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Hunter-Gatherer [Quest|Audrey]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

Hunter-Gatherer [Quest|Audrey] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:56 am

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Audrey had rolled out of bed today, and Snowy had been at the foot of the bed trying to roll her out the door. She got up slowly, and couldn't really think about much. She had been really tired and she didn't want to do anything at all today. It was early in the morning, and Audrey had been awake. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get stuff done, and to be honest, she just wanted to waste that time away sleeping. She had to get up, but she wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do. She then decided that she would go out and do a quest, seeing as she could go out and do some other things but everything costs money so she would have to get that done first. She washed herself up and changed her clothes into something a bit more casual and went off on her journey.

Clothing Today:
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She had found a nearby quest board not too long after and looked over everything carefully, examining all the varieties of quests that had been available, yet only one caught her eye. It had been another job from Dr.Mabuz, the sickening scientist that had put her through a few traumatic experiences. This man made her sick, and frankly, she really didn't want to ever see him again. The thing was though, she seemed to be good help to him and she wanted to keep that streak going, because maybe, just maybe, she would be able to get a few extra jewels off of him for sticking around to help him out. It was a high doubt, but it never hurt to try. She ripped the paper off the board and ran off to the said meeting spot in the forest, and right as she ad arrived she had found the doctor waiting for his assistant to arrive. It seemed as he hadn't been expecting to see her again, and he just looked at her for a second before explaining to her what she was supposed to be doing. It seemed quite easy, and didn't pose much of a threat, beside the fact that she was going out to retrieve an extremely toxic mushroom that could kill her. She didn't really have a problem with that though, seeing as she had been doing some dangerous things lately and she had been doing just fine, not getting a scratch on herself (putting that time where she hit her head on the floor and left a puddle of blood aside).

She went straight out into the woods, looking for a particular mushroom that would fit the description that he had given her. He had said that the mushroom she was looking for was mostly grey except for the glowing green dots on it, it was tall, and it was skinny. This had seemed like a vary odd type of mushroom to Audrey, but it seemed it didn't really matter how odd it was, because her and Snowy had just walked into a patch filled with mushrooms that fit some of the description in different ways.


Hunter-Gatherer [Quest|Audrey] Iz4v1s
#2Audrey Namatzu 

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Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

She looked around for a second, half amazed by what she saw and half terrified. What was she going to do now? This was going to take forever now and she wasn't going to get to all of the fun stuff she had wanted to do afterwards. What if she would be out here all night sorting this gross fungus? She really didn't want to end up like that, so she skimmed over the pile of mushrooms a few times before realizing that none of them were the right ones at all. All of them had been different in their own way and actually weren't poisonous at all. Well, theones she had tried eating hadn't been poisonous but she wasn't too sure about the one that she was actually out to find. She started walking again but instead of her looking this time, she had Snowy sniff around until she found what they had been looking for.

The two of them had been running in an instant, and it seemed that Snowy already had a lead. She didn't have too much of a problem in sniffing things out, and they had found what they needed not too long after. She pulled out a cloth and picked the fungus with care, making sure not to touch it just in case there was poisonous liquids on the outside of some sort. She looked at it for a second up close and personal, making sure that everything matched the description. It seemed so, as it had been tall, skinny, almost completely grey except for those green dots, and poisonous. She could only tell the last one because of the way it smelled, as it smelled really toxic and it was starting to make her dizzy. She walked back to where she had started, and then ran off to the doctor's shop not too far off. She had wrapped up the mushrooms in the cloth that she had picked them up with and put them in her handbag where Snowy had also been, so it had looked like she brought back absolutely nothing. He looked at her for a second before squinting his eyes, and Audrey wasn't quite sure what was so suspicious. She took Snowy out of her bag and set her on the floor, pulled out the bundle of cloth, and handed it to the doctor. He opened it carefully, looked at the contents inside, and closed it back up again. She had seen surprise fill his face to the brim and he just looked at her and the pile of fungus on the cloth again. Her, the cloth, her, the cloth, you get the idea. She picked up Snowy and put her back in the bag and just waited.

It had been about 5 more minutes that this had continued on, and eventually, he thanked her and gave her the money, and they both walked off in opposite directions, going back to where they had came from. Audrey had been happy about today, as she got her money and she could go to the park today as she did have a few hours of the day left over for fun stuff.


Hunter-Gatherer [Quest|Audrey] Iz4v1s

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