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More Experimental Hexes {Quest: Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

More Experimental Hexes {Quest: Lucian} Empty on Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:11 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Really do not know why I keep coming back to this crazed madman. Maybe, it's because he pays me well for a few simple tasks. Maybe, its because there is nothing better to do with my time except to gather the necessary funds to leave this place behind and continue on my journey of discovery. Or maybe, in the craziness of it all, that there is a bit of mad inside of myself as well. Whatever the reason it was again time to descend into the lair of madness that the doctor called home. If you could call a place that smelled like must, sulfur, and singed flesh a home. Nevertheless, that is where the money lied and that is where I need to be, unfortunately.

To be fair that was the sad thing about this world. The need for monetary gain to get even the most basic necessities. In order to live the most basic life that should be afforded to human and animal kind requires currency. Such a flawed system when one thinks about it. That is why thieves exist. Yes, some do it purely feeding off of greed alone, but some of them do it because that is all they can afford to do with themselves. No parents, no home, no one to do for them but themselves.

A life I didn't live until I was a teenager. Everything I cared about ripped away and the world told me to make it. And I have. But sometimes this mundane existence is boresome. Granted there is excitement in serving a God of War. But there is no war important enough for me to fight in. I do not desire unnecessary bloodshed or to bask in the glory of my defeated foes. To be quite honest, there is truly no purpose to my fight. There is no direction much like a leaf in the wind so too is the path that is before my feet.

But that's enough for now, the smell of sulfur is starting to become oppressive even more so than usual and that cannot be good for thinking in the least. Though considering the intellect of the good doctor it might just be detrimental to one's moral compass instead.

"Doc. You asked for me again. "

The crash of something fallen followed by the squeaking of the wheels herald his entrance before the first words ever escaped from those pasty lips of his. The same demented glare stare that has become all the too familiar came into view and with it was the all too sinister half grin half sneer that seemed to be plastered onto his face. Krotodamus, this just gets weirder and weirder.

"Ah, my magical friend. Alright, it's time for you to do a little something for me once again. Please come this way and excuse the mess. "

Once again following a demented rabbit deeper into the rabbit hole. Can't say that there isn't a chill going through my spine and every nerve in my body is telling me to...

Run. I should definitely not be here. Is that a dog carcass? That definitely explains the singed fur smell that caught my nose the first time. Why in the world would he experiment with fire on a dog?
What would be the point other than to just mess around? Seriously such a waste of life.

"So why the burned dog? Seems unnecessary even by your standards. "

Whether he heard me or not, I really do not know and I definitely cannot tell considering his crazed mumbles.

"I was testing another hex and as you can obviously tell it went awry. But here we are. So you remember that hex from before. I need you to go back out and try it again. I re-ran the formulas and it should work just as intended. And now this one is a new one. It should sap the strength of the target to the point that they look so weak that they basically lay down where they stand. "

So just more hex work. That shouldn't be too hard to do, only hard part is to find the right targets for the job.

Mmm. Even his hands were pasty and his fingernails were more reminiscent of claws than human nails. Jeez did this man ever see the light of day, let alone any fresh air?

"Alright, I'll return shortly with those results. "

"I await those observations. "

Krotodamus, may you bound happily in the fields of the hunt my friend. May your hunt be plentiful and fulfilling.

Now to fulfill my need for some fresh air and some jewels.

Ah, it seems to be prime time market hours, the stalls will be filled with plenty of patrons and possible targets.

I will definitely be visiting that bread stall after this is all over. Jeez, that smells delicious. Okay who to go for first...

"Idiot! This food is horrible! GAH! How can you serve this slop! *smack* Get it together!"

Perfect first target. Okay, imagine, just imagine. Now speak it.

"Decrepify. "

The words seemed to burn and left from the paper. Whispers of a forgotten tongue shifting throughout the air and within a moment...

"My legs! What have you done to my legs?! I can't move! What did you give me old man!"

Haha! Oh man, that is funny to see, he looks so pathetic crawling on the ground. But that is what he gets for disrespecting someone so heavily. Especially someone who has much his elder.

"Help me! Someone help me! "

Look at him begging when only moments before he was standing over the man in superior fashion. Exalting his will above the man who was trying to make an honest living. And quite frankly I don't feel too bad about it if at all.

Well, I think the doc is definitely going to be happy with this result indeed. Now to go find the next target for this hex but first.

"Get your own self up. What were your words? Get it together? You should do the same. Idiot. "

The curses drowned out in the laughter as the people proceed to mock the self-absorbed man that was once more pronounced. Nothing beats knocking an idiot off of their self-entitled high horse.

As for this next hex. To sap someone's strength, let's see. Crap. I don't see anyone cast this hex on. Ah, there is one.

That man carrying those crates of fruit. Sad it had to be this way. But there seems to be a severe lack of assholes needing a social reform of the magical kind.

This hex uses the word, Magna. Alright, again here we go.


Hmm, strange. The hex clearly went off as the words have disappeared from the sheet. Why doesn't he look any weaker?

Wow. I feel warm. And stronger? I definitely feel stronger. Did I just cast the hex on myself? I can't have unless it backfired dual folded. Instead of targeting my would-be victim it hit me and instead of sapping my strength it seems to have given me more. But it will wear off eventually or at least it should.

Anyway, I have what the doctor wants. Time to leave.

This feeling isn't going away, I feel stronger indeed and it seems to have no desire to slow down. Hopefully, this wasn't the hex that caused the dog to burst into flames.

Gah. It still stinks down here, but that's not important whats more important is making sure I'm not dying or about to die.

"Doctor! I'm back. "

"So what were the results? Good, I presume. "

I can still feel this strength in my veins.

"Well, decrepify worked perfectly. The target immediately was incapacitated like desired. As for Magna... It backfired and has seemed to grant me more strength. And it is not going away. "

That chin rubbing doesn't seem good and I really don't like this look on his face. Nor I hope he thinks will I be getting on any operating table. Bad enough he wanted to cut me open the first time.


Okay, he seems to be going through his notes, he must be looking for the formulas. Though how he's gonna find it in that large misshapen mass he calls papers I don't know.

"There it is. I seemed to have introduced the amplifier element into the equation by mistake. Foolish of me. Well since you seem to be the recipient of such a thing. I suggest you enjoy it. Here is your payment. Now shoo. I have things to fix and science to create. Oh and one last thing if you were worried about being like our dog friend over there. Don't. That is a prototype I won't be testing again for a while. "

Whew. That is a satisfying relief. I guess it wasn't so bad to come on back here. Though I think I'm done testing hexes for this guy for a long time.


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