one.


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The towering lycan hummed to himself as he approached the docks in the distance. The smell of fish assaulted his heightened sense of smell making him sneer in disgust. it would be sometime before he got use to the smell, until then it would override his senses and make him want to gag. Yami dealt with death and gore on a daily basis and was use to the smell of corpses but this was different to that. The smell of fish was worse than the smell of a rotting corpse to Yami but as long as he remained in Hargeon he supposed he would gradually get use to the smell and become accommodated to it

The towering mage made his way down the stairs leading to the docks and looked around for the client. As he did he sniffed the air lightly picking up different human scents within a twenty five meter radius of him. Yami turned towards a small coming down from above and was greeted by a young girl who was incredibly short four foot eight or so. She was shorter than the girl Yuni he had made who had the same last name of him just the other other. The girl was dressed in clothing like army-chamo making the mage raised a curious eyebrow before he spoke up.

"Am I right to assume you were also hired by Jacob Fischer?" asked the towering mage in a soft elegant voice, with a strong charming undertone.

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The lad was taller than him by quite a lot. She didn't know the exact measurements, but it was super obvious that he was at least a foot or two taller. Her mind wasn't really a meter-stick or a measuring tape. Her eyes cornered and went upward to look at the man's slanted-like eyes of mystery while his long black hair was in its movement because of the wind. She wondered on about this man, but once again she couldn't really ask questions because they were on a mission and the mission was first. Slowly her eyes and body went towards the direction of where they were going to go. 'That must be where we're going?' she thought. Before she did, she spoke towards the tall man who appeared to be her partner. ''I am here for the quest.'' she answered in a calm soft tone. She had many tones, but for now this one seemed to be the best one to hide the 'craziness' people usually speak of. The man on the other hand had an elegant tone that was soft and like some dude who's trying to play your girl.

She giggled innocently and her lips curved into a smile. 'This guy sounds like a world of fun.' she thought to herself. Zoe was ready to work with whoever she had to to get to her goals and that right now was to get money.



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The lycan's grey hues looked over the much shorter girl. Yami was almost a full three foot taller than the mysterious girl in chamo gear. The girl who had identified herself as the one he would be partaking the quest with barely came up to his chest, showing just how short of a stature she had. In Yami's eyes the girl was adorable with her tiny stature and petite body that went with it. She was almost like a tiny animal to Yami with the way he would tower over her as he approached her form until he was only a meter away. His shadow would loom over her small figure as he glanced down at her and allowed a charming smile to form its way onto his lips.

"Pleasure, you may call me Yami." said the mage as he introduced himself before making his way down the end of the dock, beckoning her to follow after. At the end of the docks the two would be greeted by the young man Fischer who was preparing for the contest. He would look up and smile at the two, "Thank you both for coming. The contest starts in fifty minutes and I would like you both to assist me in winning. Help me cheat by sabotaging the competition." The client explained the details of the quest and what he wanted as time ticked away.

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As she stood by the man she still couldn't believe how tall he was. The man's shadow was being a tree compared to her own. 'I wonder what it'd be like...' she thought and chuckled a bit within her own thoughts. She was short sure, petite maybe, by she had a petite model-like body that had boobs and an ass that all females wish they had if they didn't have one. A sweet smile stayed on her lips as she then saw the man bow, introduced himself as Yami. Her right hand went over her brows with the thumb part against the skin while the pinky was outward. ''Pleasure is mine. Name's Sin.'' she spoke with such lightness and sweetness. It wasn't the sweetness that a typical girly girl sounded like -- she didn't want to make herself sick. It was finally time to get started as she followed Yami. That name sounded nice and cute. Sin was a name she was given by some people at the guild she joined, but she wasn't really use to it. There was perhaps one person who knew of her real name. Slowly she followed the man towards the client who finally spoke.

