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Chance Encounter [Yumi]

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The wind mage as known was humming a tune as he walked through the streets of Hargeon. In his right hand was a leek that was he spinning around for no reason why humming a rather cheery tune. The leek spun around with ferocity as it became a blur moving between Yami's fingers. His other hand was put away in his left pants pocket as hair dragged down his handsome sleek facial features. The towering mage was dressed in a formal attire consisting of practical black trousers that should he transform would not tear. The same for his shirt and suit jacket both were baggy as he had bought the next sizes up. He was tired of going through clothing every-time he transformed. When he did transform his clothing would rip apart as his muscles bulged almost tripling in size, his entire body would grow up and out as he became more wild in appearance.

The wind mage stopped spinning the leek as he arrived at his destination, the Blue Moon Inn. He had requested a room when he arrived in Hargeon that day but hadn't book in asking for them to keep it as he wanted to get some jobs done first. He had finished a job for Reagan Hustler earning some jewels, now he was ready to check in. Yami walked into the inn and up to the cute girl behind the desk, she was probably in her late teens, sixteen seventeen or so. The wind mage revealed a charming smile that made her blush, "Reservation for Hateshiginai, Yami." spoke the handsome mage in an elegant tone.


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The little demon that was known as Yumi gave a stretch of her limbs as she awoke from her late sleep in slumber. The little demonic lolita opened her blood red hues as she stepped out of bed and headed into the shower her naked body on display. The lolita hopped into the shower and allowed the warm water to cascade down her snow-white ivory skin. Her hands ran along the length of her skin enjoying the feel and texture of how smooth and soft it felt beneath her touch. The demon spent almost an hour in the shower before finally getting out and began drying her body off. Every move was seductive as she did.

Once finished she headed back to her room and began changing into her usual gothic lolita attire. The demon slipped her black lace underwear on before sliding up her garter belt and stockings. Her dress with the low cut skirt came on next as she did up the tie, criss-cross ribbons and fixed the bow atop her dainty head. Once in place the demon grabbed her massive sword and threw it onto her back making sure it was strapped in place. The massive blade certainly looked out of place as it rested on Yumi's tiny back.

The demon then heading down to the inn floor. She was going to go out and get something to eat as it was late in the afternoon. Though as she headed down she heard an elegant male voice speak, "Reservation for Hateshiginai, Yami." The name made Yumi pause, Hateshiginai but that was her last name. But last Yumi checked she didn't have any relatives, after all, she would know she had birthed no children, well one but that was another story.

The demon turned a corner to find a tall black haired youth, and when she said tall she meant he was over seven foot, easily towering over her four foot ten frame. The youth had surprisingly handsome features and was dressed in baggy formal clothing. "Did you say your last name was Hateshiginai? What a coincidence, I'm Hateshiginai, Yuni" introduced the old woman in a young body giving her fake first name.

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The voice of a young woman, that was almost rhythmic on Yami's ears sang out to him asking about his last name. Turning his body to the right he was confronted with the source. He blinked at first as he didn't see anything but then looked down realising why. The person who called out to him was a heavenly young girl with white ivory skin like snow. She was probably a little under five foot barely reaching his chest due to how tiny she was. The girl was probably twelve maybe thirteen years old with a petite yet slender frame, with a developed body to fit her small build. She was dressed in quite a provocative gothic lolita style of dress that showed off her long slender legs. She could be described as possessing a sinful body.

But what made Yami pause to take a step back was  the massive sword on her back, it was larger than she was. The mage didn't' show his shock but quickly got over it as the girl introduced herself as Hateshiginai Yuni. "Hoh how strange. It's not every day I come across someone with the same name as I.".  spoke the mage as he crouched down to the young girls height looking into her crimson hues with his piercing grey. "Tell me little girl, are we related? I have my doubts as I have no siblings and last I checked both my parents were single siblings as well and the rest of my relatives died before they had kids."


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Yumi eyed the towering giant of a human being and cursed her own luck for being so short. I mean sure she enjoyed her tiny frame but sometime sit was such a damn inconvenience especially when she had to extend her neck to look up at the tall man. Luckily the man was considered of her tiny frame and crouched down to her eye level. The demonic lolita could only snort in amusement at being called a girl little deciding to correct him, "I may be a little girl to you, but i'm old enough to be your mother. I've just aged well." retorted the old woman in her young body, in truth she was old enough to be his grandmother but she wasn't about to admit she was older than necessary.

The lolita for good measure would even release her demonic presence at the towering man who smelt a little of dog. The presence would aim to wash over him inducing a small amount of fear into the young man to get across that Yumi was more than she appeared.

The demon folded her thin arms under her bust lifting it up as she looked at the man with a inquisitive gaze, "And the same to you. Last I was aware I didn't have any children and I'm an orphan. I got this name from my foster father. It must be sheer coincidence that we both possess the same last name. If you will excuse me I must be off I have things to do." The little lolita bowed and walked away leaving Yami behind.


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Yami eyed the girl as she snapped back at him by declaring she was far older than she appeared, old enough to be his mother. Yami raised a tender sleek sword like eyebrow. Before he had become a lycan he would honestly not have believed her but since becoming a mythical creature he wasn't about to doubt the fiery tempered lolita. The fact that suddenly fearful presence washed out from her tiny frame to encompass his helped to get the point across. Yami almost fell back as he felt a fear inside, a fear he hadn't felt in a long time. He wasn't afraid of anyone but this woman without doing anything was making him afraid. His vision would blur and he gulped, but as soon as it appeared the presence vanished.

Whatever the girl Yuni was she was not normal. He could only watch as the girl rebuked saying she had no children off her own, that her name had been given to her by her foster father as she had been an orphan. With that the woman who was older than she appeared walked off saying she had business to take care of. Yami watched her leave and once she was gone was able to regain his bearings. He approached the girl at the desk, signed in and headed up to his room.


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