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Deadwood [Training: Maarschalk]

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The most recent days have been hectic for the snow haired mage; the battle with Grimoire Heart, her transformation and the death of their guild master – which could possibly be the downfall of the guild, however, with new decisions being made among themselves and the election coming up, it might perhaps, be a new turning point for Blue Pegasus. Despite all the affairs that had occurred, Blue Pegasus didn’t fail to celebrate their victory with a beach event, which somehow lessened the tension among the guild mates although her fellow friend, Finn, seemed to be coping with Lance’s death the worst out of all of them, understandably enough since he was the closest member to the guild master himself.

The forest was a relaxing burst of green when she first took a breather at the sight of the massive realm of woodland and among the carpet of flowers and gorse of bushes that grew wildly was a young girl with gorgeous silver locks, with her back lightly pressed against the trunk of the tree. In her hand was a book that she had purchased a few hours prior when she entered a bookstore nearby. The woodland was one of the places apart from a library or a park, that she preferred to visit, when she needed to think things through for herself or when there was nothing on her mind at all, as she favoured being alone most of the time.

A favourite pass time of hers was to navigate the tricky surface of a town’s roof structures, leaping off from each one with ease now that her abilities had been better tailored thanks to a significant growth in power in the prior days, an achievement that she quietly mulled over, time and time again. Though she knew better that her powers were none the greater against larger threads, and hence, he’s come to develop a great thirst for things that would potentially offer her a hefty challenge. It wasn’t simply a yearn for power, but rather an advocate to better understand the energies within her, the mysteries that neither spirit could answer for her.

Silence reigned supreme within the area and it wasn’t necessarily bad, in fact, it was the sort of silence that her body came to crave somehow, after all the happenings and she wished to be far from people as much as people since Snowflake was not one to deal people with the best attitude. Neither did she liked being among crowds as she found them extremely bizarre – something she had an aversion to; the loud noises and people gathering around her, much to her great distaste.



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Not your usual intro

Recent times hadn't been meaningful or exciting. They were dull; times of peace -- times where Maarschalk allowed his brain to ease into the daily life of a civilian. The constant stress that he endured from his past no longer held him back. This had become a time of development, improving his person in its entirety. Finding a new hobby wasn't going to be easy. But he did have some fresh ideas he could apply. There was this trail that led out of Hargeon, while it still remained in the Hargeon borders; Maarschalk assumed that the territory was fought over in a time before he existed. Whatever the case, Maarschalk entered these lands without a worry on his mind; his nonchalant of leading his life like he always has wasn't going to stop anytime soon. As he passed the nature assemble of rock, a bush and a tree, something glimpsed up in the corner of his eye. White hair. Maarschalk had a very odd skill -- like a sharpshooter, he could tell at the rate of how fast things moved, whether or not they contain life; and he could do this without having to focus his retina. This didn't stop him in his tracks, he rather continued onward, with his heartbeat remaining exactly the same before spotting the white hair. Eye contact wasn't made, the male instead wandered closer to the open body of water and pulled his zipper down.

What followed next was the sweet sound of release. Although through this redemption of his bladder, the male also spoke a little.

"I've always wondered what type of person goes out here, all alone, doing nothing but reading -- and then claiming to having had a good time afterwards."

Next came a grunt, and some more talk.

"My name is Noel, and yours?"

He said, Noel was a childhood name of his. After he introduced himself by his name, his organ went back into his pants and his zipper remained open, he turned around to face the white hair. The distance of roughly five meters didn't cover up for the fact that he wore heart-shaped underwear.


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The brittle sheet of paper danced idly between her fingers, stormy hues grazing over the lines written on the sheet before she flipped a page. Her pale legs were stretched out comfortably in front of her, crossed on one another as blades of grass prodded against her skin through the tiny holes of her dress. Now, people may wonder how she had discovered such an isolated place, in the middle of the woodland where there was nothing but trees, bushes and a pond. It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake with her particularly white hair in the most austere locations at the most random of times. At best, she was a wanderer by accident – not because she wanted to, but it was almost as if her significantly awful directional sense granted her encounters by chance.

