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Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Genjiro] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:02 pm

Genjiro Yamada
A most unlikely of duos was making their way through the streets of Hargeon, their destination the Hargeon town docks. The duo consisted of firstly an old man who was tall for his age standing at six foot two inches in height. Light reflected off his shinny bald head not a single strand of hair could be seen atop it, the only thing visible was the large X shaped scar that dent down over his forehead and to his eyes. The shape of the man's bald head would remind someone of an egg. His eyes were shut as he walked along with the aid of a walking stick. The feature that stood out the most was that the old man had amazingly long white eyebrows that reached his cheekbones coming down from the sides. His mustache was just as incredibly reaching down to his chest in a fu manchu style. Then their was his astoundingly lengthy beard tied by purple ribbon that reached his waist. The old man was dressed in thick eastern attire that many ponder why he wasn't over heating, but being eighty-five years of age his body naturally didn't retain body heat and it was easier for him to get cold.

The other was even more unsightly only a foot in height making him a sixth of the man's size. The being floated two meters above the ground but was seated on the old man's right shoulder. The creature was a small, red, serpentine dragon with spindly limbs, two-toed feet and four fingered hands. Atop his head were a pair of long blue horns and matching Genjiro's own mustache the tiny dragon had two long golden whisker like mustaches that were as long as its own body that seemed to have a will of their own. The dragons large flapping red eyes moved back and forth picking up on different sounds, while his big nose sniffed at all the smells.

"OH man this is a human town! Amazing! Love it! Oooh whats that." Shouted the little dragon speaking human tongue which shocked those around the duo. They were already shocked seeing a dragon in real life even if it was small, let alone it actually speaking up. Genjiro turned to where his new companion, Mushu, was pointing, it was a hotdog stand. "That's a hotdog stand Mushu. A bun with a long tube of meat in it with a variety of toppings added, onion, bacon, cheese, and anything else you want." Said the old man as he walked over to the stand.

Genjiro had stumbled upon the tiny dragon by sheer coincidence. He was heading back from a job when he found Mushu bruised and battered in an alley way. The old man collected the tiny dragon and took him back to the room he was renting and took care of him helping nurse him back to health. Since then the dragon had never left his side, it had been three days since that encounter. Now here they were. Mushu was incredibly curious about the world of human's, with a curiosity that matched Genjiro's own. Though it didn't take genjiro to learn Mushu was rather impulsive as he had jumped into a number of circumstances without thinking before he leaped and required the old man to fish him out of it.

The old man approached the street vendor and raised his hand showing two digits, "Two hotdogs with the works and two large soda's if you please." The vendor behind the stand nodded his head with a smile and began to get the order ready. He filled two large cups up with coke from his portable machine and added ice before fixing the lids. He handed the drinks over straws sticking out before wrapping up to hotdogs with the works and placed them on the counter. Genjiro removed a few jewels from his sleeve and handed them over to the vendor thanking him. Genjiro handed one of the dogs to Mushu while grabbing the other and began making his way back to the docks.

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#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
"So what are we doing again Genji?" inquired the little dragon as he unwrapped the hotdog from its confines. He opened his jaw wide and took a bite of the food after examining it first and sniffing it, he was unsure of it. THe moment Mushu bit into it his eyes widened with glee and he tore off a large piece. Mushu chewed away before swallowing the deliciousness that was called a hotdog, "Where have you been all my life!" exclaimed the serpentine dragon as he began devouring the hotdog.

Genjiro chuckled at the little guys actions, he suspected something like this might happen when he bit into the dog. The old man raised his own dog instead of answering the question and took a bite. His old but perfect teeth bit into the bread followed by the condiments and then the meat of the dog. Genjiro savored the taste chewing slowly allowing his taste buds to get the full experience before he swallowed, then he began to answer, "We are heading down to the Hargeon docks. I accepted a quest on behalf of one Collin Simmers. He's a Page belonging to the Rune Knight's and is stationed in Hargeon. I had someone call head to let him know I'd be coming with the quest." Explained the towering old man to the little critter on his shoulder before taking a sip of his soda.

The dragon looked at his own soda held by his tail. Mushu raised it to his lips and took a sip. And like the dog it overwhelmed him that he began to skull the drink, slurping away on the straw. A loud slurping sound was heard as mushu reached the bottom, he removed himself from the straw and exclaimed in excitement, "Man that was good! You human's sure know how to eat!" The serpentine dragon than began to pick at his teeth with his claws to clean them up, "So tell me Genji why are we doing this exactly? What's the point of doing someone else's work?" asked the dragon as he laid back on Genjiro's wide muscular shoulder.