He wanted them both to sabotage some of the other fishes as he wanted to win. Sin didn't really care about cheating since it was a way to win. Winning was a reward, something that is given and rather or not it was fair, Zoe didn't care. She nodded in agreeing and now it was up to Yami and her to get this done so they could get rewarded.



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Sin, a rather unique name if Yami had to comment, he suspected that perhaps it wasn't even her real name, but he wouldn't press the issue or even bring it up. If that's what she desired to be called than Yami would call her by the name Sin like she wanted. It was an easier enough name to remember, after all there weren't many women who possessed such a short stature yet generous figure to match it, he doubt he would be forgetting her anytime soon. Perhaps he should see if after this job he could persuade her to join him for a drink so he could get to know her better.

Yami was pulled from his thoughts focusing back on the mission at hand. It was easier enough to do a little sabotage, he just had to row out in a row and get within range to cast his spells. Yami would turn to Sin an extended a hand towards the location of the contest pier where sign ups would be taking place, "Well Miss Sin shall we register for the contest ourselves? It would surely make it easier to play with the competition from within no?" asked the towering giant of a man as he gave a small bow of his massive figure, his voice was like silk and each word spoken in a smooth tone.

Once he had the answer Yami would make his way over to the contest sign ups where he would jot down a fake name, entering the competition himself before renting out a supplied row boat with room enough for two people to sit comfortably. Yami would approach the boat and stand on the edge extending a hand to his partner for the day offering to assist her into the boat.

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Yami as an interesting fellow. He was mysterious, handsome at that and who could be seen as a secret-flirt. The people who did that usually turns out to be worse than her in the mental case, but if he was that way, it wouldn't bother her. Sin listened to him speaking about how it was probably a good idea that they would sign up as well. 'What to name myself for that...' she thought and then wondered if she should even use her real name or her fake name or even a whole new other name. There were so many options, but for now she would take Yami's offer and hand. After getting to the paper where they would sign up, she wrote a name 'Lee' with a heart at the end. Her real name was Zoelee, but it shouldn't really matter if she only used half of her first name. Sweetly she smiled and joined Yami in this quest as if it was some fishing blind date. Slowly after taking his hand, she went in the boat with him and balanced like some cat. Strands of green hair waved while her brown chocolate eyes shined like chocolates being melted. She didn't know how she would sabotage the other fishers without getting super noticed. They could possible just get her hook caught with the other people's fishing hook so they couldn't catch anything. The other possibility was that she could talk loud and even give/switch fake fishing bait. There were many options, but in all honesty, Zoelee wanted to observe Yami.



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Tme ticked away and soon it was time for the contest to start. Yami sat in the boat and rowed out into the middle of the canal, pushing the boat through the water as he used two large oars. All around him other's were beginning to row out to sea as well. In the distance he could see Jacob in the distance setting himself up to begin. The wind mage looked around as he rowed out before coming to a stop a good six meters from a boat on his right, and four from one on his left. The mage grabbed a fishing rod and set it up before casting his reel into the water to hide his suspicious activities.

Yami waited for both boats to look away before putting the rod between his legs. Yami extended his right arm forming a gun shape with his fingers and fired a ball of wind. Whil with his left he slashed in the direction of the boat to his left firing a blade of wind. Both spells cut through the air, the ball of wind puncturing a side in the boat on the right making it sink, while the wind blade flew beneath he water and cut the for the boat on the left. Yami grabbed the fishing rod and whistled acting as if he hadn't noticed anything.

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There she sat at the end of the boat to then end up looking at this tall gentleman who was Yami. He was quite something, but he was obviously dangerous somehow, in some sort of way because this was a dark quest. It left her with questions that she probably won't bother asking since it was time to work. Even though it was time to work she could see that he was doing the rowing, the thinking and all that other jazz. 'Damn, this guy makes me feel useless.' she thought and looked around. Slowly she itched the back of her green ivy hair while her chocolate eyes gazed at his actions. She's never worked with someone before so she never got to study how someone else does things. Hopefully, this guy doesn't care if she studied him.