Traquility – the only word that could be used to describe this place, as gentle zephyrs blew across the vicinity, caressing her pale skin ever so lightly and wafted through her thick white locks. The howling of the wind and the light rustle of the leaves was all she could notice until a strange presence of magic intruded her privacy. Grey irises lifted from the book, her brows deeply furrowed in dissatisfaction wondering who on earth would have dared to disturb her peace. Her eyes landed onto a man with dark hair, much taller than her and there he was – unzipping his pants to release his discomfort into the pond.

What the hell.

With the book held in her hands, the female fixated her gaze on the man as he finished his business – not that she was interested in his private parts or anything. Surely, she was slightly taken aback by the activity albeit, she was more disappointed than shocked after seeing such a repulsive sight. The snow-haired woman shut her book with a loud thud, her arms crossing against her chest and as silver optics glided over the gaze of blue, she addressed the man, completely disregarding his comment directed at her. ”Have you got no shame?” For someone who grew up with manners lodged into her skin, she was furious to see an obnoxious act right in front of her eyes – not to mention, this man was almost the complete opposite of her; vile and completely barbaric.



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Not your usual intro

A curl started to form in his lips. She was so prude. So prude. The curl in his lips didn't show any hostile intent though; Noel rarely did. Who was she to say that he had no shame? There wasn't anything inherently wrong with relieving thyself in a lake of water; god knows how many fish do it. The snow head became an interesting target to tease. Although his weapon had been strapped to his back, he didn't intend on using it -- unless he was aggravated by something.

"You speak of shame; yet you won't give me your name?"

A chuckle followed up shortly, Noel expected this person to have social etiquette, maybe his actions led her to be discombobulated. After his last bit of dialogue his eyes met hers. He could tell that she was unfazed by his appearance, as he is a foot and a half taller than her. The spirit of a fighter reigned in her, and Noel couldn't help but get curious. Was this woman a fighter like he is?

"Let's try it again then; what is your name?"

Just like her, his nonchalant stance held no hint of hostility; mostly because he was confident enough to end her life in under a snap second should he need to. This very confidence that possessed his body could only be spotted by someone with the same mindset as him; and those who spot it, will realize how frightening Noel can be.

"And what brings you here of all places?"

Hargeon wasn't exactly an exciting town according to him. The only reason he came to this place was to help out a few lost Blue Pegasus' mages, maybe she was one of them?


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Silver optics lit up immediately at the sight of the man approaching her. Black – was the first thing the Frost wizard noticed at first sight; his clothes and his hair – jet black, and she couldn’t help but come to a conclusion that perhaps, he preferred the colour above all. The man approached her and she would observe every little detail of his appearance; his height much taller than hers, that she was required to tilt her head back to gaze him in the eye. Her first impression of the dark haired man was that he was very vulgar, after causing such a scene in front of her but apart from that, he appeared to be of a stoic character.

Her attention was then drawn towards a large sword held on his back. Was he a mage, just like her? If so, was he from Blue Pegasus? The only ones she knew from her guild was Alisa, Finn and Chelvaric. She had received news of members joining the guild but she had yet to meet them, perhaps, he was one of the new guild members. No, that was not possible. Anyone could tell that with one look at this man, he wasn’t an amateur and besides, would a beginner be able to wield such a large weapon? If he wasn’t from Blue Pegasus, then it was likely that he was from a different guild – which didn’t surprise her much, since the Pegasus Beach event was being held, there had been tons of people from different guilds in the town – none that she knew of.

”My apologies.” Heat rose up her visage and crimson colour tainted her cheeks and ears, out of embarrassment. Snowflake was so distracted with the scene that she had forgotten to introduce herself. Now, where were her manners?

”I’m…”, a pause, hesitance causing her lips to seal before an old habit of hers unhinged them, ”….Snow. Snowflake.”

Snowflake had never expected that she would stumble upon someone, at least not in the middle of the forest however, apparently, her expectations were wrong. To answer his question, she began, ”Who knows…” It was an aimless bout, where the snow-haired girl was already considerably lost among the outskirts of the town after she decided to take a stroll and somehow, ended up in a forest – impossible to believe, but with her awful sense of direction, it was highly likely that she might end up on the other side of the country one day. ”And you?”