"It's easy Mushu, we get paid. Doing quests will earn us Jewels and increase our own fame. The more quests we do the more well known we become. The more known we are the higher the quest rank. The higher the quest rank the more jewels we earn. The more jewels we earn means more food we can buy. We humans as you say use money, jewels, to buy things including food." Explained the old man in a patient manner while stroking his beard with his left hand. The docks were just in sight. Mushu exclaimed as the realisation of it came over him, "Oh i see! More money means more hotdogs." The dragon looked around and spotted a man pulling jewels out of his wallet handing them to a vendor.

Mushu shot from Genjiro's shoulder only for the old man to grab him, "What are you doing Mushu?" The dragon hovered in the air ad pointed to the wallet, "I'm grabbing the money for more hotdogs." Genjiro placed the dragon on his shoulder and shook his head, 'That money doesn't belong to you though, it's that man's, he earned it. You can't just steal someone else's money." The dragon scratched his head, human laws were complicated but he would follow the commands of Genjiro after all the old man had saved his life a few days ago.

"Don't worry about money I have plenty saved. But you can't just eat hotdogs everyday you need a balanced diet." Explained genjiro as he went on to explain the aspects of good and what was good and bad. He explained you needed to balance what you eat and just couldn't just eat junk all the time. You needed to eat a proper diet of food to keep yourself healthy and fit. Genjiro did of course say that if you did eat a balance diet their was no problem with having junk food on the odd occasion.

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#3Genjiro Yamada 

Rune Knight For A Day [Quest | Genjiro] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:19 pm

Genjiro Yamada
As the two spoke they finally arrived at the docks, arriving on the scene the old man spotted Collin in the distance and made his approach. The boy was frantic about something, "Problem?" asked the old man in a stern voice in order to get the kid out of his thoughts and worries. The page took a deep breath and turned to face the old man, "Genjiro right. Good. Listen the lord of Hargeon called me last night! He said it was urgent and needed to be done, or it was my ass on the line. I need you to patrol the streets of Hargeon for me and look for anyone suspicious. I will also help but I can't cover Hargeon all by myself. I will cover north Hargeon, i have someone covering south and east. i need you to patrol the west of Hargeon for me." explained Collin in a rushed and frantic tone of voice.

The old man stroked his awesomely long beard and nodded his head to accept the quest. Who was he to deny Collin his aid especially when the Lord of Hargeon was involved, that was big news. If the young noble Lord of Hargeon wanted you to do something nine times out of ten you weren't going to reject it. You would be insane to refuse as he could easily have you imprisoned or barred from Hargeon. The old man nodded his head and began making his way into the west of Hargeon which was where the docks were. Exploring around the town Mushu stood straight like a soldier using his eyes like binoculars to look for anyone suspicious. The day would pass and Genjiro would walk around talking to people asking them questions about the neighborhood asking if they had seen anyone out of character. During his patrol he had stopped a rape, a murder and even three robberies from happening, but other than that nothing truly suspicious yet.

However it seemed as the day came to a close, it would be Genjiro's lucky break. As he approached an alley he spotted two men, one was young looking like a gangster the other resembled Reagan Hulston a local smuggler. Genjiro hid behind a corner watching as they exchanged drugs and spoke to one another. That was when Mushu sneezed alerting them to genjiro's presence. The two bolted to the end of the alley, Genjiro raised his walking stick and followed at full speed forgoing storing his stamina. The old man raced down the alley way and arrived at the end as the two split up Reagen going right disappearing into the ground and the gangster running left down clear streets.

Genjiro couldn't get a hold of Reagen so he decided to chase the other man. The old man chased after the gangster who was tossing things behind him to slow the old man down but genjiro leapt over them or threw them aside. The gangster crashed into a vendor and tumbled over but got back up but the delay closed the distance between him and genjiro to three meters. The old man extended his right hand and a ten centimeter diameter ball of fire shot forward at twenty meters per second. The fireball raced through the air and crashed into the man's back burning his flesh. The gangster screamed in pain and fell over allowing Genjiro to catch up to him. The old man picked up the gangster, dragged him into an alley and slammed him against the wall. The old man would channel magic into the palm of his left hand heating it up and press it into the man's chest burning his flesh. The old man would even light parts of the man's body on fire while demanding he tell him who the person he met was. The man refused at first but by the third burn mark gave up and confessed everything.

Genjiro dragged the man to the local officer's handed him over and showed them the drugs before heading back to the docks to report to collins. As he arrived two others had walked off. Genjiro approached and gave a report on everything. Collins thanked him and paid him for his help. Genjiro accepted the money and departed with Mushu.

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