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More Experimental Hexes [Quest: Seira]

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After Seira had finished her work for Dr. Mabuz, she returned to her hotel and took the day off. She spent some time outside later and did some shopping, but there was nothing else she really wanted to do since she was still a little bit tired from traveling so much. Seira thought back about her last encounter with the strange doctor and realized that she had, in a way, never really used hexes before. Even though they were magical, they still worked differently from actual magic and were quite dangerous as well. One of the hexes was to make the target more sensitive, which could be absolutely terrible and horrifying when it came to afflicting pain, whereas the other one was supposed to take the function of the target’s legs. Whereas the first one had worked perfectly well, the second one didn’t work that great and the target only experienced a partial limp, which probably meant that Dr. Mabuz had to fix some things. After Seira returned to him that day to let him know about which hexes were flawed and which ones weren’t, he sent her away saying that she should come back the day after to try it out again. Seira wasn’t exactly keen on doing more dirty work for the professor, but truth be told he did pay her well enough and the jobs weren’t hard - if you didn’t have a conscience, that is. When Seira finally returned home that day, she simply got ready for bed and decided to think about it the next day. She slept through the night without interruptions and even though she woke up late next day, she felt refreshed. After getting out of bed and feeding herself and Espeon, the mage decided that she was going to give the whole thing another try. She was a sucker for easy work that paid quickly and Dr. Mabuz never stressed around when it came to money. She figured he probably had plenty of it anyways and she actually believed him when he told her that he didn’t have the time to go outside and wander around town to find targets himself, which was certainly true. She knew that he probably ran some sort of shady underground business, didn’t pay his taxes and had a lot of illegal things going on - which was okay with her, really. She decided not to interfere too much with her clients lives and instead of questioning them and what their reason and purpose was, Seira decided that she was simply going to look at the job itself. If it was something she knew she could do and if she agreed with the payment then she would just do it without worrying too much. Seira didn’t understand much in regards to morals anyways and therefor she was fine with it. She left the hotel the next day and walked through the streets of Oak town, looking around to see if there was anything interesting in the shops and stopped here and there.


More Experimental Hexes [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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She wasn’t really in a hurry - it was still somewhat early after all - and from what she had experienced the doctor often stayed up quite late anyways, which made him easy to work with. The vampire no longer experienced the same fear she had felt when first meeting him and being a victim to his experiments and it was most likely not that she was stronger that she felt more confident in her own abilities. Seira approached the shop after a while and entered through the door. She looked around and noticed that there were no other customers around, which was fine by her. Approaching the counter behind which Dr. Mabuz was sitting, the vampire leaned onto the wooden table and looked at him. “I’m back, like you requested. Did you continue your research with the hexes?” she asked curiously and he nodded slowly, once again sliding two pieces of paper with information written down on them across the table. “I did. I fixed the first one, I want you to try that one out again. It should work perfectly fine this time and from what I can tell, I didn’t make any mistakes. The legs should give away for one hour completely, so go and cast that one on someone and supervise them. Tell me about how it went when you are done. The second one is different, but similar. It’s supposed to take the strength away from someone’s body, making them feel weak and fragile, perhaps even sick. I want you to test that one out as well, preferably all on healthy people so you can really see the effects. Once you are done report back to me and I will pay you the same amount as yesterday.” Seira nodded, took the paper with the words written on them and left the shop. Seira picked out two victims relatively quickly. The first one was a young man, once again, and after she envisioned him, Seira spoke the words out loud, saying “decrepify” which, this time, actually caused his legs to give in. He fell over, but didn’t seriously injure himself and started complaining about how his legs were no longer working and although he felt no plain, he could not explain this phenomenon to himself. It lasted for exactly an hour before he could suddenly move again and he explained it to himself by being exhausted. The second hex, however, didn’t work that well and even though Seira had chosen yet another suitable test experiment, the hex somewhat seemed to backfire. Seira felt a strong, magical energy going through her body and even though she was not feeling hurt, there was a strange. The target showed no signs of being affected, but Seira suddenly felt stronger than ever. Quickly, she returned to the doctor’s shop and reported everything to him, including the last incident. He seemed pleased that the first hex had finally worked out and even more so after finding out what had happened to her. The effect didn’t seem to fade either, so he paid her the promised amount of jewels and send her away.


More Experimental Hexes [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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