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Not your usual intro

Noel brought his hand up to his face, scratching the side. She stuttered a little. Did his presence make her nervous? Her pale skin reflected the scarlet that dominated her cheeks; making it known to Noel that something bothered her. Perhaps her etiquette was much more of one with royal blood; and her being as snappy as she was a few moments again reflected wrongly on her actual behavior? Noel couldn't tell for sure, but that's the theory he was going to go with. This implied that his physique had no lasting impression on her, and he continued the conversation after listening to her. Her intentions were unclear.



Another chuckle.

"Well; I sometimes come down here to part ways with a part of my DNA, and donate it to mother nature. Alas, finding someone... hmm... interesting, like yourself, makes it worth it."

He'd say with confidence, his hand reaching up for his sword.

"Have you ever wondered what your limitations in combat are? You seem quite curious in this aspect, and to be honest, so am I."

His fingers trailed the grip, and then he pulled out his sword and planted it in front of his feet with the edge sticking a foot into the soft ground. The area was quite dimmed out from the sun, with shadows primarily covering the ground; the shade from the trees provided this darkness. The darkness that the nature provided him made him feel like home.

"So, I'll offer you this service, free of charge, fight me. I think I'm capable of pushing you to your limits, and hell, maybe you will be able to push me to my limits."

The words that Noel spoke made him seem arrogant, like he was to be taught a lesson by this Snowflake.

"Fear not, for I am a respectable mage from a light guild called Lamia Scale; whether I win or lose, I will not taint you or your body, I will simply stop my blade or my magic from knocking you out, and expect you to do the same."

Noel cracked his knuckles, expecting the Snowflake to accept.

"Here's some ground-rules; the outcome of this bout, will stay between us two. The magic that we use during this bout, will stay between us two; there's no need of our enemies finding out what kind of tricks we have up our sleeves. No killing shall occur, no knocking out if possible, you will try your hardest, and so will I. Do you accept these rules as I have made them, young Snowflake?"

Like a wise man, Noel rattled off some words. He did this in a powerplay, testing if Snowflake had a voice; and see if she could test his rules. This was already a test, and will reflect on the effort he will put into this. He'd return dialogue if needed.

Noel laid his hand on the hilt of his weapon, ready to pull it out. Should Snowflake have accepted this battle, he'd proceed with activating his God Take over, and allow darkness to shroud his body; to let it be known that he wasn't going to be an easy opponent

Weapon: Buster
Activated: God TO Pluto activated (+20 speed)

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The woman has never met someone who was able to converse so easily, regarding about themselves with anyone, unlike her. Glad that she was considered interesting enough to be worth the man’s time, the corners of her lips tugged upwards into a small smile, taking the compliment as an honour. For someone who was once horrible at communicating with people due to her unapproachable demeanour, she was making a lot of improvement since then – all thanks to her guildmates. The sudden discussion of combat brought her attention back towards the man and now, she was interested on what he was going to bring about.

”Fight you?” The female repeated, with a hint of surprise in her tone. This Noel person was someone she had just met and moreover, she knew nothing about the man apart from the fact that he preferred the colour black and enjoyed showing his private parts to women, most likely.

Snowflake had already decided to reject the challenge, not because she was frightened by the size of the man nor the weapon but because she simply didn’t care and only wished to enjoy the peace held within the forest. It wasn’t until the word ‘Lamia Scale’ registered into her mind, causing her eyebrows to be raised in slight astonishment. That immediately caused her to take back her resolve. The Ice wizard climbed onto her feet, involuntarily brushing off the blades of grass that remained stuck to her dress before she bowed graciously towards the man, ”Allow me to pay my respects to a fellow Lamia.”

Being a member of the infamous guild, Lamia Scale, Snowflake figured that she might as well grasp the opportunity to learn something from the man. It wasn’t a habit until very recently, and her idle days have grown into something more rigorous and strict, bidding her own laws and crafting straw dummies by hand. Snowflake was compelled to fight shadows in the dark not because of a ultimate goal that she instigated into her life. She simply obliged to the yearnings in the pits of her soul that pushed her, almost literally in that sense of the word, an uncontrollable driving force that spoke to him in whispers as she dreams.

”Yes. I’ll accept the challenge.”

