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Smuggler's Scheme's [Yami | Quest]

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The wind mage known as Yami was walking through the streets of Hargeon a quest rolled up in his hand freshly taken from the quest board. The mage had just arrived in town after hitching a ride with a merchant and his daughter. On the way just out of town they had been attacked by five bandits. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as Yami was looking to try out a new spell of his the Wind Blade a spell that summoned a long western style sword out of wind for him to either launch or wield in battle like an actual sword, sure it was a poor replacement for a proper weapon but Yami didn't care as it was something to use while in his Lycan form. Speaking of his lycan form he had transformed during the fight shredding his clothes apart. The first thing he had done after arriving in Hargeon, besides grabbing a quest, had been to book into one of the local inns and change his clothing. The looks he was getting, especially from the women was like he was a piece of meat. yami was after all an incredibly handsome young man and with his athletic body on display only enhanced his natural good looks.

Back to the matter at hand, Yami had grabbed a D rank quest, something sweet, easy and short to work on during his first day in Hargeon. he would do a couple of D ranks to build his reputation with the local clients before taking C rank quests to earn more money. The wind mage turned lycan and member of Phantom lord had accepted a quest for the Smuggler of Hargeon Reagan Hustler. Yami had heard whispers of him back in Oak but didn't know the man really. The job was for someone to head down to the docks where they had recent ally increased security and make a distraction. The distraction would allow one of Reagen's docked ships to slip away undetected and unhindered by security with a load of smuggled goods, what exactly were those goods well Yami didn't need to know nor did it say on the quest.

So Yami was making his way through the streets of Hargeon towards the docks. he had bought a local map from the inn he was staying at 'The Blue Moon' as this was his first time in Hargeon and he didn't know the area. Following the map guide he would move through the cobblestone streets his tall figure standing out like a sore thumb. The wind using Lycan sniffed at the salty fishy sea air and sneered in disdain it was a most unpleasant smell on his sensitive smell, but if he stayed in Hargeon long he enough he would surely get use to it. It didn't take long for Yami to arrive down by the local docks where he could see it crawling with security guards at least a dozen of them. Yami rubbed his chin thinking of what to do, the quest did say he could do whatever he wanted as long as he made a big enough commotion.

WC: 523


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Yami swiped his left arm through the air and a gust of wind wrapped around his feet boosting his physical speed rising it to the next level. Magic surged through his body as he prepared for his distraction, he was just going to kill them all, well not really as it would just create far to many headaches and questions so he would attack them and aim to disable for once. He would prefer to straight up kill them but if he didn't it meant he would leave to many witnesses as their were other crews down by the docks loading their ships, to many people to kill. With the plan in mind he kicked off launching his body at full and speed. He gave a guttural roar as his body expanded in size, his muscles bulging as his height grew to eight foot. His hair became wild and untamed as he became more beast like. The wind mage charged forward towards the first caught and extended is right hand giving a click of his fingers.

Wind swirled around Yami violently like a storm as a long western style blade of magical wind formed. With a command the blade raced forward at twenty meters per second covering a five meter gap. The blade pierced through the right leg of the guard making him scream. The scream drew the attention of the rest. With one of their own under attack the guards turned and charged towards Yami drawing batons. Yami closed in on the guard he attacks and ripped his sword out as blood split out onto the platform. The guards were beginning to group together, a bad move. he locked onto a group just four meters away two of them beside each other. yami raised his right hand to the sky while holding the sword and aimed at the location. Wind poured down with vicious wind blades and struck the guards shredding into their skin like hundreds of tiny knives slashing paper cuts all over. The pain driving them to their knees as blood dripped down their bodies, but they were still alive.

Yami turned to three guards grouped together six meters from him and extended his left hand, giving a flick of his wrist before clicking his fingers. Wind wrapped around them viciously slicing into their bodies covering a two meter area in wind blades. That was over half the guards dealt with and six to go. Yami focused on another as he closed in only two meters with his baton ready to strike. Yami blocked with his wind sword in his right hand as he closed in before slashing down with his left hand firing a blade of wind right into the mans chest slicing it open before kicking him in the gut. Yami turned to another guard and formed a gun shape with his left hand, cocking the thumb down like the trigger a bullet of wind shot out and hit him in the knee, piercing out the other side effectively disabling him. As the last three guards raced a ship began moving in the distance heading out to see.

With his job done yami spun around going low and kicked off. Wind rushed through his body propelling him along instantly covering a five meter distance. The distance continued to grow as he left the guards behind. He moved through various alley's and warehouses to head back to the docks after cutting off his transformation. He would arrive at a pier away from the dock he was at where Reagan disguised as a fisherman sat watching a ship leave. Yami approached and as he did a bag of cash flew into his arms. Yami smirked and left heading back to the inn to check in he had only asked to rent a room but asked them to hold it until he got back from a little job.

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