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Oak to Baska [Foot Travel | Yami]

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Oak to Baska [Foot Travel | Yami] Empty Sat 7 Oct - 14:56

The towering wind mage of Phantom Lord that was known as Yami was making his way through the streets of Oak with a bag over his right shoulder. The Lycan was planning to leave Oak for the time being and expand his concept of the world. He needed to be free so he was departing from Oak and leaving guild business behind to do a little exploration. His first destination would be Hargeon but being so far away he planned to walk to Baska than catch the railway from Baska to Magnolia. From Magnolia he would sadly have to walk the rest of the way but by traveling in this manner it would cut time travel time exponentially.

The wind mage stumbled through the streets dressed in his black suit attire, ignoring the heat as he created a cooling breeze with his magic to keep him cool on his travels. He would arrive at the gates and flash his ID before explaining his reasoning for travel. Once he was cleared the mage waved to the guards and walked off down the road that would lead him to Baska. The mage was looking forward to arriving in Hargeon who knows who he would end up meeting on his journey.

WC: 208


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