The white haired woman nodded, after listening to all the propositions that Noel had suggested, in which all seemed impeccable. By any chance that she gets defeated in the battle, she was willing to take the experience to further improve herself. In any case that it turned out well, it would just mean that she was a step closer to her goals. Snowflake stood 3 meters away from the man, and took her battle stance; her legs slightly parted away from one another in case she needed to break into a run and her arms rested loosely by her side. Her eyes and ears were peeled for any kind of movement and she was on her maximum guard, to make sure that she wouldn’t get defeated within a blink of an eye.



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Not your usual intro

The female seemed to be flabbergasted at his suggestion. Or was she really? Something connected in her. He let out a few tsks; before her next dialogue came up. Mentioning his guild seemed to have changed her decision to refuse the bout. He always knew of Lamia being a really combat-heavy guild, but not to this extent. Her traditional curtsy brought his hand to the back of his head. Etiquette? This wasn't something that Noel had. Other than for one single lady he's ever met; he remained the same rude man to everyone else. His eyes squinted lightly over her physique. She said something about being a fellow; did this mean that she also was in Lamia Scale? He'd doubt it, since he knew of the Lamia rules, they're not allowed to refuse fights from people -- given her initial reaction, he'd doubt her origins of Lamia. She most likely originated from a light guild, and called him a fellow Lamia Scale based on the fact that their alignments were similar.

The three meters that separated the two was nothing for the man. His wingspan was almost almost equivalent of his total height. With a simple hokey-pokey, he could grab the hilt of his sword and just slash towards her to connect his first hit. But he wouldn't enjoy mercilessly defeating her, and thus he was going to do something else instead. There was little time to think of a plan, alas he came up with multiple. Noel didn't really show his skill in academics fields of works, which is why he never became more than a regular doctor; no, his true skill remained in skirmishes and battles such as these. All the various possible actions and reactions he needed to achieve victory were already set in stone, and he wouldn't divert from those. There was little that could surprise him, to this day and age, at his 32th year on this planet, no enemy managed to catch him off-guard to a point where either he is defeated, or both the destruction of himself and his enemy are guaranteed. And that's pretty much what it took to bring down a man like Noel, destruction on a scale big enough to be caught in it yourself. Signs of danger came pouring out of his body relative to his intent on defeating her. It wasn't that much, but his murderous spirit was vast enough for a beginner to be greatly disturbed by it.

A tree behind this Snow ensured Noel that she would either flee to the left, or right of her. Given her abilities, she could also rise up to the air - alas Noel was unaware on whether or not she was capable of levitation. His hand went over to the hilt of his sword as soon as she accepted this challenge. Like the sword of Camelot, he drew out the sword out of the ground and brought it closer to his side; Noel showed his capabilities by holding his sword with one arm only. His free hand clenched for a moment, and then was brought to the hilt of his weapon to support his other arm; the shadows allowed an easy connect for Noel, seeing as she stood only three meters away. He operated under the belief that they connected, and begun testing her abilities by seeing how she'd react based on the fact that his sword was raised into the air, and ready to strike her. The distance between the two certainly made it difficult for him to connect this attack, and that is why he set two large steps forwards before the giant sword could reach Snowflake.

Entrapment activated
-25 mana

Weapon: Buster
Activated: God TO Pluto activated (+20 speed)

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake took a sharp intake of breath, preparing for the battle to begin and once the man drew out his sword that was lodged into the spongy earth, she flexed immediately, wasting no second to react to movements of the dark haired man. The sword that he wielded was large, much larger her than her to be honest and he could easily reach out towards her with the weapon, seeing how close of a distance there was, between each other – not to mention, Noel was already charging towards her. With the sword falling down upon her, she had to react fast and since there were no other options to land an attack on him, she decided to make an escape instead. Her eyes flickered in every possible direction, searching for a route. Front, no. Back, even worse. It was either her left or her right. Or above.

Shadows crawled underneath her and she felt her movements being restricted by them, which she presumed was his abilities, however, she was able to break free with ease due to her strength. As soon as the ginormous weapon was lifted into the air, the female immediately broke into a run as she darted towards her right, keeping at least a good 5 meters between them. His abilities were still quite unknown to her, albeit, she had just discovered that this man might be a user of darkness and she wasn’t aware of what he had up his sleeve. Nevertheless, speed was her domain so she could escape the arena with slight ease, if she was careful enough. But, the weapon was causing her quite a bit of trouble, as it prevented her from getting close to him. This fight was going to be really tough one; and with her amateur abilities in combat, it would be fortunate for her if the battle lasted for at least 5 minutes. The white hared mage turned around to face the man once again and as she did so, a swift motion of her hand occurred, summoning a glyph near her hand where a wave of wind was released in the direction of Noel, in the shape of the crescent.

