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Smuggler's Scheme's [Genjiro | Quest]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Smuggler's Scheme's [Genjiro | Quest] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:55 am

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro and Mushu a most unlikely duo of partners were making their way through the streets of Hargeon. The old man walked aided by his walking stick using it to support his large frame and muscular body, while helping to keep his stamina up. He walked at a slow place, people passing him by every second in the busy streets and disappearing into the distance. On his right shoulder sat the tiny serpentine dragon Mushu. The red dragon with long golden whiskers was picking his teeth with a tooth pick after having just ate a honey chicken kebab. The dragon finished picking his teeth and threw the tooth pick over his shoulder. The tooth pick sailed through the air where it struck some random teenager in the forehead. The teenage cried out in pain and stumbled over his feet crashing into a vending cart. The cart was then sent rolling down a hill where it collided with another cart one filled with cabbages both carts breaking part on impact. A loud cry of "MY CABBAGES!" was heard from the poor cabbage vendor.

Genjiro paid no mind to what happened ignoring the acts of the little dragon on his shoulder. The two kept each other company and Genjiro was an old man who would demand he pay retribution? The old man simply walked off into the distance as people had gathered around the event discussing what had happened. The whispers that carried through the streets revealed no one even knew what happened meaning Genjiro and his little friend was safe.

"What are we doing today Genjiro?" asked the little dragon as he rested on his friends shoulders. The old man looked up and made a hum sound, "A job for the Smuggler called Reagen Hustler. We are heading down to the port to make sure one of his shipments leaves without being pulled by security. The Hargeon dock has increased its security lately making it hard for Reagan. Our job is to distract them so his latest shipment leaves without issue." explained the old man as he made his way through town and turned down a forked road that lead towards the Hargeon docks.

"Didn't you just work against him in your last quest? Why would he hire you?" asked the curious little dragon, he had a good point as the last job Genjiro had taken been against the smuggler. "It's fine. He is aware I am a neutral party and work both sides equally. Besides nothing got out about him so it's fine. Long as we do this job Reagan doesn't really care about the last one." explained the old man while stroking his long white beard with his left hand. Mushu clinked his teeth in contemplation he was rather confused about the whole issue but with a shrug off his shoulders decided not to think on it any more.

"So what's your plan to deal with the security?" It was a good question on Mushu's behalf. The old man gave a mischievous smirk at the little guys question, "We are going to play the part of the senile old man." was Genjiro's answer as they finally arrived at the docks.

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#2Genjiro Yamada 

Smuggler's Scheme's [Genjiro | Quest] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:11 am

Genjiro Yamada
The docks were crawling with harbour security guards, they were all over the place. Genjiro rubbed his chin and smirked before looking at Mushu, "Wait here, then come grab me when the ship leaves." The dragon nodded his head and flew over to some crates to wait. Once Mushu was out of the way Genjiro began heading over to the closest guard walking closely. As he approached the guard called out to him, "Can I help you sir?" But Genjiro acted as if he couldn't hear and continued walking on. The guard tried again, "Sir this is a restricted area!" Shouted the guard when Genjiro was only a meter from him. The old man walked right up, "Huh someone say something" exclaimed Genjiro in a low voice as he turned around and 'accidentally' stepped on the guards right foot. The guard screamed in pain lifting his foot and began to hop around. At the same time Genjiro raised his walking stick held in his left hand up to his air as if trying to hear, but he 'accidentally' struck the guard in the chin with surprising force knocking him out.

The other guards seemed to notice and ran over shouting out Genjiro the first reached him, "OI old man what's wrong with you. Leave." Genjiro looked up with squinted eyes as if struggling to see something, "Eeeh, whose there speak up, I can't hear you sunny!" He raised his walking stick and swung it through the air hitting the guard over the head with enough force it left a huge lump. The security guard swore and grabbed his head stumbling backwards as two more arrived laughing.

"It's just a half deaf half blind old man, what's wrong with you." Said one of the slightly older guards in his forties as he walked over to Genjiro and laid a hand on his right shoulder, "Sir can I help you." Genjiro looked around with squinted eyes lifting his right hand to his right ear, as the guard was on his right side. "Eh what's that sonny, speak up, what are you mute!" The security guard rolled his eyes and tried again, "Sure I need you to leave, I'll have the police come and help you okay."

"Eh what you need to pee? Why you tell me boy!" shouted the old man as he swung his walking stick and struck the guard between his legs hard in his groin. The guard made an inaudible scream as he clutched his groin and fell to his knees tears coming down his cheeks. By this time the other guards had all arrived on scene. With all the guards focused on Genjiro the ship was able to sneak away as it did Mushu began flying over. "Oi there you are, I've been looking for you." The guards were surprised at the talking dragon as it flew over to Genjiro, grabbed his hand and began pulling. "Mushu there you are, were you been boy! This bakery has awful customer service lets leave!" barked the 'senile' old man. Mushu pulled Genjiro away and the two left.

After leaving the two went across the docks to pier 8 where Reagan was pretending to be a fisherman with a bag full of cash. Genjiro walked up to Regan who was watching his ship leave in the distance. The smuggler grabbed the bag of cash and tossed it to Genjiro, "Good work, I hope to call on you again." Genjiro waved a hand and walked off with his bag of money.

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