Licking her lips she would moisture them as she saw him get up a little if not at all and with her own eyes she looked left and right while not moving a muscle. ''Welp, time to fish.'' she spoke to herself acting casual, grabbed her hook, line and the pole itself to then fish. She wanted to look like they weren't up to something and so when they looked, they'd see her just fishing. While she looked like a casual camo-fisher, Yami would do the sabotaging while also not looking suspicious. The wind became rather different, her eyes cornered towards the boat on Yami's right, seeing it sink. A small giggle escaped her lips as she found it funny, but out of embarrassment she coughed awkwardly and continued on pretending to fish. Not her fault she finds certain things funny...



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Yami rowed the boat a little closer to two more targets acting casual as he whistled a jaunty sea faring tune. The wind mage would wait, allowing time to tick away. His partner would cast her line pretending to fish in order to aid them in appearing like they were part of the contest itself and not up to anything nefarious. The wind mage waited for the perfect timing and fired another ball of wind from his right had with its gun shape. the wind ball struck another boat sinking it. He would then slash his hand down through the air firing another blade of wind under the water slicing multiple fishing lines at once before going back to his own line pretending like nothing happened.

An hour passed and the competition finally came to an end. Yami would row back to the shore with partner watching as people swam back after having their boats sunk by Yami's nefarious actions. All but the Fischer child were disappointed as either their boats had sunk or their lines snapped. It appeared to be a bad day for everyone but Jacob who was the only one to catch anything, meaning he had won by default.

Yami would get out of the boat offering a hand to his partner, offering to help her up out of the boat and onto dry land. Once they were both on land Yami would walk towards the rendezvous point where Jacob would be waiting to pay them. During the walk Yami would look at the petite girl, "Would you care to get a cold drink with me after this is done?" petitioned the handsome looking mage as he allowed a charming smile to make its way on his sleek features.

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Zoelee looked at the water that was dirty and yet to be cleaned. 'Do they ever clean this ocean?' she wondered as they were kind of out there, but still not so far from the shore. The line was staying still besides the wind that flicked it. The fish weren't really biting in the first place so she wondered on why this day? Why were they going to do this competition now? Her chocolate shining eyes gazed and wandered to find the client. 'Wonder where he's fishing at.'. A small smile appeared while leaning back, relaxing. Yami on the other hand was sabotaging and acting like he's not doing any harm, a mix of innocent and destructive. It was quite pleasing to watch.

The whistle or sound would go off as it was time to go to the docks and find the winner. In the end it was indeed their client who won. The people that Yami sabotaged were pouting, raging and left teared up. 'Sucks to be you.' she thought as she looked at each one. As Yami and herself reached the docks, she grabbed his hand that he offered and got out of the boat. Happily she got her reward and bowed her head towards him, looking all the way up to his eyes. 'An offer to get drinks? That's new...' she thought and tilted her head with a sweet innocent smile. ''Yea! Sounds great.'' replying softly and left with him.



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Yami walked interact with the client speaking to young jacob. As per requested Yami had sabotaged as many competitors as he could during the hour they contest was raging on while avoiding Jacob. The young lad had managed by some luck to catch a large sized fish that was record breaking, so even if Yami hadn't helped the boy still could have won. Didn't matter as Yami had gotten to cause a little destruction and mayhem by sinking close to ten different boats, sure he has exhausted his magical reserves by the end but who was he to complain, he was going to get paid for the job.

The wind mage asked for his payment and was handed a stack of jewels, his partner received the same amount. Yami did a count of the money before stashing it away in his suit jacket and turned to his colleague who had accepted his offer for a drink. Yami would extend his right arm as an offer for her to take it acting the part of a perfect gentle man. He had lowered his arm enough, by bending his back into a slouched position, to enable her tiny frame to latch on. Once they were ready Yami would walk off escorting his partner towards a local bar for something to drink.

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