This was to see how the man would react to her attack, so that she could plan out the possible moves she could do afterwards. Knowing he was a strong mage, Snowflake was unwilling to assault straight into him, as this would only mean the death of her own; more like, the conclusion of the battle and she didn't want that. She wanted to enjoy every battle that she has had and learn from them, no matter the defeats. Despite the fact that death was prevented in this fight, it didn’t mean to her that she would take it less serious than any other fights she encountered or would be confronted with in the future. Her hands were the only weapons to her at the moment, and it was time for her to use it to her utmost advantage, although she silently wished she owned an armament for herself as well.  


Spells Used:
Crescent Ice


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Once the spell departed from the glyph that she had summoned, the silver haired mage pushed her legs forward and immediately collecting speed, before her feet broke into a quick dash, closing what little distance she had between them with ease. Her hand was raised slightly by her side, preparing to land an attack on the man. After she was transferred into a host body, Snowflake hadn’t gotten a chance to test the abilities of the body, thus, not knowing what the limits of her magic was. So far, she wasn’t doing that bad, but at the same time, she was discovering what the body was able to do as well. Despite not exactly knowing how her magic worked, her body would react to the situation to counterattack. It was as if she was being controlled by someone else, but she was getting used to it.

The names of the spells would appear before her eyes and all she had to do was think about which one she’d use to cast and her body would immediately flex, as if it remembered all the movements required to motion a spell. Her hand reached out towards the man’s chest and fumes of ice were released from her fingers due to the temperature of her magic being so cold. All she had to do was to touch him and it would complete its task of freezing whoever she had come into contact with. Her fingers were a few centimeters away from his body, yet, she froze at that position; her body lowered slightly and her hand extended outwards. The sword of the man pointed at the side of her throat, barely inches away and the man would claim himself a victory with a single motion of his blade.

The female swallowed hard, making sure not to move even a millimeter as that would only cause her death. She’d retreat from the blade and stood tall before bowing at the man, showing appreciation of the battle that they had fought. Her body had broken into a fine sheen of perspiration and the sheen of sweat that lined her temple had become even more pronounced as the heat clung tightly onto her clothes, mimicking how several strands of silver were stuck onto the back of her in a grubby fashion. She had learned a decent amount from the fight that had just occurred and it was no doubt that the man was one hell of a fighter. ”It was a good fight.” She spoke and turned towards the direction of the tree that she laid against to collect the book that she was reading.

”I don’t think I got the chance to tell you that I’m from Blue Pegasus.”

Snowflake tucked the book under her arm and looked at the man. ”I hope we’ll be able to become comrades in the near future. I'm very grateful for the time you've given me.” She was glad that she had encountered such a man from Lamia Scale and not only had he taught her how to fight, she was able to figure out how her magic worked as well. The female walked over to the pond (assuming Noel had left the scene), and bent over and cupped the water in her hands. Before she splashed it against her face, she recalled Noel had done his business in this body of water. Her brows furrowed in disgust and she’d walk away from the pond. Who knows how many people have peed in this pond?


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The Ice wizard laid onto the spongy earth with her arms spread out by her side. Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the pale blue colour was inviting in its own right, leering into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts, lost in the transition of cloud to puff to nothingness over the short span of a few moments. Fleeting was the process of dispersing clouds, which Snowflake would easily compare to the fickleness of her identity and the deterioration of her memories, bit by bit, as she continued to wonder. Fatigue washed over her body and she was feeling exhausted from the battle that she had with Noel. Slowly, she would find herself drifting off to sleep, her consciousness lipping past her pale fingers; her eyes struggling to remain open and finally, she fell into a deep slumber of darkness.


Snowflake found herself standing in a place where there was nothing but darkness. She looked around, wondering where in the world she was located with nowhere to go. ”Hello?” Her voice echoed against the walls of the place she was in and somehow, the voice travelled further in front of her, indicating that there was some sort of space forward. Was she in a dream? That must be it, recalling the fragments of herself falling asleep a few minutes prior. Yet, how does she feel so…alive? Everything felt so real that it was as if she, herself was in a dream. Not knowing what she should do in such a place, the female remained still and wondered if she would be stuck here until her body woke up.

It wasn’t until then a face of a demon emerged from the shadows and she felt her breath caught her throat by the horrendous sight. Horns protruded from the corners of his head and its bright red beaming eyes stared back at her. The demon snarled, revealing its sharp canine teeth as saliva dripped from its mouth.

”Who are you? Why are you here?!” The demon’s voice was loud and booming, causing vibrations through the entire place and demanded an answer from her.

”I’m Snowflake.” The girl responded and took a step towards the demon. Indeed, she was frightened by the sight of a demon being summoned in front of her, but she was more curious about the creature than being fearful of it. ”I don’t even know why I’m here. Care to explain?”

”Snowflake? What a ridiculous name.” The demon mocked and roared in laughter, it was almost blinding to her ears. ”You’re a different person. Yet, you bear the same appearance of the other girl.”

It was then Snowflake realised that the demon was most likely talking about the owner of the body. Supposedly, she was dead however, it seemed that the demon was still dominant inside the body and now that her soul and organs were transferred inside, it was almost as if she had caused the demon to return back to life.

”Yes. That girl is dead, and I was transferred into her body.” Her words were short and simple and it seemed that the demon clearly understood of her abrupt explanation and did not raise questions about it any further.

”What do you want?”

The youth looked at him confused, unsure of what the creature was actually talking about. There was nothing she could want…or so she had thought.

”Power?” The demon’s devilish laugh reverberated through the place before he slowly disappeared into a cloud of smoke.  


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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Stormy hues opened wide, followed by a gasp as Snowflake instinctively pushed herself upwards. Beads of perspiration lined her forehead and she’d absently wiped away the sweat with the back of her hand. What was that? She questioned herself and for a moment, the female wondered what had actually happened but it didn’t take her long enough to figure out that a demon resided within her body. She pondered what the owner of the body went through to obtain such means to possess a demon inside a body. Her curiosity was piqued, although it didn’t hide the fact that she was also slightly anxious; what if the demon take over her body while she was asleep? Such were the silly thoughts that rose to her mind but she quickly disregarded them to the back of her mind.

There were so many questions that she had been wanting to ask the demon and regarding to his last statement, there was something that she needed to clarify. The girl pondered what means she could use to see the demon once again inside the realm, and hopefully, she would be able to find some way since she needed her questions answered. From her lips is an exasperated breath, her frustration manifesting as she fingered the bridge of her nose. Now that she took a short nap: a rather frightening one, her energy was restored, enabling her to continue her training. She desired to be stronger than she was before and somehow, she was still not entirely satisfied with the growth of power that she had obtained during the recent days – she wanted more.

But then, she refrained herself from being too greedy since that would only lead to what occurred to her back then, when she underwent through the process to transform into a machia. It was a painful journey and if people asked her if she regretted her decision, her answer would be no. Her way of living was to live without any regrets, thus, all the decisions that she had made in her life was all because she was given a choice. The Blue Pegasus wizard had her eyes on the sky once again, and she fears it’s now an impulsive habit of hers to commit to the clouds when she had nothing on her mind. The girl continued to bask underneath the sunrays that shone down upon the city of Hargeon. The day was drawing closer to its end and the sun was beginning to fall behind the trees and range of mountains that adorned the edge of the town.

Snowflake pushed herself back onto her feet and involuntarily brushed off the blades of grass that remained stuck on her dress. It was time for dinner and she has yet to buy groceries for the day. The thought recalled her of the times she used to spend with her Vulpix, who was now long gone without any trace to find. She figured that it might perhaps be that her companion wished to seek freedom, instead of remaining by her side, which she didn’t mind. The only thing she wished for her fellow ex-companion was to do her best, and hopefully, be healthy for the rest of its life. If, by any chance, they meet again one day, she would still be willing to become friends and mayhap, even take care of her once again if the Vulpix wanted her too. After all, it was her ever first friend that she had obtained since her journey of becoming a mage.


{ EXIT }


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Not your usual intro

After narrowly escaping from his blade, Snowflake evaded by going to his left side. Since Noel held the sword in his right hand, he couldn't quite catch her, and alas only grazed her clothes and nothing more during her dash. What followed shortly was a gust of wind, while Noel managed to regain balance after his last strike, he began taking into consideration of a counter-attack following up immediately after Snowflake had dashed away from the edge of his blade. And right he was. Noel recognized a true fighter in this person; so he decided to return the spirit of a fighter to her back.

This wasn't a kids first fight anymore; Noel was going to do something he'd rarely granted his opponents ever before -- him showing his opponent what he's capable of, and what they're incapable of: and that is defeating Noel in combat. This crescent she threw at him, was simply stopped by his free - hand, what Lamia Scale had given him was an ability powerful enough to shrug off most incoming spells, without having to worry. Noel had yet to meet a person who was capable of breaking this shield in a single hit; he most likely has, but none have had the courage to try this yet. As if the world came crashing down, the female followed the movements of her crescent, and got closer and closer until eventually she was almost capable of touching him. Luckily, all Noel had to do was slightly lower his great sword and remain in the same position. He was quite confident that whatever she was about to throw at him could be shrugged off in the same manner. His shadows had taken over her world for a second, having won this battle without casting too many spells, Noel had some interesting ideas; but he reserved those for later. After Snowflake stepped backwards and bowed her head out of respect, he did a similar move, and simultaneously putting his sword into the ground again.

"Blue Pegasus? I've met some other member of that guild earlier in my lifetime. I recall his name being... hmm.. Fin. There was also an Alisa I met at a crazy hospital."

He chuckled a little.

"So what's the deal with you guys huh? Do you need to be at least an eight out of ten and higher in terms of attractiveness to get in?"

Afterwards, a small nod followed her last statement to him, Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus working together could become a possibility -- though the choice wasn't Noels to make. He definitely couldn't rely on guilds like Fairy Tail, nor the Rune Knights. Blue Pegasus always seem to be around when important stuff is happening, so he naturally felt more drawn to them instead of the alternative.

Noel retrieved his sword, using his mighty strength to pull it out of the ground and headed into another direction of the forest; where he could be alone. There were a few ideas that lingered in his mind, specifically about how to utilize spells in a more interesting manner.

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Deadwood [Training: Maarschalk] Empty Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:58 pm


Not your usual intro

After Noel had departed far away from the illustrious Snowflake, mage of the Blue Pegasus guild, he went on to do his own stuff in the other part of the forest. Something had been gnawing inside of him ever since he saw the hand of his opponent removed a few inches from his throat. Maybe he should use more spells during combat? The only downside of this being that he didn't know how to utilize other spells in his arsenal. He sat down, in a yoga type of sitting style. Finding inner peace. But he knew who would show up when he found peace. Noel figured it wouldn't take much longer for him. It was his genie in the lamp, bringing him both fortune and the opposite.

He drew in a big breath, and exhaled more slowly than he inhaled. Waiting for it to appear in front of his vision. After meditating roughly for a hour, visages of darkness started to flood his mental world. Expanding smoke, followed by a slimy dark substance gathered in front of him, this led Noel to opening his eyes. It was Hades who he meditated for. The gnawing feeling that he felt most likely originated from having Hades bottled up for too long. Perhaps he had something to say? This was quite strange, as Noel was the talkative one out of the two for their past couple of meetings. In the real world, Noel was still perfectly in a meditation position, with his eyes closed. In his pseudo-imaginary world, he had opened his eyes and visualized the area the same as the area where his real body exhibited in. The downside of meeting Hades was this imaginary world, where the damage he got inflicted carried over to the real world. Were someone to mess with his body, he'd break out of this imaginary world, and snap back to reality.

"What do you want this time?"

Noel began, wondering what Hades had in store for him. Knowing him, it'd much likely be something nefarious. Hades let out a cold chuckle.

"It's not me that wants something."

Noel's left eyebrow went up in an arch, he opened his eyes and looked into Hades' dead eyes. What did he mean? Noel wanted something from him? How laughable.

"What would I ever want from you?"

Another chuckle followed from Hades. This interaction was like a joke to him; he played games with Noel and see how he'd respond, and base his cruel actions based off of these reactions.

"Two things; can you guess what they are?"

Noel didn't respond immediately, nor showed a reaction other than closing his eyes again. Something about staring deeply at Hades gave him a lingering feeling of dread. There were two things that he'd want in life.

"A challenge, and a way to overcome this challenge."


Hades snapped his fingers, which led to Noel opening his eyes. Slightly startled, he got up quickly after he saw what Hades had become. His fingers gripped tightly around his Buster Sword. This monstrosity was almost twice his size, fat, and had horns that spoke of the horror that it carried. The red eyes certainly weren't avoidable. It gnarled at Noel. This wasn't the place for jokes and fun anymore. The surrounding area had become completely black, Hades had taken over some of the visuals of the area. Obviously this was meant as a test, as Noel thought. This foul beasts name was Cerberus; famous for being Hades' watch dog in the afterlife. Cerberus wasn't a laughing joke; he served Hades and remained very loyal. So Noel knew what his intentions were going to be.

The first thing that Noel wished was a challenge, and then a way to overcome them. So he had to think quick, what kind of challenge was Cerberus going to pose as? Raw and pure power? A distance of around eight meters separated between the two. Noel carefully pointed his sword into the direction of Cerberus, and prepared for its strike. Though it didn't do what he expected it to do, and that was come charging straight at Noel. This thing possessed intelligence, which was also going to be a challenge. After it had circled twice around Noel, it began going faster. Noel kept his sword pointed at this beast, not shifting away from his position. It had three heads, one of the heads navigated throughout the circle, while the other two observed Noel; he figured that Cerberus was sizing him up before it begun his sequence of actions. See how fast and smooth Noel turned with Cerberus moving around him, and what his actions were following this. Cerberus began picking up more and more speed. Noel concentrated a little, and found out he can't activate his god takeover mode in this world. This was going to prove to become a problem, as Cerberus moved faster than him. Much faster. Even slightly faster than Noel during his takeover phase.



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Not your usual intro

The mighty beast charged at Noel, who without hesitating threw up his sword in the direction where it came from. This led to the beast diverting his path. It's movement had become a trail of smoke, Noel couldn't keep up with his fast paced actions, especially the heads that gnawed out of the shadows every occasionally to try and bite his head off. Noel formed a strategy, since he couldn't keep up with the beast anymore, he could try doing either one of two things. Getting hit, many times, and if lucky grazed -- figure out a pattern that this animal adhered to, and attack him based off of this pattern. Or do something he's never done before, sense by using his mana. The shadows should be of use. He clenched the hand that was free, and begun concentrating. Visualizing the mana around him like it was apart of him -- as if it was one big dress of darkness he was wearing. This helped visualize him where Cerberus was coming from, and at what speed. Since Hades wasn't aware of this spell, there was no way of Cerberus anticipating that Noel knew what it was up to, the next charge it came at Noel, he side-stepped its heads, avoiding their damage, and tilting his sword in a manner which allowed him to easily cleave his sword into one of its legs, incapacitating it for the rest of the battle.

This caused Hades to reappear.

"Very good."

He saw that Cerberus had roughed up Noel, and had given him a few injuries.

"As a reward, I will give you a few things to better your poor arsenal. The dog that you just cut down, and the ability to fly... even though you have those wretched crows. Oh, and one more thing, which you will enjoy. Heheh, goodbye, Noel."

With those last words, Noels consciousness returned, waking up with a few bruises and cuts across his torso, legs. He grunted slightly, and then got up from his position. His mind was inspired by Hades as well as his own invention, the sensing spell that allowed him to see much more than he used to be able to see. The God - Take over transformation that he's used in the past was enhanced as well; for some odd reason, it felt stronger than it was than before, more accurately, since he's ranked up to B. Maybe ranks still had a position of relevancy in all of this? It was very strange, and Noel didn't particularly enjoy the sensation of having to give over control to Hades, but this time it proved to be a non issue. The spells that he learned today were valuable, and he was going to use them later on in combat for sure.

Noel returned home quite late that evening, his plan was on traveling back home, back to Orchidia. He had some matters to settle there, and they were getting quite urgent, especially after today's meeting with this Snowflake.

~~ exit ~~
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